Meals and Metabolism is Periodic fasting the answer?


I've read about periodic fasting (I think there was a doctor in England who wrote a book about it) - it is true that we don't need as many calories as we take in but for those of us that exercise restricting calories can slow down our metabolism and make us store more fat. I completely disagree when it comes to eating breakfast... don't down a buffet but a well rounded meal gives you the energy you need to work out (at least for me)! Mindless eating late at night or excess sugar consumption (and I am guilty of this LOL) contributes to weight gain but everyone has their own metabolic requirements and while I tend to agree that smaller meals help whatever works for each of us it what matters. I'm obviously not an expert but for me eating breakfast is a definite and I go lighter as the day goes on... just my opinion but as I said we're all different and I don't buy into a lot of the advice from so-called nutrition experts. Our bodies need fuel no matter how they get it. Sorry! I've seen so many articles discussing the same thing for a long time and have decided not to listen to their advice and take cues from my own body; if I crave cheese there is a reason (OK I love cheese and could eat it all day long but there are times where I seem to really need it) and if I need a roll (I don't eat a lot of carbs) I eat it. Everyone is different but my motto has always been listen to your body unless it tells you it has to have pizza every day! :)

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