October 27, 2016

Cathe Friedrich

Attention Cathe Live subscribers: This Thursday, Oct 27th at 9:15am EST we will be doing "Legs on Fire" live. Get ready to burn with this intense leg focused circuit. See you tomorrow!!!

Equipment Needed:
A sliding device or paper plate
A set of 10's and 12's and 15's

A barbell with a small medium and large plate on each side (40lbs)

A fitness mat

A stability ball


Do you know how many minutes approximately this workout will be? I am compiling a list of Cathe Live workouts to refer to with respect to time, equipment, etc. Thank you.


Cathe, your Leg LIVES are quite something! :cool: Thank you & thank the house for making it easier to get through!! I did Lean Lower Body today & yes, on fire! Especially my inner thighs/adductors.

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