MIC - I'm gonna do it!


I'm about to haul butt off the couch and do Maximum Intensity Cardio. I haven't done this workout in yeeears, and I used to use it as the gold-standard of fitness - if I could do that, I could do anything! I don't remember a whole lot about it except that I really liked the step choreography, and the hi/lo portion was very bouncy.

Wish me luck!
Oh my! I JUST DID this yesterday. (I rotate ALL my DVDs) I used to almost dread this wkout because it's tough......however.....perhaps because of all the Hiit, tabata, plyo etc I've been doing recently, I found it quite doable and an enjoyable change of pace! Have fun! Love the outfits and set:p
I did it!! This is a personal victory for me - after years of accumulating health issues that were compromising my stamina and endurance, I think I'm finally on the upswing again! A year ago, if you'd asked me whether I'd ever do this workout again, as produced, I'd have given a resounding No!

TLC93, I agree with you - the moves in Cathe's newer workouts are more intense: deeper squatting, more quad and glute engagement, more upper body work with the push up variations and burpees, etc. I cannot get through the two Plyo HiiTs without pausing a few times to suck wind. I really like the music in the step portion of MIC. Cathe's waist is impossibly tiny!! I'll bet if she ate a grape, it would show!

Doing the happy dance,
Sandra......Congrats! I LOVE the feeling of getting through a wkout that is tough or that I thought I couldn't complete! Excellent job.....now keep going! Hold on to that feeling of empowerment!

Cathe looks sooooo petite doesn't she?! I think she's missing a few ribs! Cathe always looks incredible.

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