New workout premixes



I am really impressed and excited about the number of premixes that will be included in the new workouts. What I read said a lot about strength premixes, so I was wondering if there will be any just cardio premixes or circuit type premixes? Thanks.
I would also love to see some circuit workouts as well, but I am thrilled to hear that there will be several cardio only options. I am so looking forward to the bootcamp and kickbox cardio in particular, so anyway you can mix those two together to kick some butt would be great. Thanks for responding. I'm getting really excited about these new workouts. :D
Love the fact that there will be strength only and cardio only premixes. Would very love to have some circuit only premixes as well.

Can't wait to get these!!!
I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I would truly appreciate some shorter premix options. By shorter, I mean 30 minutes total. I love Cathe and I love to workout, but my commute recently went from 5 minutes to one hour(each way)+ working 9 hours + being a full time mom. I would love to see a cardio-back-chest timesaver premix, a cardio-bi's & tris timesaver premix, and a shoulders, abs+ cardio timesaver premix and the same for lower body...I know it's a long shot, but for the workaholic/mom/wife/gotta do it all types, maybe you would consider it. I know I can always pick and choose for the perfect length, but having these workouts available right on the DVD without having to program/skip/etc., would really make me feel like you understand (and I wouldn't feel like I was cheating)
Thanks for considering it. :)

If the workouts have a mix of high and low impact mega intensity cardio segments (blasts), can you create a low impact cardio premix option? Thanks for considering our suggestions!!

Chocolate IS the answer, regardless of the question.:)

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