May 2015 TTC/PP Check-in


Surprise! A new month and a new title for our check-in. ;)

Loving your workouts, and rocking the Nia plan even in a hotel whilst on vacation? You are my hero (as if you didn't know that). Can't believe you finished the rotation!!! High fives! Woot woot woot! Celebration time! What are your final thoughts on the results you achieved, both mentally and physically? Please enjoy a good recovery week, maybe revisiting some forgotten "just for fun workouts" or just Cuddle Max with your precious one...imagining you also doing yoga as well with lots of walking on top. :)

Sidenote: hope your getaway was amazing.

What a crazy few days! The most intense workouts I've had in the last 3.5 years: Delivery Max and Recovery Max! All are healthy and happy and I could not be more in love with my newest little lady. Be in touch with you privately regarding all the details.




Enjoy these first days with your newly enlarged family (I know you will)! Words and emoticons cannot express how overjoyed I am for you!

Take all the time in the world, and I look forward to an update when things settle down for you. Big hugs, lots of support, and wishes that you get a good sleeper this time!

This feels kind of silly and inconsequential to mention, but I'll just say that yesterday I did the DYP hips practice and today I did about two-thirds of the twists practice. I enjoyed them both.

Also, lots of walking and a little too much sun for my fair skin.

Be well, my dear friend! All joy, health, and happiness to you and your family! And so many congratulations!


Oh, yeah! And I did the DYP 20-min gentle practice. Just right. I was going to to something more rigorous then realized I didn't feel like it. :)

I'm enjoying my ice cream -- uh, recovery -- week. Or however long it lasts. Enjoying the walking and yoga. Oddly, I have no urge to do cardio -- so I won't! I might try KCM's Muscle Up on Friday if I feel like it...

Oh, and you asked about results! I'm loving the strength gains. We don't have a full length mirror at home (not a conscious choice to exclude one, we just don't), so when I saw my legs in the mirror at the hotel I thought -- they look good! :) I'm feeling healthy, fit, and confident -- a good combo!

More hugs,


Hi Lisa!
Hope your life family of four is more and more delightful every day (I'm sure it is!).

Quick check-in here for me:
Bad news: sleep was lousy last night.
Good news: because I was up so very early, I had time to do KCM's Muscle Up, and loved it! Whew!
After 8 weeks of BBA, this really felt like metabolic weight training to me! That doesn't mean it wasn't super challenging or that I used super light weights -- I just mean I was breathing!!! I'm used to really resting between sets now -- but this morning there was no rest in sight! That leg work was tough, too! I skipped the bonus abs (but did the abs that were superset[ted] with shoulders). I think I've come a long way in this regard -- not long age I would have felt this imperative to do the whole workout. I even initially thought 'ugh, bonus abs! this is going to ruin the workout for me!' then I realized -- uhhh... I don't have to do them! What liberation! :D I don't categorically refuse to do dedicated core work, it just doesn't really feel good to me and ultimately feels optional. Strong core, not optional. Crunches, et al., optional.

Yesterday DH and I took DD on a hike, which was fun! Tomorrow will be yoga/walking/ice cream/whatever. Sunday or Monday I may start my next BBA program -- depends on timing, how I feel, etc.

OK, more soon -- that's all on the workout front!
Big hugs,


Hi Lisa,
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my dear friend and super-mom to two!
DH, DD and I celebrated by going on a nice long hike this morning (we carried DD in one of those frame baby packs) -- it was great!
Just taking an indoor break now from some (hot!) outdoor yard work.
Not sure when I'll start my next lifting program -- I'm re-thinking which BBA program to do -- more on that soon (once I decide)!
Anyways, that's it for now -- hope you're enjoying your first Mother's Day as mom to two sweet girls!

So glad you have had a special day. Few things are better than long walks and talks with loved ones. I hope you also got a special gift or a special dinner or whatever your heart desired! ;)

We've had a low-key but lovely day. Relaxing, some time outside, some yummy food, and I got my Fitbit Charge HR! I'd been waffling between a couple of different activity trackers and finally settled on this one...not that I'm going to be overly active for the next few weeks, but I do see some walking in my future very soon. I also got 2 pairs of legging capris from Dicks Sporting Goods, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I purchased one of the pairs solely based on the fact that Cathe has worn them in a Cathe Live workout (oh gosh, am I itching to do those again!). :)

SO glad you loved Muscle Up! I would've felt responsible if you didn't since I recommended it to you! :rolleyes: I just love your fitness approach and feel like you are just so balanced. I'm hoping I can maintain such a sense of balance as I move back into my fitness life. That really is Nia's message, isn't it? Making fitness fit into your life and not fitting your life into fitness. Yay! High fives! And, besides, I have no doubt that you would put most of the world to shame with the weight loads you Muscled Up with, LOL!

XOXO to you, my rockstar momma friend!



Hi Lisa,
Now for the 'shop talk'... ;)
So cool about your new FitBit... keep me posted on how you like it! Feel free to report your steps, zzzzz's, anything you like (or not, of course)! I've considered getting an activity tracker. My cell phone has a pedometer, but I don't carry my phone everywhere (particularly not in the house), so it's not really that informative.
Some women want roses and jewelry for Mother's Day... I got this! :D So stoked. We currently have no good chinning bar, and this will be great for chins/pull ups, dips, leg raises, etc. I also got a dinner by DH!

Yeah, definitely loved Muscle Up! Also liked Kelly's personality -- she's cute and funny (and I mean that in a non-diminutive way).

So, at the 11th hour, I decided on a different BBA program (called Simple Strength 2). It's 4 days/week instead of 3, and I have more free time during the summer so I'd prefer 4 workouts/week. I also just like the look of this program. Same length (16 weeks).
Here's day 1:
Floor Press 2x5 95 (4-5 weeks ago I used this same weight for 2x3, so that's exciting!)
Floor Press 1x10 75
a) Suspended Push-ups 4x10
b) Suspended Inverted Row 4x10 (a+b mean the two exercises are superset[ted] ;))
Barbell Curl 4x10 35, 40, 40, 40

For the suspended pushups and inverted rows, I broke out my new Jungle Gym XT suspension trainer for the first time -- I love it! Glad I can use it in the program I selected. It's clearly a sturdy piece of equipment built to last.
I'm glad that I know that if a time comes when I have a littler one I can't take into the workout room and I just need all my baby-free time for something other than exercise, I can get a great strength workout in my living room with the suspension trainer. I'll keep you posted, but my initial impression is very positive.

Oh! And I made up my own metabolic barbell ladder with RDL, front and back squats, push presses, and good mornings. Took about 8 mins but got me breathing and was fun!

Then lots of sweaty yard work during naptime (it's just too hot to take DD outside mid-day these days... I must say I'm rather disappointed that we seem to have missed spring and went from 30 degree weather to 90 in a matter of a couple week...).

I'll do another workout tomorrow if I can fit it in... not sure as I'll be busy!
OK, DD is stuffing crayons in my shirt so I must run!
Big hugs to you and your sweet gals!
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Hi Lisa!
I did my second workout today:
Deadlift 2x5 195, 185
Deadlift 1x10 135
a) Glute Bridge 4x10 95
b) Ab Wheel Rollout 4x10

I'm thinking of stripping some weight off the bar for deadlifts, just so I'm sure I'm maintaining 100% neutral spine. Sets of 5 reps also feel really different than triples (which I was doing in my last program). I may stick to 185 next week. I'm also SO tired today, so I don't think that's helping any...
Hope you're having a marvelous day with your two sweet DDs! :D
Big, big hugs to you three,
Hi Roz!

I'll let you know about the fitbit. We had to exchange it last night since the cashier who checked us out when we originally purchased it neglected to take off the security lock/tab thingy. So, haven't had a chance to try it yet but I will let you know!

I love your Weider Power Tower. I've wanted something like that for a while. Have the Cathe push/pull tower but it's truly limited in utility. Plus the Weider looks a lot like what I've seen Nia use, if not exactly the same??? (You'd know better than me...)

Random story, triggered by your totally non-traditional but entirely awesome Mom's Day gift. My brother's 40th bday was the other day and what did I get him? A toaster and a can opener. Yep. Long story, but he's a married daddy to a house full of kiddos and he is going to be commuting to another state (and thus living in this other state) during the weekdays for about 9 months so I figured he'd better have at least something to open up soup cans and toast bread, since he's not big into cooking. ;) Made me think of getting the housewife a vacuum for Mom's Day or something...although I'm pretty sure my Vita Mix was a Mom's Day gift from my DH before we had kids, so who am I to talk? Ha! :rolleyes:

Good thinking with the Suspension Trainer. Maybe I should get one? I always suspected that finding workout time with 2 would be harder than with 1 (especially a little nursing machine who wakes frequently at night), but reality is smacking me in the face that it's probably going to be even harder than I imagined! Good thing DD1 will be starting summer school preschool in June. I think this will help tremendously.

11th hour rotation changes are always understood and even encouraged in this check-in! ;) You have rocked the first 2 days. Probably a good call on reducing the DL weight load given your back issues. Besides, it's not like your reduced weight will be "light" by any means!

Well, guess who's awake? Actually, I have 2 little criers right now giving me background music. Gotta jet! Hugs! Cookie Butter Cheers!



hi Lisa, I love your gifts for your brother! Totally thoughtful and practical. Also, a Vitamix sounds like an amazing mothers day gift, kids or no! The power tower that we're buying is not like Nias power cage, those run about $600, and we already have a pair of squat stand, so we don't really need it. At some point, yes, but right now it seems like an unnecessary expense.

I think the jungle gym is a good option to keep in mind as you determine whether or not you'll be able to work out with your DVDs as much as you'd like. One of the reasons I've cut way back on DVD use is that its not so possible for me to work out to a DVD while my daughter is awake. Lifting on my own is totally doable, though.

however, last night I did pull out a couple of DVDs for a short workout. I wasn't ready to go to bed, but didn't really feel like doing anything productive. I did the warm up and first two combos and blasts from Lomax, then the ABS cement from Tracy Anderson's precision toning., that is a really hard core workout! I could not finish all the planks and eating. Today during nap time, I did hard strikes, because I was in the mood!

I think we probably will not get a chance to assemble the power tower before tomorrow's workout, so I'll likely wait until Friday to do my next Neil work out. Oh, I should have mentioned that the power tower we got is basically free standing chin up and pull up bar with a dip station and a leg raise thingy. it says it also doubles as a squat rack, but I don't know if it will be better than our squat stands. I'm going to play around with it.

I'm trying this out as voice to text on my phone, so I apologize that this entry is rife with errors. I trust in your ability to discern my meanings! Hope your sweet little cryers are smiling now. Hey, at least you're in a house with 2 sweet crying little girls, and not stuck in a room with the low impact series music blaring in your ears. That would be far, far worse.
Big hugs to you and your sweet gals,

Totally understand the voice-to-text/email usage. A love/hate relationship since it is so convenient whilst simultaneously an editor's worst nightmare. ;)

Hey, at least you're in a house with 2 sweet crying little girls, and not stuck in a room with the low impact series music blaring in your ears. That would be far, far worse.

Now THAT is what I call perspective. Yes indeedy! I will make this one of my mantras, particularly focusing on TBT UB and LB.

Yeah, $600 is a lot. The Weider you purchased still looks awesome. Can't wait for reviews! And nice work on your hodge podge Low Max + TA, and then Hard Strikes today. It's hard to not be in the mood for Hard Strikes. That is such a fun one.

Since I have no activity to report other than Momma Max, let me pick your brain for an opinion on pacifiers. It was not even an option for DD1 because--surprise, surprise!--she was a stinker about refusing them. But, on the other hand, we didn't have the "how do I get rid of the pacifier?" conundrum. One of my dear friends is still trying to wrestle the paci from her 3-year-old (no judgments there, really just sympathy because she's struggling so much with it). DD2 seems like she would really embrace the pacifier and I'm just not sure if I want to go that route or not. Thoughts?

Talk tomorrow. Is today really Wednesday? I'm stuck in the new mommy vortex where time has no meaning or presence! :rolleyes:




Hi Lisa,
So here are my thoughts on pacifiers... or rather my experience. Of course, every child is different.
First of all, I went in all anti-pacifier with fears of nipple confusion, traumatic weaning from pacifiers later on, etc. When we hit that super-fussy stretch (around 4-8 weeks), we caved and bought some around 5 weeks. (I believe we bought these ones.) Boy, were we glad we did! They really helped get through that early fussy time, but by ~5 mos of age or so, DD was totally over it and didn't want a pacifier anymore. Ever!
So yeah... can't hurt to pick up a couple -- they're so cheap and you may have an awful night where you just need something to help! But in my experience with my DD (which is obviously limited), pacifiers were only helpful, never harmful.

The power tower arrived late yesterday so we still need to set it up. Hopefully I'll use it tomorrow! Later today we may walk or hike as a family, depending on schedules, DD's mood, etc. I'll let you know tomorrow!

Hope you're well! It must be so cool to watch your DD1 become a big sister. :D
Big hugs to you three gals,


Hi Lisa!
Quick check-in for me today.
We got the power tower assembled. I like it so far!
I was really in a rush and decided to squeeze in my workout. It was a bit of a rush and I 'messed it up'. But it was fun! I also probably could have gone 5 lbs up on the OH presses, but I needed to keep the rests fairly short.
OH Press: 2x5 65#
OH Press: 1x10 55#
The rest of the workout is supposed to be:
a) Parallel Bars Dips 4x10
b) Chinups 4x10

but I forgot the order and did:
a) Chinups 4x10 (7, 3, 2, 2 unassisted)
b) Leg raises 4x10

then DD woke up and 30 mins later I realized I'd messed up the exercises, so I did parallel bars dips 4x10 (6, 4, 4, 4 dips, finishing each set with triceps dips off a chair).

I wanted to get this workout in today because we're going away next weekend, and I'd like to finish week 2 of this program before then. Shouldn't be too much, but I've got to keep moving. Not a big deal if I don't get there, of course.
I look forward to doing today's workout next week with proper sequencing and with the pullup assist band I've ordered.

I hope sleep deprivation isn't cutting too much into the maternal bliss of your life! I wish I could bring you a meal, but I hope friends and family are plying you with tasty food and doing your laundry for you!
Big hugs, mama! Be well. :D
TGIF, Roz!

Thank you for your thoughts on pacifiers. Nipple confusion wasn't a problem with DD1 since BF was never in the cards, but I did indeed have those same fears this time around since BF is going so smoothly. It reassures me to hear that your pumpkin found the paci soothing but then was able to easily give it up and move on, still successfully BFing all the while. Your experience + what I was told by my pediatrician (which is that pacifier usage in babies under 1 has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS) convinced us to give it a try. We introduced a paci last night and she didn't love it but she took it eventually and did seem to find it somewhat comforting...then spit it out when she was done with it, so clearly no paci addiction yet. :) Plus she has had no problem with subsequent feedings. Yay! Oh, and great minds think alike yet again...those are the exact pacifiers that I purchased from Amazon a couple months ago. ;)

So glad you got your power tower and got to play with it today. LOL about how you "messed up" your workout. I'm relieved you fixed your tragic mistake by making it up for it later, or I would order you to drop (or, rather, rise to your bar) and give me 40 parallel dips RIGHT NOW!!!! High fives for rocking it out and almost being done with week 2. Rotations sure fly by when someone else is doing them. ;)

Umm, yeah, major sleep deprivation over here, largely due to DD1 but that is what I expected. She does love DD2 and has taken to her big sister role, but jealousy is still very very evident so she is acting out. I love her but that has been the hardest part of this transition, since she was already such a high intensity little lady to begin with. We're just doing our best to love her through it.

Yes, getting some meals but no doubt they are nowhere near the caliber of what you would whip up! Laundry, on the other hand, is mostly DH's duty. He's been so wonderful at doing whatever I tell him to do, and let me tell you that his Honey Do list is unbelievably long! ;)

I'm excited for your travels. You'll have to privately share them with me so I can live vicariously through you! Also, don't know that I told you that I took advantage of that awesome Mother's Lounge deal you sent me. Thanks again for that! Enabling is always welcome here!

HUGS to you and your cutie princess pie!



Hi Lisa,
Eek, sorry to hear that DD1 is cutting into your sleep so much. Hugs! That's rough. Are you getting some naps for yourself in some days, at least?
DH's are great, aren't they? Glad you're getting help with meals and around the house!

Oh, I'm just finishing week 1 of my rotation. I know, you're in the immediate-postnatal time warp. ;) I remember it well. Or, I remember that it was a big fog! Today (Saturday) wrapped up week 1, and I think we're leaving next Sat -- I will let you know the details, but must be brief today! Lots of housework for us, Yard Max, Clean Max, etc.

Squats 2x5 145# (PR!)
Squats 1x10 115#
a) Reverse Lunges 4x10 (I did 10 per side, alternating legs) 65#
b) Hanging Knee Raises (I can actually do these with the power tower, yay!)

So far loving this program. One thing I prefer to KISS is that the accessory lifts are superset. I ended up doing this (though not written) at the end of KISS, just because it saved time and didn't seem to detract from the weight work.
Wow -- those barbell reverse lunges are tough! Nia has a cue to drive through your front heel to come back up, instead of pushing with your back foot. This really helped me, and seriously burned my glutes!

Tomorrow is a day off weights -- probably a family walk/hike.
Hope DD1 settles into reveling in her position as heir apparent to the family throne and gives you some sleep (does that make any sense? oh, me). It's hard to imagine there not being some jealousy, but here's hoping it passes quickly...
Hugs to you and your gals,
Big hugs to you and your gals! Ho


Hi again, Mama Lisa!
So we did our family hike yesterday, and all I can say is my legs are feeling it!
I did the first 40 mins of the gentle flow from DYP just to stretch a bit, and I just did my own thing when Vytas did more heat-building poses. Honestly, I wish DYP had a straight restorative or yin practice instead of (or in addition to) a gentle balance flow. Some days I just don't to hold warrior two for more than a second. I'd just prefer something totally passive. Also, side plank in a gentle class? C'mon, now.

I plan to walk a bit today, maybe a bit of (probably my own, if any) yoga, and otherwise rest.

Hope you're getting some rest yourself! Do you have tons of family visiting these days?
Also, is your ankle getting close to 100% better? I hope so!
Hugs and hope you're all soundly sleeping! :)
Happy Monday, Roz!

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I don't think a woman who can rock out a PR of 145# on squats should really be fussing over side plank being included in a gentle yoga session or holding onto a lengthy warrior pose. ;) Are you just being humble??? :rolleyes: In all seriousness, I can see why you wouldn't want to be hanging onto those intense poses after your Saturday leg work + a family hike. My buns are on fire just imagining the form pointers Nia provides with the types of weight loads you've been using. Waaaaay back in the day when I first started working in junior friend and I regularly followed along with a Tamilee Webb Buns of Steel (or was it Thighs of Steel? I dunno, it was something of Steel!). Somewhere in that video she emphasizes pushing through your front heel in reverse lunges, so that's something I've always tried to do. I thought it was standard practice, but I guess if you wanted to involve both legs in the reverse lunge you would want to engage your back leg as well to get that back leg's quad activated. Oh my, the importance of the mind-body connection in a workout! :)

End up resting or knocking out a workout? Hoping your having a great day! How's your sweetie doing (well, your younger sweetie...although I hope your bigger sweetie, aka DH, is A-OK too!)? How are you feeling? Hope you're not too stressed over your upcoming getaway. It's always a struggle for me to not be overwhelmed by packing and preparing. And why do I always feel like I must clean up the house as I pack? As if packing in and of itself isn't enough work! :confused:

Believe it or not, we've been mostly bombarded by visits from friends. My brother + his family who live locally have come by multiple times, but no other relatives have been able to travel in---some due to financial considerations and some due to health concerns preventing travel. We've been sharing lots of email pics with family (mostly grandparents since they are the ones who find multiple pictures of a baby in her swaddle enjoyable). ;) Overall I'm feeling pretty well and DH has been back at work for over a week. We certainly don't have a routine yet. Survival as the sole parent for most of the day is my main goal right now!

Soooo looking forward to returning to my workouts. Ankle is almost 100% so I've started walking on the treadmill when my DH comes home from work and also doing stretches. It's been awfully rainy here recently so outside stroller walks aren't in the cards just yet. With DD1 my doc gave me the OK to workout at 4 weeks pp, so I'm thinking that might happen again. Fingers crossed.

Well my dear, you have a wonderful rest of your day! XOXO!



Hi Lisa,
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but also like you're handling it with strength and grace (as you seem to with everything that comes your way)!
Sorry I was absent yesterday. DD's been rather demanding while we've been home, so it's been hard to get on my laptop. And I'm not sure how much voice-to-text my editorial conscience can handle! ;)
So I have to workouts to report (in addition to another afternoon family hike yesterday):

Week 2 UB w/o #1:
Floor Press 2x5
97.5, 100 (PR!)
Floor Press 1x10
a) Suspended Push-ups 4x10
b) Suspended Inverted Row 4x10
Barbell Curl 4x10
45, 45, 40, 40

Week 2 UB w/o #2:
Deadlift 2x5
175 (I lightened up and just focused on form, which I'm happy about)
Deadlift 1x10
a) Glute Bridge 4x10
115, 115, 125, 125
b) Ab Wheel Rollout 4x10

Isn't it amazing how much stress packing packs on? Sigh. Oh well, we're handling it! :)

Great job on your treadmill walks! I hope you can get back to working out as early as you wish to/as early as feels good to you. Do you have a plan for your first workouts back?
Also, have you had a chance to try out your activity tracker yet? How's that?

I hope DD1 is sleeping better (so you can all sleep better) and that mothering for two is totally a delight (if exhausting, draining, etc)!
Gotta run -- I'm being asked to read a book...
Big hugs,
And I'm not sure how much voice-to-text my editorial conscience can handle! ;)

Hi Roz! I wholeheartedly feel the exact same way about voice-to-text when I put my editorial hat on, but as the recipient of your communications I certainly don't mind computer-induced glitches. You're a busy mom! I just love hearing from you! ;) Funny story: there is something about my voice that fails to translate to voice-to-text (or voice-to-anything). No kidding. For example, we have Bluetooth in our car that allegedly allows for voicing a phone number for the car to call (through the connected cell phone). Does it work for me? Nope. Does it work for DH? Of course! It makes me want to slap the computerized woman running the car's Bluetooth...and on that note, why are the annoying electronic voices always female? I really do find it quite sexist, but that's a topic for another day. :rolleyes:

Is your precious girl feeling OK? Teething, etc? Or is she just yearning for momma time? My DD1 is still my shadow in everything I do (to the point that I am tripping over her all day). I keep trying to remind myself that she will likely find me repulsive when she turns 13 or so. Also, having a shadow (even when crying or tantruming) is not as bad as the LIS music. This is my new mantra, courtesy of the insightful Roz!

Eh, sleep? Not so much of that going on around here. DD2 just loves to eat and BFing lulls her to a deep sleep, so she wakes more often than I would like during the night for feeding since she falls asleep before filling her tank. We've tried all the tricks to keep her awake but they only work to a limited extent. She's not 3 weeks yet so I'm not worried. DD1 also likes to join the fun with random visits to our room or screams about some princess outfit that she's having difficulty donning (at 3am, which is what every toddler should be doing at that hour, no?). :eek:

Those 2 UB workouts probably look like the most enjoyable combos of workouts I've seen from either of your Nia programs...not that they don't all look fun to some extent, but I love the idea of the presses + suspension work + the bb curl, then DLs + glute bridges...what could be better? Way to PR on the one hand and listen to your body by lowering the weights on the other hand. You know how to train smartly, no doubt about that.

Loving the treadmill walks and still thinking about doing that mish-mosh strength rotation that you started a few months ago from Fitnessfreak which combines GS, S&H, etc. (Sorry my mommy brain is refusing to cooperate as I strive to recall the name of the rotation.) The only thing I'm thinking is that I'd like more cardio, especially since I've been so limited due to pregnancy + injuries. I also want to tackle RWH sooner than later, although I'm not sure I'll do a lengthy rotation. Thoughts? Oh, and Cathe Live, Cathe Live, Cathe Live!!! I think I miss the live workouts more than the DVDs.

Fitness tracker update: I ended up returning the Fitbit Charge HR. It was a lovely device and I think it worked well, but in the end I returned it because I could see myself getting wayyyyy too caught up in the numbers and stats. As weird as that sounds, I think we've been friends long enough such that you know what I mean.

HUGS!!!! Good luck with your to-do's and your packing and everything else you have going on!!!



Hi Lisa,
Geez, sorry to hear about the dearth of zzzz's at your house. 3am costume party? Yikes -- princesses are supposed to be sleeping in the wee hours! :eek: But I know what you mean -- I, too, remind myself that someday she'll want me out of her hair! I guess at a certain point, it's uncool to have a mom. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I think we're teething. I actually see two white caps -- one of which is a molar. But considering that, she's doing pretty well. I just need to do about ten times my usual number of daily renditions of 'The Wheels on the Bus' to keep her happy.

Yeah, I'm really loving this Nia program. KISS was great, but I chose Simple Strength 2 because I knew what I liked and what I preferred to change from the last program.

Oh, I totally hear you about getting caught up in numbers. Actually, I think that's what kept me from getting an activity tracker. I think for some who don't already take care of themselves, it can be helpful to be aware of numbers, but I do enough in that realm and I can get a bit OCD about numbers. So yeah, that makes sense, and good on you for making healthy choices for yourself!

That FitnessFreak rotation was great. Actually, during the second week I added a Cathe Live step workout almost every day. It was great -- definitely room for your cardio of choice in there!

Oh, and here's my workout from today:
OH Press 2x5 70#
OH Press 1x10 65#
a) Parallel Bar Dips 4x10 (numbers are assisted/unassisted) 5/5, 3/7, 2/6, 1/4
b) Chin Ups (numbers are assisted/unassisted) 5/5, 3/7, 1/4, 0/6

Hark! Angels sing! DD is awake... must run. :)
Big hugs to you and your gals. Sounds like DD2 is a little nursing champ -- yay!!! :D

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