Old Cathe rotation for skinny fat?


I'm copying this from the rotations forum, hoping that Cathe or someone can help...

Hi all,

A couple of years ago (or more??) Cathe recommended a long rotation for someone who asked for advice on being "skinny fat" (I think that was the expression). Cathe recommended 2 different rotations, one to start with and one later. I remember they were in 2 different threads. It started out with shocking the metabolism with high reps, then later on it moved to heavier weights. I've searched the forums and can't find the threads. Does anyone else remember this?

Thanks in advance,
GREAT question! I didn't even know there was a rotation for skinny fat, but I would LOVE to have it.

Please, Cathe, answer this question. I've been watching for a response on the rotation forum and was really wanting to know.



The description you give sounds like STS.....starting with high reps and moving on to heavy weights. I know it isn't the rotation you're looking for but it sounds like the same methodology.


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