Missing Stretch on Premixes for Ripped with HIIT


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Hello - I don't know if anyone has noticed this with their DVDs for Ripped with HIIT: Many of the premixes mention that a stretch follows the workout, however so far I noticed it doesn't.

Example: this morning I did Low Impact HIIT + Bonus Abs One where the description states:

Includes the entire Low Impact HiiT Two workout plus Bonus Abs One.
The stretch follows the ab routine.

However there was no stretch following the ab routine, after the Bonus Abs One routine was completed I had to switch over to the chapter that has the stretch.

Has anyone else noticed this?



Andrea, there is a very short stretch after the abs segment. They didn't include the full stretch in any of the premixes, which is a bummer, so you do have to go back to the main menu and pick stretch.


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Interesting - I was under the impression in reading the description of the premixes the stretch is the full stretch after the actual workout (I believe it's similar to what was done for the premixes on XTrain).


Hi Lisa,

Someone in the New and Upcoming Workouts section asked about this. Here was the reply from the forum administrator:

"There is no glitch. The ab workouts all have their own stretch at the end. In the premixes where we combine the full workout with abs at the end we don't include the regular stretch from the workout. This is true on all of the workouts, not just Low Impact One. If you want a longer stretch just go to chapters and select stretch."

Here is the link to the full thread in case in helps you to see the response in context:

I was also confused about the "missing" stretch segment when I previewed one of the premix workouts. I think its possible the the stretches were left off (and maybe the introductions, i.e, "joining us today are...") to ensure that there was enough space to include the two ab workouts on each disc. There is only so much space on a DVD. I remember in one of the updates Cathe mentioned that they planned to include the ab workouts on each disc if they had the space. At the time of the update, she wasn't sure that could happen.

I don't think the ab stretch is sufficient if one does a premix workout but hitting "menu" and going to the stretch is not going to be a problem for me personally. It will take a little getting used to like it did with the STS extended stretch. The trade off is that those Cathletes that want to tack on ab work at the end can do so conveniently and those that like to have their ab work mixed in the workouts have that option as well. If the ab workouts were on a separate DVD, there would be no way to include them in the premixes on the other DVDs. I don't know if any of this was the reason the regular stretch was excluded from the premixes though. I do know that they must have had a good reason because Cathe, Chris and their team definitely don't skimp on anything.


Too funny I thought the same thing I thought I missed read description. Lol. It's all good tho. :)

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I also thought that as described in premix description it would include the stretch as in all the other workouts premixes in the past. I just went to the chapters, but thought I would try doing the whole workout first with the end stretch and choose the abs from the bonus section in the menu. I also thought it strange that Cathe did introduce her crew as mentioned by Teals. So far I am enjoying the new program, I guess we are used to certain things when it comes to Cathe's dvd if you have been a Cathlete for a long time.

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