I'm way older than any groups she was addressing.
I am too! ;) At 10 years post menopausal I liked the chapter in Dr. Sim's book 'Roar' on post menopausal women and their performance/athletic needs as well as their nutritional needs. She now has online workshops on this topic and later this year she is coming out with a book specifically on the post menopausal physically active women - an understudied population!

It is great that Cathe herself is in this phase of life. We need role models of healthy, active, strong women who age gracefully and with vibrancy while following a doable/realistic wellness plan. Nice to see what is possible for those over 50, 60, 70 and even 80 years of age.


I am closing in on 73 yo. I hike, mountain bike, xc ski, and do cardio and weights in my home gym. and find WW a good program to follow. I'm not as "young" I was at 40 but I'm holding up pretty well. WW has a feature called Connect. everyone can post pics, failures, successes, confessions, things that work, whatever. gives great insight into the problems men and women in general have with losing and maintaining weight, and the kinds of stresses that contribute to the problem.
Cathe is a great example of how healthy aging can look. I don't for a second think everyone can meet that bar but she's an inspiration.

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