May 2019 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This May 2019 rotation focuses on getting our bodies ready to wear tank tops, swimsuits and shorts. Plan to keep your heart rate high while developing strength and endurance over the course of each week. Be sure to eat well, stay hydrated and get good sound sleep for maximum benefits.


Monday…PHA 2

Tuesday…Imax 3

Wednesday...Ramped Up Upper Body

Thursday…Cardio Slam

Friday…Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower

Saturday…Hard Strikes



Monday…PHA Training (original)

Tuesday…Imax 2

Wednesday…Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper

Thursday…Cardio Party Plus Calorie Crush

Friday…Pyramid Lower Body (Intensity series)

Saturday …Rock m’ Sock M’



Monday…Athletic Training

Tuesday…Intensity (step workout)

Wednesday…Pyramid Pump Upper Body

Thursday…Cardio Core Circuit (shock cardio)

Friday…Pyramid Pump Lower Body

Saturday…Rev’d Up Rumble Plus Calorie Crush



Monday…Total Body Giant Sets

Tuesday…Step Blast

Wednesday…Pyramid Upper Body (Intensity Series)

Thursday…Low Impact Sweat

Friday…High Step Training

Saturday…Rockout Knockout

I am so proud of myself! I completed May 2019 Rotation! The 4 week I had to take a two days off, but I did it! I found that Strength Training in the May section helped with my flexibility. I was a cardio nut. But I found that doing more Strength Training workouts help with my flexibility. When I started it, I couldn’t sit and touch my toes, I had to put my hands at the side of the legs. Now, I can touch my toes. Also, if you lift the right heavy weights you will sweat too. And I found that thecstrength Training helped me with my step endurance. After the rotation was over, I did Cathe Rhythmic Step and it is like 63 minutes and I wasn’t dying and did more of the Step routine. So, going Strength Training does help. I was wrong. I thought Strength Training was for guys and it just gave you muscles. But, I found it helped with flexibility and cardio stamina. So, my advice don’t be afraid if Strength Training, just balance it out with cardio. Jen Drn

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