I pulled my muscles in glute/hamstring area a few months ago while I was doing STS. I still feel the pain sometimes. I've been off workout for a few months now. But I got Shock Cardio Dec 23. I could not resist on trying them. Yesterday, I tried Travel Fit. I made thru it. I like it. It gave a full body work out while you are on the road.

I did it this MMA KB this AM. I was afraid of my joint. But I went thru it no problem. So far, I did two Shock Cardio, Travel Kits and MMA KB. The biggest brownie for me was Stretch part. Cathe added quite thorough stretch at the end. Also, they are different, not like in STS, each DVD stretch is the same. While I am nurturing my injury, I am especially paying attention to the stretch. Thank you, Cathe.

For jump rope and other jump parts, I modified and only jumped on my toe. I was told by my daughter coach that just by jump on your toe, it will work on your leg muscles, especially calves. MMA KB did not give me too much sweat. But because I controlled to not that happened. However, I do see it can be high intensity too by punching and kicking with full power and jumps without modifying.

So far, I have no disappointment. I always like Cathe's KB. She broke down each section. Make you familiar with the moves then connect the whole routine from there. I also like the fact that her KB you can adjust intensity whenever you want. I tried others, like Coffey Meyer or Amy Bento, I like to watch them. But for some reason, whenever, I did, I just lost the flame.

Can't wait to try out other MMA.


So glad you liked it and remained pain-free during the workout! I really enjoy MMA: Kickbox too. I see myself turning to this workout a lot because so much of the step I do is high intensity/high impact (Imax, Athletic Step, Plyo Legs, Cathe's HiiT, etc), so it's nice to have a lower impact non-step workout. Also, I put so much focus on cardio and strength that I totally leave out balance and I think MMA: Kickbox has a nice balance-challenge component to it.

Oh, and that core work at the end is a doozie!!!

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