Nausea from Protein Shakes


I just started taking protein shakes 2 days ago and each time I drink one I get horrible nausea, gas, bloating, ect.. right away after I drink it. Has this happened to anyone else? I am using egg protein and one scoop has 26g of protein. Do you need to build up to one scoop of protein?
It may be the brand. My husband and I use different brands, and the one he uses unsettles my stomach. I also like to mix mine with 1/2 banana using a hand blender, that may help.
i have heard that if you use to much protein your body can't handle it, but i didn't think 26grams was too much, maybe it's just to much for me right away. I wish I knew how to make the nausea go away, it is horrible right now!
I drink 40 grams at a time without nausea... i would say switch brands just to rule out whether it's that particular protein that's doing it. Are you having the shake right after a workout?
Can you eat a lot of eggs and be ok? I cannot and can only imagine what egg protein would do to me. I drink whey and if you get isolate rather than concentrate, it does not have the lactose. Also, don't blend it in the blender - that can whip up air bubbles and cause you problems too. If you want to blend it, let it sit out about 15 minutes for the air to escape.
any protein whey, soy, egg. i think i will just cut the dose in half and try to build up a tolerance and if that doesn't work then, i will return it.
Dear Burnmarie ......Run to your nearest health food store and buy Essential Formulas Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic 12 plus. I too had nausea,gas and bloating after indulging in too much protein and fiber. After taking this supplement I felt much better. Get the 60 capsules and take 5 in the am and 5 in the pm/ The box does not say to take the supplement this way, but many websites suggested this. I felt better after 24 hours and now 4 days later I am feeling back to normal. Good Luck !
amsterjo - that is a loading dose of that brand. I think it does say that in the instructions to do a loading does to begin with and then taper off to a regular dose. You are right though, they are hands down the best probiotic on the market - in my opinion anyway.

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