May 31, 2018

Cathe Friedrich

Attention Cathe Live subscribers: May 31st, 2018 at 9:15 am EST we’ll be doing “CATHE 200” Live. Dust off your fitness shoes and get ready to dive into 200 rep circuit rounds!!! Each round consists of 4 exercises at 10 reps each repeated 5 consecutive times....yes, that’s a total of 200 reps per round !!! Time to put your stamina to the test with this fast paced circuit!

Equipment Needed:

A set of various weighted dumbbells

A fitness mat



Oh sounds fantastic!!! My muscles are already quivering!! Congratulations to Cathe Live[emoji324][emoji322] [emoji123]

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Cathe Friedrich

Hi All! I plan to keep the weights on the lighter 5's, 8's and 10's. The circuits move quickly so you get breathy and fatigued. Fortunately its not a super long workout. Just enough to say "ENOUGH" lololol Overall this is more of a stamina based workout then a lifting workout. You'll see soon enough my pretties.....heeee he he he he heeeee


Amazing class! I finally did it yesterday and know I will do it again and again.

Are there workouts, DVD or Live, that are similar? Really liked the speed and variety.

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