Nov 2011 STS & Low Impact Series Combined

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone!

The following rotation combines our STS program along with our Low Impact Series. This rotation incorporates all three Mesocycles plus the Low Impact Series into one month. Expect to get the cardio endurance and increased metabolic benefits of our Low Impact Series along with the strength, power and endurance benefits of our STS program.

This one month program is the ultimate shock training combination, and when coupled with an overall very clean diet, will give you amazing results.

Some highlights of this rotation: No Boredom/Endless Variety, Plateau Buster, Metabolic Enhancing (afterburn) Effects, Cross Training Benefits, Exceptional Deep Core Development, Functional Training and Classic Weight Lifting Benefits, Better Posture Awareness, and a Joint Friendlier Approach with No Impact (with the exception of Plyo Legs unless the Squat Rack Leg program is used in its place).

Ready, Set............. Go!!!!!



Mon… Slide and Glide (cardio Segment only) PLUS STS Disc 1 (Chest/Sh/Bi)

Tues….Low Impact Challenge

Wed…. STS Disc 3 (Legs) PLUS Low Impact challenge (cardio blast only)

Thurs…. STS Disc #2 Back and Triceps

Fri….. OFF

Sat….Athletic Training

Sun….Ab Circuits (Yoga based abs) PLUS Yoga Max



Mon…STS Disc 13 (Chest/Sh/Tri) PLUS Ab Circuits (No Equipment Abs)

Tues….STS Disc 14 (Legs) Plus first 25 minutes of Athletic Training

Wed….STS Disc 15 (Back/Bi)


Fri…..Slide and Glide


Sun….Yoga Relax



Mon… First 25 minutes of Athletic Training PLUS STS Disc 25 (Chest and Back)

Tues….STS Disc 26 (Plyo Legs) -OR- Disc 38 if prefer no high impact (Squat Rack) PLUS Ab Circuits (Pilates based)

Wed…. OFF

Thurs…. STS Disc 27 (Sh/Bi/Tri) PLUS Low Impact challenge (cardio blast only)

Fri…..Turbo Barre

Sat….Yoga Max

Sun….Cardio Supersets



Mon…Low Impact Challenge (or Cycle Max if you have it)

Tues…. STS Meso One Disc 4 (Chest/Sh/Bi)

Wed…. STS Meso Two Disc 17 (Legs) Plus first 25 minutes of Athletic Training

Thurs….Yoga Relax

Fri…..STS Meso Three Disc 25 (Chest & Back)


Sun…. Slide and Glide (cardio Segment only) PLUS STS Meso Three Disc 30 (Sh/Bi/Tri)

THANK YOU!!!!! :D :D :D (For everything! LIS is WONDERFUL!!!)

Did I put enough exclamation marks?


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
This looks fabulous. I think I am in on this one...but I am going to start tomorrow with STS #3 and take it from there. This is exactly what I was hoping for...PERFECTION!!!!!
Thanks Cathe - I am finishing up STS now and now have an idea of what LIS workouts I can work in with my STS!
Awesome Cathe!!!!!!!!!!! I am just finishing an undulating rotation of STS, but didn't want to give up my old fav for my new fav. I can't wait to do them together!
This is the best of the best!!! {{{hug}}}
I think this is my favorite rotation! I love STS and LIS is so much fun...It is the perfect combination for me.

Thank you so much Cathe. It is so kind of you to go out of your way to make up these rotations for us. I hope someone out there is as good to you as you are to us. :)
Cathe-I just did Week 2 day 2 (Disc 14 and first 25 mins of Athletic training) of the STS/LIS rotation. My question is does the 25 mins include the 6 min warm up? I stopped at 26 mins and it was right after the second set of push-ups. Also, do you recommend to do the cardio portion first (even tho with legs it's all cardio!!). All I know is that this combo totally kicked my arse today! I am going to be so sore tomorrow and loving it!
1st 25 Min of AT

Is there a particular to stop that would indicate the 1st 25 mins of AT or would it be eaiser to do the premix that is 22 mins
Is there a particular to stop that would indicate the 1st 25 mins of AT or would it be eaiser to do the premix that is 22 mins

I did the first 25 mins again today with STS disc 25 and I'm pretty sure the '25' minutes is actually at 27 mins. It ends after you do the dips with the sliding discs and one arm biceps. After that, is bicep isolation exercises, so I'm guessing you stop before that since the purpose of doing the 25 mins is for cardio. That's where I'm going to stop at least :)

I think the routine is supposed to end after the pushups because she includes this in her chest/back STS routine and after the pushups they go into biceps. That's what I believe.
sts n low impact series

i have sts n low impact series which i want to combine n start my workout but i do have only mesocycle 1 , which has 12 nos of dvd in it. so how m i do set my routine will u please help?

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