May seem like a silly question, but I'm asking anyway


Thank you Ronne.

And thank you Jilly bean.

Everyone is so nice around here. I know that sounds trite, but it really is so nice to know that I can post stuff here and there are people here who want to have real conversations about these things. It makes me happy.


Hi Jillybean, I wanted to write from the perspective of another sugar junkie. Just to give you an idea how bad it is, even reading your name gives me cravings for jelly beans. he he

I am exactly like you, but only since I got pregnant and had my little boy 14 months ago. I was miserable while pregnant, and used food to make myself feel better. I am now addicted to sweet things, and especially things that are sweet AND have lots of fat in them. It makes me extremely, extremely happy to gorge myself in these things, because it is so insanely enjoyable to me. The enjoyment usually outweighs the horrible things I know I'm doing to my body, because this addiction is irrational. I have been thinking a lot lately that it must be this way for people who are addicted to many things, like alcohol, gambling, etc. Whatever the cause of the addiction for me, whether it's psychological, physiological, or whatever, I want to tell you something that has helped me not binge for over a week now, and has helped me to not even have the desire to binge! And just to give you an idea where I was (very recently), I was binging some weeks every day, some weeks every other day - and I'm talking a half to a whole box of brownies, a half to a whole bag of peanut butter cups.

I bought and read Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and finally read something that addresses my subconscious, and how to change my thinking, and therefore my behavior, and how to make, set, and obtain goals for myself. And the eating plan and exercise plan that come with it are not quite like any other - because it addresses different types of people, different things to tweak, different things to try, and loads you up with so much information. The guy who wrote it is a bodybuilder, and has worked with over 600 people to help them lose fat.

The book is $39.95 I think, but if you are interested in the goal part, I can give you a summary. I honestly didn't think I was curable, and I know I have a long way to go, but I have finally found something that did not just tell me how/what to eat, but actually gave me some help on how to change my thoughts and habits, which are incredibly important, too.

Hope that helps, just let me know if you'd like more information. From one sugar luva to anotha. : )



I really think you need to check out

inside out weight loss pod cast. It really has helped me with the all or nothing mentality. Its free. Just log onto iTunes or google it. There are a few ads throughout the podcast but please I beg you to give it a try. You sound like a lot of people that I know. It helps deal with the other side of things other than the chemical messing with your head. Hugs!!!!

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