No Squats or Lunges

Lucia A

I recommend Knee-friendly exercises to replace Squats, Lunges and tall box step ups aka. Leg Presses that are hard on the knees.

My doc said I have arthritis in my knee(and I'm only 61) and to lay OFF the Lunges, squats and Leg presses.
So I went online and got ideas for replacement moves. Hard to do when "every" Cathe workout is filled with them beginning to end. Especially the standing leg work.


I agree! I just did the Low Impact Tri-Sets Lower Body. Almost every exercise was lunges. At 63 I'd like to care for my knees and hip flexors in a kinder way and still get a good leg workout. ICE to the Mat or Turbo Barre is more my style
This would be awesome! My foot has a neuroma so I can’t jump anymore. Lunges with bending my foot is tough at the moment though hope this will change, but more legs on the floor would be helpful.

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