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I am wondering about Monday I didnt see any post about this so if I missed something I apologize. I guess the Disney RT is going to run to the 5th since Mondays activities are running so late in the day, But for the peeps who have to work on the 5th if we are to go to Epcot for the fireworks do we bring our luggage with us? And what about flights are we to scedule a flight sometime in the evening after the fireworks show? And how will we get to the airport from there? will there be a shuttle leaving from Epcot? Or do we go back to the hotel and leave from there? Am I the only one working Tuesday?


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Since the fireworks are at 10pm (and the fireworks by themselves last approximately 15mins), I would expect it would be difficult to find a flight out that late if you are traveling by plane. I'm flying home the next morning and just working a half day personally.


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Hello Friends
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Well i i want to know about Disney land sum things?like is it cheap or expensive? or what is the best way to go there,I am planing to go there by next week to Disney with my wife and 2 kids,Please do tell me i am waiting for answer.


Hi Diana,
The last workout is on Sunday morning. You then have the rest of the day and all day Monday (July 4th) to spend with your family and/or friends at the Disney parks. On Monday night there will be a group dinner at EPCOT followed by a dessert party with special, reserved seating for 4th of July Fireworks at EPCOT.
You will probably not want to try to go to the fireworks AND fly out that night. You would have to have a flight out after about 2 am!
Disney provides a free shuttle service to and from the airport but I believe the last one out at night is maybe about 8pm. (you would have to check on that)
Hope this helps!

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