Music for New Workouts

carol d.

Although I was super excited to see the update for the music on the new workouts, and get a better understanding of the overall process, I was disappointed to see that Chris Brown was one of the covered artists. And I am guessing it is way too far along in the process to change this.

Incredibly sensitive subject, I know - especially as the majority of Catheletes are women.

Still looking forward to additional updates as we inch closer to summer!


I think he has suffered enough. Rihanna has forgiven him. Its time to move forward.

I agree with this. I mean its music and if it has a great beat I am not worried about there personal life. I mean really I think I know way to much about celebrities anymore. I hate when movies star tell there political views to lol. I miss the days when things were somewhat like a mystery lol


I have to agree with the OP. Any one of us might have first hand experience of domestic violence and to be reminded of these things via background music during a workout would tend to make one not want to do that workout. There are plenty of great beats to be found elsewhere.

carol d.

Thank you, Sue. As a former victim of DV, it was difficult for me to read that others felt the inflictor of such pain had suffered enough. HOWEVER, I do realize that this is meant to be a fun site, and I apologize if I *politicized* it in any way.

Onto more fun topics, I suppose!

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