Need an alternative to Diet Coke


Hi ladies!
I hope someone reads this; I know this forum hasn't been active in a while (well, except for the spam). Anyway...

I am *very* early along (haven't even been to the doctor yet), but my doc told me I need to kick my Diet Coke habit. [Me: What??? I already gave up Chardonnay & margaritas, you're killing me, doc! :) ]

Do any of you have pregnancy-friendly fizzy/sweet drink alternatives? I switched to decaf coffee, told the wine I'd be back in a few (ok several) months...the only thing I'm struggling with is my 2 - 3 Diet Coke a day habit (which I know is bad, pregnant or not). I would think if Diet Coke is off limits, anything similar like Crystal Light is off limits too.

Thanks in advance!


Well, I'm not pregnant, but I was intrigued by your question, and I think I noticed there was actually a new question in this forum and I was curious.:) Did the doctor specify why you had to lay off the diet Coke? Maybe I would already know this if I'd been pregnant before, so I apologize. I gave up soda years ago and moved over to seltzer water, which is fizzy, but not sweet. Is it the sugar replacements that you need to avoid? If so, then maybe mixing a little fruit juice with seltzer would work, I do that as well, it gives me flavor and fizziness.



It's the artificial sweetener-aspartame-that I think doc is most concerned with. Also caffeine, but it's easy enough to drink caffeine-free soda. I will try the seltzer & juice, thanks!


I'm not pregnant, but being an old Diet coke junkie, I feel your pain. I do pretty well with home made green tea and a little real sugar made really strong then chilled and added to plain seltzer water. You can pour it over ice in a bpa free bottle and carry it. Its cheap, tasty, has some oof to it (if you don't get the caffeine free) and its sweet without the nasty bio hazard sweeteners in the diet colas. You can try any flavor tea or make a seltzer with juice (100 percent juice frozen concentrate works great.) Its not the calories, its the weird sweeteners , the phosphoric acid (bad for your kidneys and bones), and the caffeine (draws calcium from your bones). I know its not as tasty. You could try making cream soda, orange soda, or sarsaparilla at home. You could try Hansen's cola. That is tasty and there are versions made with sugar (skip the splenda).

I hope that helps. Congratulations on your pregnancy!



I'm not sure how they made it but I had a great drink at a restaurant called The Rusty Bucket.
It was just pureed strawberries and fizzy water. It was so refreshing. I'm guessing they put ice and strawberries in a blender then add the water. Garnish with a fresh strawberry and enjoy.
As most pregnant women, sweet cravings are really normal. :) However, artificial sweeteners may not really escape you from being safe to take sweets. Since it's artificial, it may cause harm to the baby. As the Doctor's always remind their patient to always consider eating in moderation. It's better safe than sorry, remember that it's not the mother who's at risk, it's the baby growing inside the tummy.


Hi there,

I recently weened myself from coke zero. Monday to Friday, I had one a day... for years. Before Coke zero, it was diet coke... for years. To break the habit for good, I found I needed something as easy as the coke i grabbed from the fridge each day (without any preparations) so I switched to low sodium soda water in a can. I've been drinking soda water for about 15 years anyway (developed the habit from my DH and his family who are hungarian) but started bringing it to work and throwing it in the fridge there, to chill and drink with my lunch. I am not sure it's a better alternative but it got me away from the coke craving and I still got to keep my fizz with no aspartame. I even drink the stuff at times on the run from the can and just pop in a straw. I can honestly say that as of this year, I no longer drink a coke zero a day. Heck, I don't even drink one a month. I've been doing this for about half a year. It was tough, at first. But I no longer crave the coke so that's good. My DH and I kicked the habit around the same time, using the same method (geez, I should spell check before I save a post). Good luck.


Try Mexican Coke; Sam's Club sells it in bulk. You can find it in the specialty isle or mexican food isle in glass bottles. No corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners. It also is free of Stevia which can lead to reproductive issues in males (both adults and babies alike).

I don't drink coffee so I was able to have Mexican coke without issue.

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