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I am sure this has been asked. I know I am not the only that wants to see a clip from the new workouts. Can't wait!!!! Hurry up MR/Mrs. Duplicator!!!!

Any chance we can see one soon?



Wow, thanks for the eagle eye and for posting that. That's exactly what I came online to see if I could find...CLIPS! This looks like fun, and it does not look impossible to do. I'm looking forward to my videos.

Cathe Friedrich

Hi All! Thank you for your excitement. The workout is very easily modified by using no band or a less resitance based band (your three pack has easy pink, medium green, and hard blue). The three jacks with a tuck can easily be modified to just doing 4 jacks and no tuck (and without a band if you want to modify more). On other exercises you can use no weight or less jumping or squatting shallow vs deeply.... Endless options! Get ready to get on Fiyah!!! :eek::eek::eek:


New Member
Cathe, I am a new fan of yours. I first purchased the abs DVD and have been hooked ever since. I just got more to grow my collection. For the first time I did a cardio DVD today! No equipment and whooohoo! I love it!

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