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Cathe Friedrich

If you are new to working out with me and are fairly new to fitness, I suggest you use the following DVD's along with this posted 3 month fitness program to prepare you for my more advanced workouts.

These workouts are Basic Step and Body Fusion (both on one DVD), Low Impact Step and Total Body Sculpting (both on one DVD), and Total Body Stretching. The equipment used in these beginner DVD's is as follows: 3 to 5 pound handweights, an exercise tube (preferrably with handles), and a stability ball.

Side Note:
After doing the 3 month break in period, I think all other tapes will be more comfortable for you (however, I suggest Cardio and Weights as the next stepping stone). The workouts that you should hold off on for a good few months are all of the Imax workouts (ie: Interval Max, Imax 1, 2 or 3) and any workouts labled using the words "Extreme or Terminator" in its title.

Here is a three month starter workout plan:

Week 1,2 and 3:

Mon: Basic Step plus Lower body hand weight add on (it is one of the workouts on the tape)

Tues: OFF

Wed: Basic Step plus upper body hand weight add on (it is one of the workouts on the tape)

Thurs: One Segment from Total Body Stretching (a good idea to start with the segment that uses no equipment)

Fri: Basic Step plus Abdominal routine add on (it is one of the workouts on the tape)

Sat: Upper AND lower body tubing routine (it is one of the workouts on the tape)

Sun: One segment of Total Body Stretching plus the the abdominal add on from the Basis Step DVD

WEEK 4, 5, and 6

Mon: Body Fusion

Tues: Lower Body add on with hand weight from Basic Step DVD

Wed: Body Fusion

Thurs: The abdominal add on from the Basic Step DVD plus One segment from total Body stretching

Fri: Brisk walk outside for 40 minutes and a segment from Total Body Stretching

Sat: Upper and Lower body add on with tubing plus abdominal segment from Basic Step DVD (they are all on the DVD)

Sun: A segment from Total Body Stretching DVD

Week 7, 8, and 9

Mon: Low Impact Step

Tues: Total Body Sculpting

Wed: Low Impact Step

Thurs: Abdominal Add on from Basic Step DVD plus one stretch segment from Total Body Stretching

Fri: Body Fusion

Sat: OFF

Sun: Total Body Sculpting

Week 10, 11, and 12

Mon: Low Impact Step

Tues: Lower Body Add On with hand weights from Basic Step DVD

Wed: Body Fusion

Thurs: Brisk walk for 40 minutes plus abdominal add on from Basic Step DVD

Fri: Total Body Sculpting

Sat: One segment Total Body Stretching

Sun: OFF

As far as what to eat....

Eat a wide variety of veggies, especially dark leafy green veggies, a wide variety of lean protein sources, a wide variety of complex carbohydrates, and keep all your foods in their more natural form (without cream sauces, or frying, or without swimming in oils). Eat a wide variety of healthy fruits too and be sure that you have citrus sources as well. A daily multi-vitamin is a good idea too.

Good luck and always listen to your body along the way. Gently push harder on energetic days. Strive to maintain your best effort on stressful or "not fully into it" days. Take a day off on days that you have lead legs, fighting a bad cold, feeling mentally or physically run down, or experience an overall sense of "I just can't do this today"


WOW! thanks cathe! My daughter has been firming for almost a year and she's ready to move on up!! This would be perfect for her!

I think it's great that you did this and added some eating advice as well!

Thanks again:)


Question: I've been doing the beginners june 04'rotation and adding in the new stuff especially cardio.

So I was wondering if it would be okay to start using the pure stre. and/or slow and heavy series along with your cardio hits/classic dvd's?

I've been viewing both PS and SH vid's. However, I really like the PS series... What do you think??? Should I con't the extra month on beginner's rotation or move on....... i'm getting that bored feeling as a beginner....

the vid's I have:
classic vol1
cardio hits
slow and heavey series
pure strength series
basic + body fusion
total body stretching
low impact step + total body sculpting
high step circuit
all step

I already have all the firm tape. However, my plan is to buy your series have 2weeks until I have the lot!!! so far I have last 40 pounds and dropping... I want to keep this moving....I do not want to go back to a size 16!!! I'm now an 8/10.....YEAH!!! I really value your opinion... thanks for listening......:7


This is really beneficial for all the gals/guys who are new to Cathe workouts. :)

And...for those who are returning to exercise after being away for awhile.


Roxie, you might get more responses if you post this on the DVD/Video Forum or the Open Forum.

My suggestion would be to go ahead and start adding the other workouts as long as you are feeling strong and well. Just remember to start out using a weight that you can lift with PROPER form. Don't try to lift the heavy weights that Cathe/crew do. You need to gradually work up to that level.

Cathe is great in her workouts with giving direction's and tips on proper form. Pay attention to her 'teaching moments' and learn by doing as Cathe and crew do.

And a BIG congratulation's on your weight loss!! Wow! You have been working very hard to get into shape! :D :7 :D


I have fallen off the exercise wagon and am now ready to get back on. This rotation looks great but I don't have the Low Impact Step/Total Body Sculpting DVD. I have everything else that Cathe has done so what would you recommend I use as a substitute? Thanks in advance.



New Member
:7 Thank you Cathe! This is just exactly what I needed!

I just purchase your "Total Body Sculping Program" at Target which includes all of these programs you just described plus it came with the equipment too, however it doesn't come with a workout calendar so I was very confused. I am glad I came to your site, because I was a totally lost and not knowing where to start.

I am glad I found you at Target..are you planning to sell more packages like these in the future?

Your new Fan!!


;) ;) ;) ;)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Yen! Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you are enjoying your new workouts. I think you will like this rotation. As of now, there is nothing scheduled for more packaged Target workouts. I'll be sure to post if something changes. Keep up the great work :7


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I checked out some Cathe videos from the library, and think I was in a little over my head, so I am interested instead in trying this "beginner" rotation. I have an odd question about these. I live in an apartment in an older building (circa 1900) with paper-thin ceilings/floors. My question is, do these videos involve jumping and/or landing heavily on the floor (like in some of the more advanced videos)? I don't want to drive my downstairs neighbors crazy, but really want to try the videos. Just a question for anyone with experience with these videos.

THANK YOU CATHE for this rotation!

I am sorry to have asked you so many other "beginner" questions in your "Ask Cathe" forum.

All of this info is great!


You are the best!

"Life is too short - Be the best you can be every single day!" :)
Not sure if I am really a beginner and need some advice

I would like to buy some videos to start but I am not new to fitness. I strength train 3 days a week and do cardio about every day. This has been for the last 5 months and I am ready to shake things up and am very anxious to buy the right videos to start. Would your above beginner rotation be too light for me and if so, do you have any suggestions of where to start? Thanks so much and I really appreciate any input,
RE: Not sure if I am really a beginner and need some ad...


Thought I would offer some advice...I started using Cathe dvds a few months ago (drill max, body max 2, muscle max). I had been working out regularly prior to starting her workouts and considered myself advanced. After using the workouts for a while, I realized that I needed to start from the beginning (knee problems, a little too winded during some workouts, step routines too complex). I had never done workouts that are so advanced.

I started the beginner rotation about 3 weeks go and love it. It is very easy to modify (increase/decrease the step height) and just fun overall! I'm also very confident using the step now (I actually own Imax 3, but will wait a while to use it).

Even though I really want to pre-order the new dvds with everyone else, I'm just not ready for them.

Hope this helped!


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I'm so glad I found this forum! I'm new to step and to Cathe and was wondering where to start. I have the Basic Step DVD (it came with the actual step from Walmart) and am enjoying both the step workout and the ab workout. Mine didn't come with the Body Fusion DVD and I can't find Body Fusion on its own on the website. Is it sold separately or do I just need to buy the two packaged together?





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To what exact DVDs are you referring to when you say "Cardio and Weights" should be the next step. I've looked through all the titles and I'm confused. There are too many for this novice to wade through.:)


"Cardio and Weights" is the DVD that also has Imax2 on it. It is an older DVD (2002). You definitely can grow with this DVD. There are lots of premixes, and Imax2 is an awesome cardio workout that I am never tired of.

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