Need help trying to incorporate Cathe's Pure Strength Series


Hi All,

I'll give you all a little back ground and maybe you can help me. Last week, I started back in my attempt to use Cathe's videos. Last year was my first experience with Cathe. I learned about her last year and started to get some of her videos. Well, I mistakenly started with MIC and was very discourged. I could barely make it through 10 minutes because of the impact. It really hurt my calves. They would get uncomforatbly tight to the point of hurting.

Anyway, I started with Step Heat last week and LOVED IT!!! So I did that most of last week to learn her style and moves. This week I have been doing the step section of the Wedding Tape and MIS on alternate days. I get bored quick, so I try to change from week to week to keep my interest up. I would like to start with the PS Series next week but I don't know how to incorporate my cardio. How can I get enough cardio in and still work in the series. I hate that the way the series works out, it looks like I won't be able to train each body part more than once for the week. How do you all use this series.

Sorry this is so long. Any help would be appreciated. I have most of Cathe's videos by the way, if you have any suggestions.

Hi, Aerika!

I have been doing a PS rotation now for 5 weeks. I often start the week with PS CST and add on one of the aerobics segments from CTX. Day 2 I do just PS LA. Day 3 I do another aerobics segment from CTX and PS BBA. Day 4 I do an all-step tape (I have been rotating Cathe with Christi Taylor and Kristin Kagin). Day 5 I do an all weight workout--either MIS or PH. Day 6 I do another hour of just cardio--either another step tape, interval tape (IMAX), or Cardio Kicks. A day of rest. Some weeks--like this one--I start off with Circuit Max or Body Max, both of which I count as a second weight workout (not everyone does this with Circuit Max). Day 2 is all cardio, and this week I did MIC. Then I did PS LA all by itself on Day 3. Day 4 I did PS CST with CTX 10-10-10. Day 5 I did PS BBA with CTX Circuits (getting a bit more leg work), and today I did Cardio Kicks. Hope this helps. Just add a bit of cardio to two of the PS tapes--if you have another 20 or 30 minutes to work out.
There are many ways to go about incorporating the PS series. The one just mentioned is one of them. Another may be to do both PS CST and PS BBA on one day, twice a week, alternating with cardio, and also then splitting the PS Leg tape into a standing and floor portion to take on to a cardio worout during the week. I agree, adding in an Interval workout, or Cardio Kicks is good for variety. Your body over time can adjust if you're doing just step for your cardio. Hope this helps.

Or do each of the PS tapes once a week, and do MIS on another day, so every muscle gets hit twice.I always use BBA and CST on days my legs are resting.
Split routines are really convenient if you ask me. I like the 3 day splits the best because you can do a M-W-F with cardio on T-TH-Sat. If you need more you can tack on short cardios to your weight days. The best thing with split routines is you can focus better on the muscle groups because you can do around 3 sets/exercise and depending on how many per part...still equals more work than if you did a circuit video. Like everyone suggested you can do one total body tape if you want to hit the muscles 2x/week.

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