Mesocycle 3 Legs..where is the non-plyo routine

I'm missing something obvious here, I think, because I cannot for the life of me figure out where the squat rack legs routine is located. My DVD has only the plyo workout.

Can any kind, fit soul answer this for me?

Grateful in Advance!
Hi PaigeRocks,

Did you order the STS 40 DVD Discount Bundle (includes optional Squat DVDs)+ STS Users' Guide or the STS 36 DVD Discount Bundle + STS Users' Guide? If you order the STS 36 DVD Discount Bundle + STS User' Guide, that one will not come with the Squat rack leg.

Hope this helps!
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I did the same thing...I ordered only the 36 and the realized I really did want all 40...also, I ended up scheduling both the plyo and squat legs workouts each week because I wanted the extra leg definition and I was just loving the w/o's!
squat rack series

Hi everyone--

I'm doing STS for the second go around, but this time, I'm doing the squat rack legs instead of plyo.

My question is, how do I go about determining my one rep max when I've never done this routine before? If I go through the exercises, I'm not sure how heavy to start out with.

Can anyone share how they started this routine?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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