Modifying core work


Hi Cathe

I have been enjoying the 4DS and I have a question about the core work. I find the exercises where you roll down with your knees bent and also the hip thrusting exercises at the beginning of the Low intensity core section (sorry can't remember the proper names for either ) really hard. I feel that I do them so badly that I don't improve because I am not working the muscle just collapsing. Is there any modification I can make to these exercises to help me get closer to doing them properly?

Thanks a lot

Not Cathe but on the one where you lay back and sit up and do 2 jabs, you may want to start with your knees bent more and only go half way back, then sit up and do the jabs.


That's a good idea, Deb. I did the KBX routine yesterday. I was able to do the sit up and jab for the first set, but just couldn't get there for the second, so did standard crunches. But next time, I think I'll try only going half-way back like you suggest.

Thanks for your reply. I can do the one with the jabs fine and I can do the sit ups with the weight also - it's the ones where you lie on your back and thrust your hips up above you in the air, and the ones where you start with your hips up and roll back down that cause the trouble. Particularly that last one, I am either up or down or collapsing in between - I have no control to come down slowly. Does that make sense?


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