March 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in


Hi Lisa!
Glad to hear you had a productive day of lawn-work-spectating, Costco-running, etc.! Costco can be a danger zone for me -- there are so many interesting new items I always 'need' to try, but everything is so huge that I end up with an exploding pantry if I don't watch it... :rolleyes:

We had some friends over for a pizza party last night -- so fun! Some have kids, too, so we had some quality family fun.

I'm really seeing the wisdom of -- as you put it so well -- having fitness work for you. I can get really OCD about my rotations, and it's nice to sort of -- I don't know -- work hard and take it easy at the same time.

I did get my workout done today (Day 1 of Week 2). I did go a little heavier on the exercises than Day 1 of Week 1 (same exercises/sets/reps), but I was in a bit of a hurry so didn't watch Nia's tutorials, and i feel that I should have backed off by 5# on a couple sets just to keep my form better. Oh well -- can't have the best workout ever every day, I guess!
Here goes:

Floor Press 2 X 3 100 (1 set), 95 (1 set)
1 X 5 90
Close Grip Floor Press 5 x 10 75(1), 70(2), 65(2)
Bent Over BB Row 5x10 75(1), 70(2), 65(2)
I then did a metabolic barbell circuit, about 7-8 minutes. Nice to get the heart pumping!

I'm copying this from my spreadsheet so sorry if it's a bit shorthand. I'm actually on the run out the door so can't flesh it out, but I trust that you can figure it out! :p

OK, mama, talk tomorrow! Enjoy your rest day with your lovely family.


Hi Lisa,
Hope you had a great rest day yesterday! Just popping in to report my BBA lower body workout for the day (as usual, work sets only -- no warm-up sets reported -- and different weights for different sets of the same exercise are separated by commas):

Squat 2 X 3 125, 130
1 X 5 125
Front Squat 5 x 6 90, 85, 80, 70, 65
Hanging Knee Raise 5x10 I still have intense lower ab DOMS (when I start working them, that is), and hanging knee raises are mostly beyond me, strength-wise, at this point, so I'm settling on weighted (2.5# ankle weight per leg) long-lever reverse crunches. They are very challenging, but I can do all the reps.

Those 5 x 10's are killer! I guess this is part of the game, but I always am fighting to keep form when I go heavy (or moderately heavy with higher reps). I'm wondering if afternoon workouts would be better when I'm a bit more awake; however, they're harder to fit in. And after DD's bedtime, I'm rarely in the mood to move that kind of weight around.

Oh, and I added a metabolic finisher just to get my heart rate up -- 5 x 10 barbell thrusters (basically BB squat thrusts) with a 45-lb BB and 60-90 secs rest between sets -- definitely got me breathing! Then messed around with a mishmosh of metabolic exercises for another 5-10 mins before stretching.

Tomorrow is a day off weights -- likely yoga or stretch or total rest, but perhaps I'll throw in some cardio if the spirit moves me.

Hope you're enjoying some downtime to sit on your egg!
Talk soon -- hugs,
Hi Roz,

Fantastic workouts yesterday and today! Always feel free to use shorthand. For the most part I can follow along, and I'll always ask you if I have questions. :) I'm loving reading your weights and learning more about this program through your experience. It seems so vastly different from anything you've done since we started our check-in. It's certainly different from anything I've ever done! You are doing awesome, and I love how you're modifying as needed, like with the hanging knee raises (which are definitely a tough move). The long-lever reverse crunches with ankle weights are a great idea to substitute. I will have to file that away in my brain for future use...when I can actually do abs! I also love the idea of these metabolic finishers that you've been throwing in. Well, if nothing else, your consistent DOMS seem to suggest that you are shocking your body. :) I know what you mean about being more mentally focused for weights later in the day. Before my DD came along I would often do my weight work in the afternoon, after a long day at the office. But, like you, these days after a long day of mommahood it can be difficult to find the motivation to hit the weights...sigh. I have to keep reminding myself that my schedule is going to be ever-changing, at least while my DDs are still little ones. I know you can relate.

Sounds like we both had a good weekend. Your pizza date with friends sounds like it was super fun (and yummy too, especially if you made the pizzas)! ;) We had a great weekend over here as well. Tough to get back to the weekday run-of-the-mill agenda. Ah well, there's always this weekend. IIRC, you mentioned you are heading on a trip soon? Or am I making stuff up?

I've had C&W on the brain since I did the Live version a couple weeks ago so I opted for the DVD version today. Had a fun sweatfest. Thinking tomorrow will be legs--assuming sleep goes well enough tonight!

Do you celebrate Easter in your household? If so, are you getting a special Easter dress for your DD? We do celebrate Easter, both with the eggs/candy/hunt and with a religious aspect as well. Every year I tell myself I am NOT going to get suckered into buying my DD a special dress, and yet every year I cave and buy her something new. I just can't resist! :rolleyes: Shopping for little girls is just so much fun to me, and this is said by a grown woman who truly hates clothes shopping (at least for myself). :)




Hi Lisa,
I had to laugh when you mentioned getting sucked into cute Easter outfits, as I'd just caved and bought one hours before! ;)
We'll do egg hunts and have a meal with family, but it's not a religious holiday for us. Just another excuse to buy DD a cute dress. :p
Oh, and I hate shopping for clothes for myself, too. I generally opt for clothes that look tailored but are secretly sweat pants!

Great job on C&W yesterday! I'll have to try that one once I'm back with On Demand.

Thanks again for all your support as I embark on this new program. I'm having so much fun! And definitely shocking my body. I'm in a sort of perma-DOMS state -- not bad, life-hindering DOMS, but my lats and lower abs are pretty constantly feeling it. Quads today too, from yesterday's heavy squats.

Today I just wanted to get a little endorphin rush but didn't have much time, so I did the first ~25 mins of BodyFit 360 Athletic Conditioning -- basically the cardio before she gets into upper body conditioning. It was fun and felt great! Just what the doctor ordered.

I'm so glad you had a great weekend! How's the transition back to weekday life treating you?
I hope you're sleeping well!

Do you have any Easter plans?

Gotta run -- but I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully reporting UB workout #2 for the week! :D
Hope you're enjoying the balmy weather on my behalf!
I generally opt for clothes that look tailored but are secretly sweat pants!

Yes! THIS! I so totally agree. Yoga pants and leggings fall into this category, right? ;)

Good job fitting in some BodyFit 360 today! I'm looking forward to trying that workout postpartum. Nothing is better than a workout that is fun and feels great. Yay for you! :)

I busted out XTrain Legs, the all legs portion premix. I like this workout because there is not a lot to modify. The most problematic exercise is the lying butt/leg lifts on the ball. I substituted weighted pizza presses for this and then I wanted to punch myself in the face later on during the floor segment where Cathe makes us do weighted pizza presses. :eek: Yowzers! Double butt burn for sure! Glad I did it. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than a good LB workout.

Funny story I keep meaning to tell you: last week whilst doing Strong UB Live, I was really struggling during the triceps dips. My mind was racing with thoughts like "Why is this so hard? It's not like I've been neglecting my triceps!" Then I realized that...DUH...I am wearing a permanent weighted vest (the baby bump!) and I am significantly heavier than my normal self, therefore of course body weight exercises are going to be more difficult. I am still laughing at myself! :) I've noticed that I've slowed down and I typically lose a few reps (can't keep up with Cathe's pace) but nothing felt truly overwhelmingly hard until those triceps dips. LOL!

Our Easter traditions involve an Easter Egg Hunt with DD's cousins who live nearby, an Easter basket on Easter Sunday, and some religious worship. And, as discussed earlier, always always always the Easter dress! ;)

Having a good week so far, how about you? It's raining over here but still warm. I'll take that over the snow any day!

Hugs and high fives to you and your pumpkin!



Hi Lisa,
Great job on XTrain legs! I've been meaning to revisit that one -- it's a goodie! And yowza on the double pizza presses!
Yeah, you are wearing a permanent weighted vest! Plus your lungs are temporarily leasing some of their real estate to a little visitor. Dips, squats, lunges -- many things will be tougher! No wonder squat presses have you winded. You're really rocking your workouts, despite all the challenges of pregnancy!

Today was week 2 of the super humbling UB workout with parallel bar dips and chin ups. Yikes!
Here goes:
Standing OH Press (same weights as last week, but shorter rests):
2 X 3 70
1 X 5 65
Parallel Bar Dips 5 x 10 6, 5, 4, 4, 4 (count = reps before switching to long-lever dips off high step -- more than last week! :D)
Chin-Ups 5x10 I pushed up with feet, lowered down with arms for all -- I was so toasted from OH presses and dips. Last few sets, I even did a few reps where I assisted down with feet and used my lats as much as I could. OW!

For a warm up I did a yoga warm-up (~8 mins) from Neghar Fonooni (sp?), which was great.
After my workout, I did the rest of BF 360 Athletic Conditioning (~17 mins), which is UB conditioning, core, and stretch. Great, and got me breathing, too! I really love Michelle's stretches. Of course I love love love Cathe, but I'm not wild for her stretches. They're totally fine, but they don't excite me as Michelle's do.

Week is good so far -- I've been trying to get out more during the day -- play groups, library story times, etc. Not that I'm generally home all day, but springtime on the horizon (yup, still only on the horizon...) always makes me fidgety and wanting to get out more.
How about you, mama? Are you coming up on 33 weeks? :D

Must run now, but have a great day and a great workout (if you choose to do one) and some fun playtime with your sweet DD!
Hugs to you both,

ETA: Here's the link to the yoga warm-up, in case you're curious.
And yes, yoga pants and leggings definitely fall into the 'tailored sweatpants' category! :D
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Hi Roz!

Another rocking Nia Shanks workout for you! How on Earth did you manage the UB segment from BF 360 after killing your shoulders and pretty much every other assisting muscle group of your UB? Your workouts with this new program seem so creative and fun! That yoga warm-up looked like it would be good to do any time of day: warm-up, cool-down, random stress reliever. I loved how she called it "Please don't skip me!" :) By the way, been meaning to give you a big thanks for the tip on lizard pose. Ahhhhhh....That says it all. ;)

Oh yeah, the permanent belly weight and the squished innards. I'm carrying DD2 higher than I carried DD1, so the pregnancy collapsed lung is more pronounced this time! But yep, I'm now at 33 weeks. Eek and Yay at the same time!

I hear you on Spring Fever. We've got it big time over here. It's just so liberating to be out and about after being cooped up in Winter hibernation mode. Any excuse to be out is a good one, IMO! Glad you're staying busy and having fun with your sweetie girl.

Last night's sleep was awful. Probably the worst in several months. DD is coming down with a cold. She generally gets really bothered any time she has a stuffy nose (which is frequent since she suffers from allergies...genetics!), but when the stuffy nose is the result of a cold? Forget about it! She gets so upset! This seems to be a minor cold, thankfully, but as you know ill little ones can be rough and sad to watch. So nobody got any sleep last night because DD was crying, and then on top of it I was up every hour for bathroom breaks and had an upset stomach. Sheesh. Thanks for letting me rant!

Yet, despite the horrible night, we slept in a bit later and I somehow managed to bust out a Cathe Live. I wanted some wake-me-up cardio, so I went for the Cardio Band Blast w/Weights Live from 7/24/14. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Plus it was really easy to modify since it was basically hi/lo. It did include my nemesis (squat presses) but only a couple of short sets, so no biggie! Phew! :cool:

Better head out for some more errands! Hugs right back at ya!



I'm just popping in to say 'hi' and give you a big hug and send sleepy vibes to your household!
Crazy busy day, everything back-to-back -- you know how it goes! :eek:

Total rest day (um, and by that I mean I haven't stopped all day) for me today -- hopefully some heavy deadlift fun tomorrow!
Great job on your Live workout -- now you're making me want to sign right back up for Cathe Live! I'll get a little more use out of my DVDs, and then I'll cave... ;)

Big hugs and lots of zzzzzzz's to you. Hope your DD is feeling better!
Hiya, Roz!

Hope you're busy day was a good one, like the kind where you have that "Wow! I got a lot done today!" feeling at the end. :) At least you have a super precious little lady to keep you company while you run around like crazy!

I initially felt sheepish as I logged on today to report my workout since I did--what else?--PUB! :rolleyes: But I checked out my Workout Manager Calendar, and it's been 3 weeks since I last did PUB. That's a totally reasonable amount of time in between PUB workouts, right? :p I guess I ate my Wheaties because I was feeling really strong this morning. It felt great. I topped it off with Lindsay Brin cardio.

Had a much better sleep last night. I'm sure that helped with the good workout today. Thanks for caring, and thanks for asking about DD...she seems to be feeling somewhat better.

Sorry, but I'm the world's foremost enabler when it comes to Cathe. I apologize in advance for continuing to gush over Live, but I really figure it's just returning the favor since YOU are the one who convinced me to get Live in the first place. ;) (And I totally owe you forever on that one! LOVE Live!)

Hugs to you and your little lady!



Hi Lisa,
So glad you slept better the night before last -- and hope last night's sleep was better still!
By the way, you should always feel free to complain to me -- that's what I'm here for! ;)

Oh, and re: doing BF 360 UB conditioning after my BBA UB workout -- I'm pretty sure my arms were just numb! :D

Great work on PUB -- no shame in loving a workout! But had it really been 3 weeks? How the time flies!

I had a great deadlift workout today -- another PR (personal record)! I'm getting on towards 1.5x bodyweight (210 lbs), so that's a fun 'goal' I hope to hit in the not-too-distant future! Here goes:
Sumo Deadlift 2 X 3 180, 190 (last week was 170!)
1 X 5 170 (last week was 150)
Deadlift 5 x 10 135, 130, 125 (3)
Ab Wheel Rollout 5x10 HARD! :eek:

Then I did a fun metabolic barbell circuit. 5 barbell exercises, repeat the circuit 5 times, then rest 45 sec and repeat the whole sequence 4-6 times. Although I did the 'do circuit until you need to chase toddler, start again when toddler is happily playing with some bit of string or paper, and repeat until toddler needs a snack or until all the rolls of wrapping paper in storage have been unraveled, whichever comes first' (it was the latter, in this case).

Oh, you enabler, you! No but really, I'm feeling a little deprived. I read your review of cardio band blast and my trigger finger started to itch and my credit card started to levitate... you know how it goes! Let's see if I hold out another week. I want to get a little more use out of the BodyFit workouts. I may do Vol 3: Dance Conditioning tomorrow, we'll see. No weights tomorrow.

Speaking of the Brin, have you seen her new Pretty Fierce Lean Out (or whatever they're called) workouts? I'm not super tempted as I don't love her personality, but they look like the could be good workouts. Her Postnatal Bootcamp is pretty good for those first workouts back. You can mix and match 10-min cardio/metabolic segments, then there are a couple short core segments.

Hope everyone slept well and your DD is getting all better quickly!
Hugs and sunshine (though we've got rain...),
TGIF, Roz!

Way to kill today's workout! Not every workout can be perfect, but they all work together to help us reach those PR's, huh? High fives! I am personally humbled by your DL goal and have no doubt that you will reach it. I keep meaning to tell you that my DH has been doing a similar style of program (I think I described it to you in an Open Discussion thread a couple months ago) called Visual Impact Training. The idea is the same: limit the reps, maximize the weights, get in/get out/get on with it. Anyway, I'm telling you this because the past 3 weeks he's been hitting all sorts of PR's which just further suggests there must be something to this type of training! :)

On that note, have you seen some of the arguments in OD forum? My goodness, I am not a fan of "you must train this/that way" thinking (especially the "go heavy or go home" crowd...although I do support that kind of training among many others, it's just simply NOT the only way to have good health). I say do what you like, when you like, depending upon your goals, your lifestyle, etc. It's all good as long as we're staying active and in tune with our bodies. Your thoughts?

LOL, "the Brin." You crack me up, lady! Yes, I've seen her Pretty Fierce workouts. I think she has a couple of different workout series along that same title. Like you, I just can't get really embrace her style/personality. More power to her for having workouts that people seem to like and maybe I'll eat my words sometime in the future and give her another try, but for now...I'll stick with my other trainers! ;) I mainly purchased her Pregnancy 3-pack workouts for the core work because I have an insane fear of diastasis recti and wanted to make sure I was training my core correctly (with DD1 I think I just got lucky because I kinda did whatever).

Well, today's workout report won't make you itch for Cathe Live since it isn't one of your favorites, but for some reason it just speaks to me so I did it again...Steptastic Live (2/5/15). I just dig this one so much and always end up with a smile on my face. :D

It's the weekend again! This week has flown. Any plans for you? More yard work for my DH, as we are getting ready to have some major concrete put into our backyard next week. And, as always, sitting on my egg and a hopefully a nap on Sat or Sun!




Hi Lisa,
Just popping in to say hi -- no workout to report for me, today, except an amazing round of Sleep Max! Woo! I got almost 8 hours with only one wakeup! I hate to rub it in, but to be fair, I think this may be the first time that's happened since DD's birth. :eek:
Tomorrow I plan to start Week 3 of my BBA rotation (can you believe it?).
Cool that your DH is enjoying the Visual Impact program. Yeah, low reps seem to be a great way to gain strength. I'm having a blast and I find this kind of training really gratifying (feeling like I can do new things, etc.).
Speaking of, regarding your question:
have you seen some of the arguments in OD forum? My goodness, I am not a fan of "you must train this/that way" thinking (especially the "go heavy or go home" crowd...although I do support that kind of training among many others, it's just simply NOT the only way to have good health). I say do what you like, when you like, depending upon your goals, your lifestyle, etc. It's all good as long as we're staying active and in tune with our bodies. Your thoughts?
I couldn't agree with you more! Actually, I sometimes feel like I'm watching the Jerry Springer show (or whatever the analogous show currently on TV is). But maybe we should be chanting 'CA-THE!' as she comes onstage to break up the fight.
Geesh, most women on these boards are well beyond the level of fitness/activity needed for health. We do it 'cause we love it! I love lifting heavy. Like I said, it's gratifying to feel like I'm getting stronger and more powerful. But I've done loads of ballet in my day, I was strong doing it, and I love a good barre workout! I'm not going to yuck anyone's yum, as it were. Although personally, I could enjoy many, many different paths to fitness and kinds of physical activity.

Hope that you're having a great weekend of spectating and incubating and that you DD is back to 100% (or getting close).

Great job on Steptastic -- I did enjoy the workout, don't get me wrong! Actually, yesterday I had my money on the new Step Sweat Live for your workout.

Must run -- DD wants my attention, so sorry for any typos.
Big hugs and have a great rest day tomorrow!
Hi Roz,

Yay! 8 hours! Talk about nocturnal bliss. ;) You deserve a good night's rest. Sleep really does go out the window when one becomes a parent, doesn't it? Whatever the age of one's child, restful sleep seems like the impossible dream (pun intended). So glad you're feeling good today. No doubt that extra boost of energy will help you power through tomorrow's BBA workout...and it is indeed hard to believe you're already on week 3. Refresh my memory--how long is this rotation? I'm thinking it's 8 weeks?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on fitness styles and preferences. Describing things as the Jerry Springer Show is spot on accurate. I think Cathe's own voluminous production of workouts underscores the point that there are so many different--but still effective--ways to train. I mean, this is the woman who has given us Turbo Barre, Gym Styles, RWH, STS, High Reps, steady state cardio galore, HiiTs galore, etc. I, personally, am grateful for the variety. Otherwise I'd be in a perpetually boring fitness rut! :p

Word's cannot convey how much I wanted to do Step Sweat Live yesterday, but my brain wasn't in it. With my ever-growing belly bulge, I am finding it all the more important to be mentally "with it" when doing a new cardio workout (especially when the step is involved!). But don't you worry, I'll be getting to it sooner rather than later!

Today I wanted total body weights, so I did Total Body Weights Live from 6/12/14. 'Twas a lovely, high rep workout.

So far the rest of the day has been good and busy as expected. I'm excited to see the final product in our backyard. My poor DH has worked so hard, but he truly feels proud of himself (as he should!). Oh, should also mention that DD is doing better but now I think that I am coming down with it. You know, the family that shares germs stays together...or something like that! ;)

HUGS! Give your cutie a squish from me. Talk on Monday, and here's hoping we both have a terrific Sunday to report!



Hi Lisa,
I hope that you're enjoying your rest day and that you get the weekend nap you desired! :)
I hope you're able to fight off that bug, though -- boo!

Great job on TB Weights Live -- remind me, had you done that one before?
I hear ya on new cardio/sleepy days -- especially while clumsy -- er, pregnant! ;) No tripping on that step!

I did by BBA w/o this morning -- fun! Honestly, I'm enjoying this 'break' from long workouts 6 days/week. I'm sleeping more, not constantly ravenous (at least, not in an annoying way... I still have a hearty appetite!), have more time for other things, etc.! I guess I prefer a major change to feeling 'I need to cut back but don't feel like it', which is where I was for a while. Here's my w/o from today:
Floor Press 2 X 3 95
1 X 5 85
Close Grip Floor Press 5 x 10 70 (3), 65 (2)
Bent Over BB Row 5 x 10 75 (2), 70(3)

Yes, it's an 8-week program. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow's squats! :D Thanks again for all your support -- I love coming to check in and hear what's up in Lisa Land!

Sending you hugs and tea w/ lemon and honey! (Are you still on your Tazo passion fruit kick?)


Hi Lisa,
Happy Monday! Hope you rested and napped yesterday, slept well last night, kicked that cold(!!!), and had a rockin' workout today (if you chose to do one)!

I had an awesome (and partially unexpected) w/o today. First of all, I hit a PR/goal: 1x bodyweight squat! Yeahyeah! :D
I started with the warmup from XTrain Legs (because I often don't warm up enough if I don't do a video -- shame on me, but it's true), then my main workout:
Squat 2 X 3 140, 135
1 X 5 125
Front Squat 5 x 6 85
Reverse Crunch 5 x 10 5.5 lbs/ankle(3), 2.5 lbs/ankle(2)

So a) I've been feeling I need to engage my glutes more in my deadlifts so perhaps I need to train them without heavy weight a little more often and b) I've been thinking about revisiting my TA DVDs just because all the controversy has made me curious (and I hardly remember them). So I did the 15-min glute w/o from her Precision Toning w/o then the 15-min arm w/o from the same. I used 2.5-lb ankle weights for the glute segment and my buns were on FIYAH! and I stuck with her weights (3 and 5 lbs) for arms and my shoulders were killing me -- I had to shake out my arms a few times. I mean, I think it's similar to my crazy back DOMS after RK w/ gloves after finishing Meso 3 -- it's all about shocking your body -- but they're serious (barre/mat) workouts! I had fun. I don't like her personality or much of her messaging, but I can see myself pulling out her DVDs every once in a while as a bonus add-on to my strength training.

OK, I see food flying off the high chair, so gotta run! :D
Take care, rest up, feel better!
Sending hugs and soup and -- oh! -- some of the crunchy speculoos I just tried and loved. ;)
Happy Monday right back at ya, Roz!

Two consecutive days of seriously good workouts for you! HIGH FIVES on your 1x bodyweight squat PR! Yayayayaya! The rest of your weights yesterday and today weren't too shabby, either. ;) I'm glad this program has brought the change you desire while still making you feel like you are getting the workout outlet you need. :) Also, I really know what you mean about the various ways of working the glutes. More and more I am becoming a believer in those butt burner exercises. I still love me some heavy leg days (when not pregnant, of course!) but there is something about the "high and tight" of barre work or the defying gravity motion of a pizza press that engages the muscle in a way a good old squat simply cannot. Maybe I will have to buy some TA...LOL on the OD controversy inspiring you to pull out her stuff! I think you can be an annoying personality and still provide a good workout. That's what the mute button is for! :D If I were to just start with one TA, which would you recommend? Her various program options can get kind of confusing...:confused: I've also been interested in trying a Slywia (sp) Tonique workout.

Speaking of burning the buns, I decided to knock out a leg day today. I combined the LIS Total Body Trisets LB workout with KCM's Body Training (standing legs only). To keep it fresh (since the TBT LB music really irritates me, as we've discussed previously) I completed one triset and then swapped DVDs to do a few of the bodyweight standing leg moves from KCM's DVD, then back to the second triset followed by a few more mins of KCM, and so on. I kept the weights lighter than Cathe and Kelly doesn't use any weights in the Body Training workout, so it ended up being a very fun toning and functional workout. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to go for legs today, since I was expecting that my legs would be sore from Saturday's TB Weights Live (but they were not)...and yes, Saturday was my first time doing that Live workout. I feel like I discover new and unexpected treasures each time I peruse the Live archives!

I am feeling MUCH better, thank you. I'm wondering if it wasn't a severe allergy attack? I still have some stuffiness and soreness today, but now I'm mostly just sneezing up a storm which (for me) is an indicator that there's something floating around in the air. No doubt the major sleeping in time I scored yesterday morning, thanks to my awesome DH, helped me heal up too. Oh, and lots and LOTS of Tazo passion tea.

I stopped by TJ's today for a few things and, of course, had to pick up some Speculoos Cheesecake Bites. They are calling my name from the freezer but I shall exercise restraint until I've eaten my veggies at dinner. :) I'm so glad you discovered the chunky Speculoos. I think it is highly underrated, but really what could be better than bonus chunks of cookies in one's cookie butter?

Hugs and high fives all around! Talk tomorrow! And FYI, my plan is to post tomorrow in our March thread and then start up the April (EEK!) thread for you on Thursday. Pretty soon I'm going to be able to say that I am 34 weeks along and my due date is "next month." Yowzers!



Hi Lisa,
Just popping in quickly now because I won't have time later -- I'm having lunch with a friend and I've just got a ton on my plate!
Including another round of Sleep Max! Another winner this morning! :D I'm resting today, which may include a walk later. (I finally got to walk yesterday -- SO GREAT! And also ~30 Udaya yin yoga before bed. Always great when I can motivate to do that.)

NICE WORK on your mash-up LB workout -- you rock! I love how creative you are with your workouts.

Speaking of LB, I'm really feeling both my quads and my glutes this morning! I feel pretty confident that the former is from the heavy squats and the latter is from my TA work on the, um, latter half of me. A walk would do me good.
Tomorrow's upper body -- the one with all the dips and chinups -- really the only one with some dread factor for me!

Hmmm... I don't have a ton of TA DVDs, but I would probably recommend Precision Toning (the one I used yesterday). Side note: the DVD cover bills it as '4 15-minute cardio workouts', but they're not cardio -- I don't know why they said that. It's split into 4 15-min segments: arms, legs, butt, and abs, so it's very versatile. I think it's one of her later-ish releases, so she'd incorporated some of the feedback she's received about too much yammering and not enough cueing. IMO, if you have as much experience with movement and feeling your muscles firing as you do, you won't have a problem finding the proper 'angle' she talks about to get your muscles to fire. Someone with little to no movement/dance/fitness experience might struggle to find those correct angles. I think part of her lack of 'instruction' is just that you have to be able to find those sweet spots where the muscles fire on your own. Having said that, inexperienced movers might not get the full benefit of one of her mat workouts, but I think they're unlikely to injure themselves. Hard to hurt yourself just flailing your leg around for endless reps on all fours! ;)

OK, OK, I must away! So glad to hear you're not majorly sick and got some quality R&R on Sunday morning. Enjoy your 70s weather (I am assuming) and give your strong-willed young woman a hug for me!
Hi there, Roz!

Lunch with a friend sounds fun! Hope you enjoyed some time out on the town!

Yay for Sleep Max! Glad you're balancing your tough weight work with resting/stretching. I'm right there with you about outdoor walks being one of my favorite forms of movement. I always kind of chuckled at the stereotypical stroller walking mom but now I am totally that woman. I love walking and I love my daughter and I love how can something that combines all 3 be anything but delightful? :) Yes, we are in the 70s. Where are you guys at? Has the snow melted yet? :rolleyes:

Thanks for the TA recommendation. I know she has so many programs--Meta, Omni, or some other such similar names--and I just get confused as to which one would be a starting point. Precision Toning sounds perfect. I will put it on my wish list in my Amazon cart so I'll remember.

Felt like a mental zombie this morning after lots of nighttime bladder wake-ups, so I opted for KCM's Ready, Step, Go workout (just steady state step). Got the job done for the day! I rounded it out later with Stretch Max #1 because my quads and hips have been feeling tight but I didn't feel like doing my own personal stretching...needed someone to order me around in a video! :p

You'll be happy to know that my 3-year-old boss is doing SO much better with potty training. I think after 9 months of trying, struggling, and battling over it we have finally turned a corner (knock on wood). Yay! Just in time to start from scratch with DD2 in diapers, LOL!

Have a wonderful day with your special lady! Talk tomorrow in our April thread! :D


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