Not using a weight scale anymore


My scale broke down last week. Know what? I'm not replacing it just yet. Thank you mini-natty for inspiring me! I think this will make me more aware of how I feel, how my clothes fit, AND what goes in my mouth. I think it will force me to be more consistently cautious rather than reacting only because of a fluctuating number on a scale. Wish me luck! :eek:


Congrats! I'm 41 and proud to say I've never owned a scale. I'll check on occasionally at my mom's but that's it. You'll know by how your clothes fit.


I'm envious! I wear my clothes loose so judging by clothes gets me into trouble. When my scale broke I went without and 3 months later had gained 10 lbs! I hop on the scale at least once a week to keep it real for me!!


I another convert. I never owned a scale but would hope on my moms often. I let the number effect how i felt or what i did for the day. I actually went and bought one. Then I was weighing myself daily, not good. I stopped a month ago and even though its been only a month i feel more in control. I don't get that frantic feeling of OMG, what the hell did i do? Thanks Nat!


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