May 2015 TTC/PP Check-in

Hi Roz!

Are you dumbfounded that I'm on the forums two days in a row?! I sure am! :p

Nice work-work today in your workout! (Can I quote Cathe in reference to another trainer's program?) I was just talking to my DH about chin ups yesterday...yes, we're that weird...and thinking to myself how glad I am that I haven't done any in awhile. Guess that's proof that I need to do more of them since they are a weak point for me. They are definitely not a weak point for you, however!

(((HUGS))) to your baby doll! Molars are no joke! Thank goodness for nursery rhymes and tunes. Is your daughter musical? DD1 was such a screamer as a baby (still is, really, LOL!) but music has always calmed her down and she has now turned into quite the little singer herself. I'm OK with that given my musical background. I'm hoping that DD2 finds the same joy in music.

Thanks for the details on adding cardio to the Fitnessfreak rotation. I especially love that it was Cathe Live cardio.

All ready for your trip? Getting close to it? What else is going on for you?

Not much to report here, other than it's been a criminally long time since I've been to TJ's. My CB supply is almost completely gone, and that's saying something since I keep multiple jars on hand as back-ups!

Fun story: I have two friends who just had baby girls (one yesterday and one today). Both are above 9lbs. EEK! They are already bigger than my little DD2, who is almost 3 weeks older! I'm kinda dying inside just thinking about delivering a 9+ pounder. Of course, now that I say that, I don't know how big your DD1 was at birth. For some reason I assume she was smaller than that, but my goodness my hat goes off to you if she was in that weight realm!!!

Ramblings complete for the day. XOXO!!!



Hi Lisa!
Hats off to your two friends with their 9+-pounders! My DD was just under 7 lbs, thank goodness! And I'm not a tiny-framed woman. I have friends who are pretty teeny and had babies in that 9-10 lb range. All I can say is, OW!

Yeah, the weight work for the first week of that FitnessFreak rotation generally clocks in around 40 mins. The second week, around 20, so time for a Live cardio afterwards to bring you to about an hour. First week, maybe a timesaver premix? Depends on how much you want to work out!

I did my final BBA workout for week 2 today. I'm so tired, didn't sleep well last night, but I told myself "I'm gonna crush it!" and did pretty well, I think. :D
Squats 2x5 155# (only got 3 reps here), 145#
Squats 1x10 115#
a) Reverse Lunges 4x10 65#
b) Leg Raises 4x10 (using the new power tower)
[I actually did Leg Raises then Lunges, because I wanted a little more active recovery before tackling those endless reverse lunges -- 80 of them! Definitely work-work. My legs were on FIYAH!]

OK, DD just awoke -- gotta run! Don't know when I'll check in next, but I'll try to pop in to say hi in the next couple days!
Hugs, Roz


Hi Lisa,
Running to pack, but checking in to say I did a couple BBA cardio finishers today. One bodyweight (100 bw squats+50 pushups+25 chinups with as little rest as possible), which took about 15 mins, and one ladder with burpees and DB swings. Fun, and got my heart rate going!
Hope you and your gals are well! Have you been able to get out for any walks? Any TJs runs? ;)
I tried stirring some CB into my Greek yogurt (as per Karen's recommendation) -- that's just evil! So wrong, but so right.
Talk soon,
Hiya Roz!

Phew for you that your DD was <7 lbs. Not that we want our babies to be too teeny tiny, but 9lbs just makes me want to cry.

For someone who wasn't feeling it for yesterday's workout, you sure did muster up superwoman strength! Did you have a fire hydrant to hose down the FIYAH in your legs? ;) Way to top it off with your cardio finishers today. Nothing like a good endorphin fix before heading out for vacation--especially all the sitting associating with traveling. I get squirmy if I haven't had a chance to stretch my legs before sitting in a car or a plane, etc.

Still no outside walks, but indoor walks and stretching! Rain, rain go away! I'm looking forward to following your suggestions on the FF rotation. I might double up some of the body parts on the days where the workouts are 20 mins because I probably won't want to do cardio everyday, and then those weeks I can tack on a total body or additional leg workout at the end. That's my thought at the moment, anyway!

Trust me, I have totally avoided Karen's evil concoction of CB + Greek yogurt. I am just too weak! Hoping to hit TJ's this weekend. My list is looooong and the carts are small, so I'm thinking it's going to be a 2 shopping cart trip! :eek:

Going to try to get to my email and other computer stuff sometime this weekend, but no pressure for you to reply. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY the shenanigans on your getaway this weekend, however short they may be. ;)




Lisa! Happy Memorial Day! :D
We had a great, busy weekend and are trying to unpack/chill out a bit today. Whew! No big plans for us today -- how about you?

How are you? How are the gals? Is DD1 still having all-night princess parties? I hope she's not waking DD2 up, at least. :rolleyes: Hope you get sunshine, walks outside, a trip to TJs, reasonable sleep, etc.! :D

I've been feeling the need for a little more cardio (not an hour a day more, but a little more) I saw on another thread that Beachbody On Demand has a free trial, so I thought I'd give it a go. I don't know if others have had this experience, but the streaming video quality is pretty poor. Like, interferes with my following along poor. I tried a Turbo Fire today, but was just annoyed that the streaming speed prevented me from getting the moves. Seemed like a pretty good workout, but I wouldn't run out and buy it or anything. I did some hill sprints and burpees at the playground (before others showed up) for about 15 mins, but I don't really like workout out around others in public. I mean, unless it's a class or something.

SO [drumroll], I realized I need some Cathe back in my life, and the online WB is just too tempting to pass up. So I just did the first half of Crossfire Express Live! Yay! Loved it! I could have done it all, but I'd already done some sprints and I just don't want to over do it.
Oh! And I did my UB workout this morning (before all the above shenanigans):
Floor Press 2x5: 100#
Floor Press 1x10: 80#
a) Suspended Pushups 4x10
b) Inverted Rows 4x10
Barbell Curl 4x10 45#

Are you thinking you'll start off with the FitnessFreak rotation? What do you think you'll want to start back with?
Is DD2 three weeks yet?
So wonderful, so happy for you, Lisa... :)
Have a fantastic holiday!
Big, big hugs,
Hiya Roz!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Not that I'm anti-Beachbody (we have several Beachbody DVD programs that we have enjoyed) but I'm just not at all surprised that the streaming quality is poor. I feel like quality control is not nearly as important to the company as it is to Cathe. She truly truly spoils us. And, speaking of, WELCOME BACK to the Cathe Live universe!!! ;) YAY! So happy for you to get to play around with the WB and the Live workouts. Also, just know that I fully expect reviews and recommendations from you as my trusted workout advisor. :) Your playground workout + CFE Live combo sounds like fun, and a great way to loosen up after those heavy UB moves. Awesome work!

I'm still leaning towards the FF rotation but I don't know how I'm going to be able to contain my excitement and retain my focus on any one thing. It's been so long since I've been able to workout as "me"--not pregnant and not injured (ankle is almost 100% now, just still a little PP swelling which is normal for me). I think I'll need your help to stay on track! Or maybe a Roz intervention will be necessary? ;)

Well, DD2 is 3 1/2 weeks old! She's currently hiccuping to her heart's content in her bassinet, and also grunting. She's a grunter...go figure!? But she's typically not a screamer and is still a content little lady, with the exception of normal baby cries. Oh, and obviously she's ridiculously adorable and cuddly. ;) Love her! Her big sister is still up to her middle-of-the-night parties. For instance, last night I caught her red-handed (princess-handed?) with her princess gear in her playroom at 3am. Why not, right? She's a hoot but a handful as always!

How's your little lady?

Oh, and good news! Finally made it to TJ's on Saturday. Those carts are not big enough to hold what I needed, but rest assured that the CB supply is now fully stocked (overstocked, really). Phew!!!

Well, that's all from me today. Keep rocking it and give your little mademoiselle a gigantic hug from me!



Hi Lisa!
Phew, so glad to hear that a cookie butter famine crisis was averted! Yikes! Do they have AAA for TJ's? (And if so, why don't I have it?)

It totally makes sense that you might just want to fly by the seat of your pants, rotation-wise, as you're getting back into workout out -- both in terms of listening to your body on a daily basis and your desire to do a given workout that very day (now that you'll be able to do more). Think of all those Live workouts you've held off on! Of course, if you decide to start off with a rotation, that's cool, too!

Your DD2 sounds like such a little angel -- hooray! :D I'm so very happy for you, Lisa! And how cute, little grunts! Newborns are otherworldly beings, aren't they? It's such a magical time.

DD is busy running me ragged at the 'peyground', and never tires of the swings! Plus, we're doing a lot of spring cleaning housework, which is great but a little overwhelming. Tomorrow I'm going to donate a load of old clothes I've been hoarding -- always such a good feeling!

I did my deadlift workout today. I lightened up even more (on the 2x5) just to really drive home my form. I've been watching videos and really trying to nail my deadlift form. It felt great and was still challenging! I increased my weight again for glute bridges -- I assume I'm rapidly increasing my weight because I'm new to bridging heavy loads? It's actually surprising how much one can lift in that exercise.
OK, here it is:
Deadlift 2x5 165#, 155#
Deadlift 1x10 135#
a) Glute Bridge 4x10 135#
b) Ab Wheel 4x10

Then I did a few dumbbell swings and bodyweight squats to round things out.
I tentatively plan to do my second UB workout of the week tomorrow, and hopefully squeeze in a Cathe or two tomorrow/Friday! :)
Oh, and CFE Live was great (or what I did of it)! Fun, and to-the-point! 36 mins total -- I'd love to have more Lives around that length to use as an add-on.
OK, that's all for now -- I'll get to my email soon, but I've still got some household tasks I want/need to knock out before I retire tonight! :D
And big hugs to you and to mesdemoiselles! ;)
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Hi Lisa! Quick workout report, as I've got a zillion bits of outdoor housework to do before the downpour begins in ~90 mins...
UB today:
Standing Overhead Press 2x5

Standing Overhead Press 1x10

a) Parallel Bar Dip 4x10

6/4, 5/5, 5/5, 3/7 (unassisted/assisted)
b) Neutral Grip Chins 4x10

5/5, 4/6, 3/7, 2/8 (ditto)

Wow, I really made progress on the dips/chins from last week! More unassisted in almost every set! :D

Then no time for a Cathe today, but instead of a stroller nap walk, I decided to try a stroller nap HiiT session. I did ~20 mins of 30 sec sprint, 45 sec walk. It was tough! I took it a little easier towards the end, as I was spent and it was hot and sunny.

May squat or Cathe tomorrow, not sure. One more workout, then next week is deload!

How are the gals? Mine is just a laugh a minute these days. Having a kid is amazing -- I get to fall in love all over again! :D
Big hugs to you!!!
Hi Roz!

Nice Stroller HiiT today! Did you get to go to the peyground today? ;) ITA that having kids = falling in love all over again and in a whole new way, and it's a total and complete love because it doesn't go away despite being filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Sounds like you are having lots of parental highs these days, yay! Mostly highs around here, too, mingled with some toddler drama and baby grunting that both keep me up at night. ;)

Way to go on your Nia workouts! I'm ashamed to admit that I've never done the weighted glute bridges, which I'm pretty sure is an awful truth because my understanding is that it is such an effective move. I know the move is included as an add-on for XTrain. I should check that out. Golly, add it to the ever-expanding list of "me wanna!" workouts. :) Anyway, I'm cheering along right there with you as your advancements continue to collect with this program. Also totally admiring your dedication to good form on those deadlifts...and, as an aside, what did we do without the Internet? How did we survive, especially without YouTube instructional videos? I just bought a Moby Wrap (also have an Ergo, but DD1 would NOT tolerate baby wearing so I didn't ever get the Moby...until now!). It came yesterday and I fully plan on watching YouTube to figure out how to put it on after I pull it out of the wash tonight!!!

No pressure on the email. Take your time. I'd much rather have you get a break with a big spoonful of CB before rushing or stressing to get back to me! It's all about priorities, and after DDs and DHs, CB is tippity-toppity on the list!

Big hugs and high fives and fist bumps!


ETA: By never having done the weighted glute bridge, I mean a heavy weighted glute bridge. I've done variations of the move with floorwork in Cathe videos and KCM videos, but never a "load up the barbell" kinda variation. ;)
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Roz! Double post today to give you a good chuckle (I hope).

I came across this book on a mom blog. The blogger is having her second and wants to give this a go. I told my DH that I should have read this before I had DD2, but now after my L&D experience with her I could write this book myself. DH "corrected" me and told me my version of this book would be more like a pamphlet! LOL!!!!

Natural L&D HUGS! ;)

TGIF, Roz!

Are the thunderstorms gone in your area? I hope you have a sunny and fun-filled weekend ahead!!! It's going to be toasty warm and sunny here so we'll be outside a lot and probably include some water playtime as well!

Not much to report today, just wanted to say hi! Will squeeze in a walk later, usually aiming for at least a couple miles. Workouts will likely resume next week! Yay!

Want to also thank you for sending me the coupon for the Mother's Lounge product. I'm loving my purchase, sooooo much better than what I was using before.

XOXO to you and yours.



Hi Lisa,
My DD woke up just after I emailed you yesterday, and it was a busy day so I didn't get to report my workout. :eek:

Great work on the walks. Are those treadmill walks due to rain? Hope the sun and water playtime are fun once they arrive (soon, I hope)!

So glad the Mother's Lounge offer worked out for you -- yay!

Yesterday I did squats:
Squat 2x5: 155#(x4), 145#
1x10: 120#
a) Reverse Lunges 4x10 (10 each side per set): 65# [NOTE: these are KILLER and, I think, the most dreaded exercise in my workout week!]
b) Leg raises on power tower

Today I did the following for time (second week in a row): 100 bodyweight squats, 50 pushups, 25 chinups. 12:47, which is 2+ mins of last week's time (14:50)!
Then a descending ladder of DB swings (37#) and burpees

At the 'peyground' my DD wanted me to run hill sprints while pushing her on the swings ('more running') -- I tried to explain that mommy's legs were too tired to run! ;) Not sure she was satisfied with that...
Tomorrow I'll rest/walk/hike/yoga -- not sure yet!

That's it for me -- big hugs for a restful weekend!


Hi Lisa!
OK, OK, so I was up early today and wanted to do a Cathe workout, so I went with Greatest Hits -- something you'd suggested a while back and that I'd long intended to try. Loved it! So fun -- definitely felt fresh.

I also like that it wasn't too heavy on lower body work -- I tried Low Max after squats a couple weeks back and just... no. No fun.

Tomorrow I'll begin my first deload week on this new program. Feels like time for a lighter week -- my UB is feeling yesterday's 50 pushups and 25 chinups! :eek:

Hope you're well -- we've got company for lunch so I've got to skedaddle. Talk soon!
Hugs and have a great weekend,
Happy Sunday, Roz!

Treadmill walks have been mostly due to rain, but then also because we ordered a new stroller (DD1 has a history of thrashing her property/possessions, and the stroller was no exception!). :confused: Stroller is now here so we're good to go. That said, today was a treadmill walk since DH wanted daddy/daughters time. I got in 5.75 miles! It was awesome and I can't wait to get greenlighted this week for more intense stuff.

Nice work-work on your workouts--especially those reverse lunges since they have a mega dread factor for you! Also feeling admiration and sympathy DOMS from your 50 pushups + 25 chinups combo! Sheesh, that's no joke!

YAY for Greatest Hits! It really is a goodie, and ITA about having to time Low Max just right. NO WAY I can do that one after burning my buns the day before. ;)

Hope you had a lovely lunch with your guests! We're having a nice, low-key weekend...and yet, even though we've had no obligations, I feel like we've been super busy so I haven't checked my email in days. I'll get to it as soon as I can!!!

DD2 is growing so fast and DD1 is going to start preschool in just a few weeks! Time is flying!!! My girls are growing so fast!!! :p DD2 slept in her crib for the first time all night last night and did awesomely well. We still had a middle of the night feeding but she slept for 6 hours straight!!! Our pediatrician says this is OK since she is now well over her birthweight. I think we all slept better since DD2's grunting is less pronounced over the monitor (I never knew a newborn could grunt and squeak so much...she's silly!).

Big hugs to you. XOXO


P.S. I'm seriously contemplating the Daytona RT, assuming there's still space available. Am I crazy for thinking I could take a 6 month old on a cross country trip like that? DH would come too to take care of the girls while I'm busying RTing, and then we'd probably swing through Orlando for a few days for some Disneyworld action (I've never been since we're West Coasters...only ever done Disney Anaheim). Thoughts?

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