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I'm currently doing meso 2. I love this rotation, and while it really destroys your body parts I have been waiting 2-3 days and then repeating a body part on an off day..combining it with an ab workout. It seems that all the related groups are only hit once then rest for a week.For instance on tues combine bi's and abs Thursdays chest and shoulder and abs On wed after legs max out on pull ups etc. Has anyone else had any experience with this? I feel that I am so trashed by the end of some of these workouts that some parts don't get a fair shake! After all that I will say that after leg day I am NOT ready for a week! It takes that long to learn to walk again!!
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I started week 3 of Meso 2 and I thought the same thing. This week I did chest on one day with a little cardio and tris and shoulders with some HIIT. I was able to lift a heavier on my shoulders and tris than if i was to do the whole disc all together. I guess I will see if it makes difference with results but for the rest of the rotation i will add in abs and cardio breaking up the wt work so i can lift heavier...(except leg days) teeheehee


I was thinking to do the same, I did for one month meso2 with 30 min cardio ( 4days splits) 3 days in the Mon,Tue,wed Thursday Hiit and Fri, circuit and sat any cardio but is too taired.

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