March 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in

Hey there, Roz! I'm right there with you, enjoying the longer days of sunlight. I think we both crave the sunshine as much as we crave cookie butter. ;)

Golly wolly, I can't imagine adding more biceps work after the PUB bis segment. As I said the other day, that (to me and to Cathe since she says so in the workout) is the toughest of the PUB body parts. Your bis must be pumped right now! And I applaud your workout mix-and-matches. Keeps things fresh, doesn't it?

Ugh, another awful night of sleep. This time my sweetie DD2 was to blame: bathroom breaks every hour (not kidding), back spasms, and general tummy pain (no GERD, thank heavens). Sleep was rough and broken and I had to sleep in late this morning, so DD1 got some quality PBS Kids time while I worked out. :oops: I so so so wanted to do a Cathe Live but when my mind is in a sleep zombie state I just need to go to the familiar, so I did the 66 min premix from PRS1. It's interesting that I really felt I had the physical energy to do the workout (minus the spins) but I had no mental energy to learn/follow anything new. I'll probably be hitting the sack at 7pm tonight at this rate, just so I can collect enough sleep hours in between potty breaks. I even had to wake up my DH to give me a back rub in the middle of the night. Is there some sort of curse that comes when one hits 31 weeks? :rolleyes: I'm definitely getting to the point where I feel huge even though people are still telling me I look small. I just keep wondering "do you guys have functioning eyeballs? what do you think this (she points to belly) is?" o_O

I realized I've not been reporting my core workouts, but I've been trying to do Lindsay Brin's 3rd Tri core work at least 2x/week. I'm so so so afraid of doing anything more because I don't want to get diastasis recti. Playing it safe and so far (fingers crossed), so good.

Apparently it's "Whiney Wednesday" for me. Sorry for the rants, but thanks for listening! Enjoy your 50* weather and I shall join you in the "snow, snow go away!" dance. ;)

HUGS to you and your precious lady.



Hi Lisa,
Oh no, so sorry to hear about your sleep woes! I hope you got a good night's sleep last night, starting at 7pm sharp! ;)
Great job on knocking out PRS1 (66 mins!) despite your stupor. I know what you mean about needing something familiar when very tired.

Today was a day off -- total rest day. Yesterday I completed week #2 of the rotation I was doing, which was all I (tentatively) planned to do. I think I may just move on to the Nia Shanks program now -- I'm eager to start something new! I'll either start tomorrow or do CCC Live tomorrow and start the program Saturday (to have a solid 2 days without heavy weights). Oh, the indecision! ;)

I have nothing on you and your sleep deprivation, but I've been feeling pretty lousy and tired the last couple days. I guess my sleep has been a bit wonky, but not as wonky as I'm feeling. o_O Hopefully it will just pass.

Oh, and a PSA: I was at TJs yesterday and their new freezer item is speculoos cheesecake bites. :rolleyes:
So, ya know, those pregnancy hormones can make a woman really emotionally vulnerable, so I started thinking... if Lisa buys them and they're not up to snuff, she might take the disappointment really hard, ya know? So I figured I really needed to take one for the team and sample them so I can give a review. Martyr that I am.
So I'll report back with that info... but maybe I should finish those ice cream mochi first? ;)

Really hoping you're feeling better today, and sending wishes for a restful night for you tonight--
Hey there, Roz! Is it only Thursday? Sheesh, this week has crept by at a sloth's pace...

Hope you're enjoying your rest day. I'm excited to follow along your Nia Shanks journey. If you do CCC Live tomorrow I will have to live vicariously through you. I saw Cathe's announcement post for the class last night and immediately knew that I won't be doing that particular Live for at least 4 months!

I'm sorry you are feeling wonky too! This is not a competition, lady! You tell me all about it anytime you are feeling out of sorts, tired, etc. All that matters is how you feel, and I'm sorry it's been rough for you the past couple days. :( Maybe some of those Speculoos cheesecake bites will help? ;) Here's my PSA for you: anytime you are at TJ's and see something you want to try, just go tell an employee and he/she will open the product on the spot for you and let you sample. I'm thinking I must do this when I'm at TJ's (likely tomorrow) for my grocery shopping. I don't think I can just simply take your word for it. :p LOL! Momma needs some cheesecake!

Another rough night last night but I--rather oddly--felt mentally pulled together when I woke up, so I did the Stability Ball Total Body Weights Live (7/31/14) that I believe you had suggested to me a month or so ago. I had to toss in my own substitutions for the push-ups (both the chest and triceps varities) but that was easy to do. Loved the workout and got a good burn on the legs, too, but without using weights. That seems to be more agreeable to me at this point in pregnancy so I'll take it! Since I skipped the abs, I added on 20 mins of Lindsay Brin pregnancy cardio to make a 60 min workout. Yay!

I'm sending you healing pixie dust. Hugs, lady! Feel better, ok?



Hi Lisa,
Wow, great job on SBTBWL + LBNBCC (Lindsay Brin no-bun-cakes cardio) yesterday! You rock! I hope I didn't lead you astray into a pushup-ridden workout! I know you pretty much have to modify something in every workout, though.

Blah, mama! So sorry you're not getting your zzzz's. It's the worst, isn't it?
Last night DD woke up (and put herself back to sleep) ~1am, and after that I woke up every hour on the hour until 5:30... blah. This seems to keep happening. It's not so bad if I can get to bed early, but I was up late last night, so I'm really feeling it today.
Anyways, I think it's becoming total rest day #2! I don't want to start the NS program on a super tired day, and just the thought of doing pop squats is giving me a headache! Maybe I'll want to do a little something come afternoon, but I'm feeling more like a late evening gentle yoga sesh might be in the cards! :D
I'll keep you posted on what tomorrow brings, workout-wise...

Ooh, thanks for the (dangerous) TJs PSA! I didn't know that. I mean, I pretty much already go there for the free samples (and stay for the speculoos groceries), if I'm gonna be totally honest. ;) Have a great TJs adventure if you go today!

Big hugs and happy wishes for a fun and restful weekend with your wonderful family,
TGIF, Roz!

What on earth is in the water? Sleep poison? :confused: Sorry for your rough night and also sorry to say we had another rough one over here as well. I'm thinking I fared better than you, though, because we only had about 3 wake-ups. When I woke up I needed to get myself together for about 30 minutes, but then I felt well enough to do a Cardio + Weights Live (5/29/14). I think Bootcamp would have been a better word for it because it was really was cardio/metabolic based as opposed to strength based. Not complaining, though, since that was what I wanted today. I may follow your lead and opt for 2 rest days in a row this weekend. I've worked it hard this week!

Oh, and never feel bad for recommending a workout that requires modification. The only workouts that I have that don't need any changes are the Lindsay Brin workouts--even then, that's not necessarily true since I often feel like I have to modify her stuff to make it a bit more challenging...

Yes, we shall be headed to TJ's this evening. It's downtown so I try to go after rush hour to avoid the traffic. Nothing like Friday night grocery shopping, eh? But I'm so weird that I actually enjoy it. I just love TJ's that much. ;)

Hope you and your precious one have had a wonderful day! Any exciting plans for the weekend? We're in "get the yard ready for summer" mode. We've got some landscaping to do and we are going to add a good deal of concrete to the backyard so that DD can scoot around on her bike, play ball, etc. in the backyard. It will be lovely when it's done!




Hi Lisa,
Great job on C&W Live! I will hang my head in shame and admit I've never done the original C&W (or the Live for that matter), but they're on my short list? Are they both doable as a cardio/metabolic workout (assuming appropriate weight selection)?

I hope you slept better last night (after your TJs shopping/sugar high ;) )! I did, and was feeling up to my first BBA workout this morning. I LOVED it! I warmed up with a bit of yoga -- mostly quick sun salutations with some binds and hip opening -- just my own jam. So basically there are 3 exercises per workout, and you do ~3 warm up sets with asending weights/descending reps leading up to the working sets. Nia says you should finish your working sets with 1-2 good reps 'in the bank' (i.e., don't work to failure) so the warm-up sets were good to figure out the best weight for me. Sets/reps were prescribed in the program, weights were my own (none suggested in program). My working sets were as follows (I won't write out warm-up sets):
Floor press (bench press but on the floor): 2x3 (2 sets of 3 reps ea) at 95# and 1x5 at 85#
Close grip floor press: 5x10, 2 sets at 70#, 1 set at 65#, 1 set at 60# -- definitely felt my tris here!! :eek:
Bent over BB row: 5x10, 3 sets at 60#, 1 set at 65#, 1 set at 70#

As you can see, I'm still tinkering with my weight selections. I was really happy in that I didn't sacrifice form for weight, and watched all the tutorials beforehand. I often go much heavier on BB rows but really want to focus on form and take Nia's note of pulling shoulder blades down and back.

Finished with two of her 'finishers'/metabolic circuits: a burpee/dumbbell swing ladder (from 10-1 so 10 burpees, 10 swings, 9 burpees, 9 swings, etc.) and then a barbell complex (8 overhead presses, 8 front squats, 8 Romanian deadlifts, 8 bent over BB rows, rest 60 secs and repeat) which I only did 3 out of the suggested 5-6 times because DD woke up! Saved by the bell! :D
I kept my weights light for the finishers and really loved them.

I'm wondering if I'm coming down with something. :confused: If so, tomorrow might be a rest day -- otherwise it's legs! :eek: Squats, front squats, and hanging knee raises.

Hope you have a great time doing your yardwork -- at least, I hope you appreciate that you can see your yard! The snow is melting here for sure, but there's still a ways to go until we see green.

Enjoy your rest days (if you choose to do two) and I'll see ya when I see ya!
Hi Roz!

Sleep was much better last night. I'll take one good day out of seven. ;) No doubt my relaxing TJ's trip had something to do with it. I saw those cheesecake freezer bites but I decided to try the stuffed Speculoos cookies because there was a chill in the air and I felt like cookies over something cold. That will be tonight's dessert!

Oh snap, Roz! Those are some killer weights. You should shout those numbers loud and proud from the rooftop! I also love the idea of Nia's metabolic finishers. How long did the entire routine take you to complete? Sending you wishes that you're not actually coming down with something so you can continue on with the program tomorrow as you'd planned...Healing hugs!

I think you'll like both the original and the Live C&W. The Live C&W felt more challenging to me because the compound weight moves and the UB body moves kept my heart rate up more than the weight portion of the original C&W...for whatever that's worth! ;)

Today I felt up to working out, so I went with Step Moves. Then the rest of the day has been filled with changing plans around (rain makes yard work difficult!). I also got in the BEST pregnancy massage ever. I think I've finally found my go-to massage therapist in this area.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, feel better, and fingers crossed that you'll get to see your yard underneath the snow very very soon! :)



Hi Lisa,
Nice work on Step Moves yesterday! So glad you slept well, and glad you're continuing your birthday month celebrations -- body work during pregnancy is just a godsend. You need it! :D

My sleep was lousy last night -- I woke around 1:30 then DD woke up just as I was falling back asleep. Somehow, if something jars me awake while I'm almost asleep, it's so much harder to fall back again because it's like my body doesn't trust the falling asleep process... or something... o_O I think I'm fighting something off and feeling blah.

Anyways, I did manage to knock out my BBA lower body workout today! Another fun one!
I started with a 20-minute Udaya warm-up segment (which was nice, but I feel I could have gotten just as warm or warmer in less time on my own...), then my BBA workout was as follows (again, only working sets here, not warm-up sets, which I did perform for each exercise):
Squats 2x3 130#
1x5 125#
Front Squats 5x6 85#
Hanging knee raise -- wha?? My bar can't really go high enough for these, but I did my best and they are hard. I couldn't do 10 reps so for each set I'd do 5 hanging knee raises (hanging in chin-up position, as I can't extend my arms due to bar height constraints) then 10 long-level reverse crunches.
I finished out with two barbell complexes -- so fun! :D

I was tired so I did want to go crazy but I feel my 2x3 squats could have gone heavier. Maybe next week.

Hmmm... well it's hard to say how long this took, as I was sort of fussing around with my squat stand and figuring out the exercises and so on. But I'd say: yoga - 20 mins, main BBA workout - 35 mins(?), BB complexes 20 mins(?), then my own stretch (~7 mins). But honestly if I were in a hurry and more confident with everything and did my own yoga, I probably could have done the whole thing in around an hour. But I was tired and puttering and buying time...

Enjoy your rest day today! I might take a total rest day tomorrow, in which case I may be MIA (depending on day craziness). If I can walk, I might try CCC Live.

Hugs to you!


Hi Lisa,
Hope you had a great rest day yesterday!

I took a rather drastic action this morning. I (temporarily) canceled my Cathe On Demand subscription. :eek:
But wait, wait! Before you permanently disown me, let me explain... ;)
I realized my On Demand was going to be renewed tomorrow. For the next 8 weeks, I will be doing 4 days/week of BBA lifting (and I think any cardio add-ons on those days will likely be Nia's metabolic finishers... I'm loving those). I was just notified a few days ago that my Udaya membership renewed for the month, so hopefully I'll get some use out of that, too. So I may take more than one total rest day per week, but my non-lifting days will involve walking (hopefully we'll have enough melt to do so soon...), yoga, and giving some attention to my much-neglected DVDs (in terms of Cathes, I actually only have the XTrain series and Low Max). I love the Body Fit workouts, but I never use them, and probably won't really as long as I have On Demand and 10,000 new workouts to do on there.
Once I feel I need a bit more variety, I'll likely add in Cathe Live only first and work through the cardios/metabolics there before I finally return to the full On Demand membership.
I mean, I love having tons of options with On Demand, but sometimes too many options can just be overwhelming. And it's not a huge expense, but it does feel a little wasteful right now as I'm totally under-utilizing it, as well as my Udaya membership and my DVDs.

So this morning, I felt a bit like an inmate in death row choosing my final meal. What, you ask, did I choose?
Imax 2! Love it so much. I stuck to 6". I felt a bit foggy and my legs were tired from yesterday's squats (not crazy sore, but definitely aware of what they'd been subjected to), but still had an awesome workout.
I was too curious about CCC but decided to hold off on doing it for my main workout today, since I'll reincorporate Cathe Live first. However, having read the reviews, I had to try the final all-core segment. I LOVED it -- it was only 5-7 mins but is definitely one of my all-time favorite Cathe core segments. It's all standing/weighted stuff. Perfect for after cardio when my heart's still pumping and I don't want to lie down.
And just to get my money's worth, I finished with Stretch Max 3 (the one that uses the band), which felt great.

Oh, I hope you don't mind if I report my weights for my workouts here. It will just be fun to let you know if I can increase them! And I hope I wasn't obnoxious yesterday in saying that I was tired and could have gone heavier... but I really did feel I could have gone a tad heavier if I'd been a bit better rested. Also, keep in mind that I'm only doing 3 reps pet set of the really heavy 'main' lifts, which is far less than the reps in any Cathe sets, as far as I know.

Oh, and the Speculoos cheesecakes bites are awesome! I tried to give my daughter a tiny bite but she mercilessly gobbled the whole thing up (what was left -- about half of one) in a whole bite and grinned gleefully and mischievously as cheesecake nearly exploded from her overfull mouth. Ah, sweet satisfaction! ;)

Have a great one! Hugs, and talk soon,
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I took a rather drastic action this morning. I (temporarily) canceled my Cathe On Demand subscription. :eek:

Roz, give me a minute to recover from the minor heart attack I just suffered...tick tock tick tock. :rolleyes:

Okay, I'm back. I totally get what you're thinking. Why spend money on a rotation/program that you are currently not using? You know for sure you're going to be focusing on yoga + the awesome BBA program almost exclusively, and you obviously have enough other DVDs to supplement if you spontaneously crave variety. Keeping Cathe On Demand at this point for you would be like paying for a cell phone you never use or a magazine subscription that you never read. Besides, Cathe will be there waiting for you when you are ready. ;) I personally adore the Cathe Live subscription and feel that it is sufficient for me and that I won't ever need On Demand...but then again, I'm a vidiot that pre-orders everything Cathe releases so I do have all the DVDs. :p I 100% agree with your selection of Imax 2 as your temporary farewell workout. The fun factor of Imax 2 is just off the charts! That, plus your core plus your Stretch Max #3 = going out on a high note! ;)

Yes, PLEASE report your weights! I just adore reading your amazing accomplishments. And I never ever never ever never ever think you're being obnoxious when you talk about personal bests or when you say you could have gone heavier, etc. Shout it loud and proud from the rooftops, woman! You deserve to feel as awesome as you are. There's a reason that a program called BBA is perfect for you. ;) Way to go with rocking those workouts so far!

I totally know what you mean about little thieving mouths. I will try to give my daughter a bite/taste/lick of something delicious and she will open her mouth wide and just devour the entire thing. Can you really blame your cutie for recognizing the decadent delight of Speculoos cheesecake bites?! I can't wait to try those. I spent a good minutes RFLMAO when I read your comment to Karen in the other forum...We really do need to rename our check-in. What shall it be: Cookie Butter Mommas? Salivating over Speculoos? Cookie Butter before Broccoli? ;)

Guess I should get to that workout thingy I did today. I opted for Butts and Guts Live (10/16/14). Loved that it was 55 mins as opposed to the approx 70 min long DVD. Also the workout lacked excessive pulsing and hovering, which I'm so thankful for! It was fun and I will be adding this to my long long list of Live leg workouts that I just can't get enough of!

Not quite 32 weeks yet, but had my 32 week appt today. Everything is looking good! Yaya!

Hugs to you! Eat some Speculoos cheesecake and watch that winter snow melt melt melt!



Hi Lisa,
Yayayayayay for your latest installment of good news on the baby front! That's wonderful! And big high fives as you round the 32-week bend! :D
Great job on B&G Live. So funny -- I was just thinking that might be a goodie for you -- but I couldn't remember the specifics (it's been a while) so I didn't want to lead you astray.

Thanks for all your cheers and support as I embark on this challenging new program! I love that it's simultaneously humbling and empowering. Today's workout was more on the former end of the spectrum...
It was upper body and actually started with a more 'empowering' bit:
Standing overhead barbell press:
2x3 70#
1x5 65#
I had never OH pressed that much, so it was exciting to learn that I could! :D I actually started at 75# and got two good reps, but then realized it was too much so I did a full 2x3 at 70# after that.

Next comes the humbling part:
Parallel bar dips 5x10
I can't do even one set of 10 dips so I did as many dips as I could at the top of each set (6, 4, 4, 3, 2) then quickly shifted to a high step and completed a total of 15 reps with long-lever one-legged dips off the high step. I think this modification worked pretty well.

Chin-ups 5x10
Like the dips, I did as many chin-ups as I could at the top of each set (2, 2, 1, 1, 0) and then essentially did 'forced reps' (push up with legs, lower down with arms) for a total of 10 reps. My forearms are TOAST! :D

Next workout is deadlift day so I think that's going to wait until Thursday due to the state of my forearms. :p Tomorrow I may do some BBA metabolic/circuits or some yoga or some cardio... TBA!

No metabolic today -- I'm just tired tired tired this week! I'm still thinking it might be my immune system fighting something off. I don't feel sick, but something's going on... :rolleyes:

Hmmm... I like your ideas for check-in names! Other possibilities include: 2CB = (Cathlete Babies + Cookie Butter) and Will Step for Speculoos. We can contemplate these questions while savoring spoonfuls of the stuff, OK? ;)

Have a great great great day, my friend! Enjoy your balmy temps (we're almost up to 50 again... melt, snow, melt!) and hope you've got some sun.
Hugs to you and your little lady,
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Hi there, Roz!

How did you manage to type your check-in report with those screaming forearms? Your entire workout was impressive today, but most especially 3 cheers for your standing overhead barbell presses! Yay! I know shoulders give you grief (me too!) so those numbers are just spectacular! ;)

Hope you start feeling like yourself soon. I guess the good part of it all is that your immune system is doing its job? Here's my prescription: a tablespoon of cookie butter and call me in the morning! :p

My legs are sore from yesterday's Live B&G. I was debating between the Live CK and the original CK for my cardio today. In the end I opted for the old familiar CK. I added weighted gloves during the drills at the end. I'm wondering if this workout will ever get old to me? Love it!

Not much to report here today. It's actually raining but it's quite warm. I'm a happy camper whenever we can go outside without jackets!!!

Any St Patty's Day plans? We wore green but that's the extent of it. No Irish in our blood and we're not drinkers over here (I don't drink, pregnant or not), so I guess it will just be another regular old day!

High fives to you and your pumpkin!



Hi Lisa,
I'm currently typing with my nose. :p I have such intense DOMS in my lats (especially) and my lower-bicep-connecting-to-upper-forearm (for 'fun' with arm straightening today!). I guess it was those chin-ups? Owie! :D

Great job on CK -- that's a fun one! I do question the male wardrobe choices in it, though -- LOL.

Uhh, today will not involve any barbell complexes, or lifting anything other than DD and a few household items. Turning the steering wheel will be challenge enough. I've done a few of those step-touches while reaching to the opposite corners of room and various arm swings that Cathe often does in her UB weight warm-ups, just to get things moving. But even down dog sounds painful (major lat and inner elbow stretch), so some arm swings may be it for me today! ;)
I'm hoping for deadlift day tomorrow, but if I'm still too sore I'll just postpone it an extra day.

It's cold cold cold again here... grrrr....

Like you, I'm a non-drinker (pregnant, lactating, or otherwise), so no St Patty's festivities other than sauteing up some kale, just to keep the leprechauns at bay. I was in town yesterday and walking down the street around 3pm and saw some guys with plastic butt cheeks elastic banded to the back of their pants walking into a bar. It just made me happy that we don't participate in such 'traditions'! :rolleyes:

Hugs to you and your wee lass,

So many questionable male wardrobes to discuss--from the CK male workout attire to plastic butt cheeks as bar stool cushions. I have to think that the latter group of gentlemen had already imbibed copious amounts of beer before donning such a ridiculous getup! Sheesh. I think I'll follow your lead and stick with sauteed kale and other things like green smoothies.

So sorry that it's cold there. What is going on with Mother Nature? My husband had a company from Malta, NY contact him out of the blue about a job opportunity. I've already told him Upstate NY is just OUT of the running because it's so cold, but just for fun he Googled the weather there at 3pm yesterday...oh, ya know, just friendly 32 degrees. No thanks! I'm far too much of a wimp for that, so my hat goes off to you for your cold weather endurance. Just sorry you have to endure it so long... :(

WOW, those DOMS sound intense. Methinks BBA is doing its job, eh? Hope you get some relief in your rest day today. Is an Epsom salt bath on the agenda?

I still had lingering DOMS from Monday's Live B&G but wanted to do a TB workout so I clenched my teeth through the lower body portion (and largely enjoyed the UB portion) of Total Body Reps Live (9/25/14). I hadn't done that one until today and it was definitely more toning based, but effective because my arms are still talking to me several hours later!

Doing the warm weather dance on your behalf....HUGS!!!



Good morning, Lisa!
Wow, great job on Total Body Reps Live despite your lingering leg DOMS! You rock! :D

I did my deadlift workout this morning -- it was awesome! My forearms (though still sore -- as are my lats and tris -- ow!) didn't talk to me during the workout surprisingly. I think this is perhaps because Nia uses/recommends a mixed grip (one hand overhand, the other underhand), which I think helped me not be limited by forearm strength/endurance.
So here's my workout:
Sumo Deadlift 2 X 3 @ 175 (then I added a single @ 185 because I felt I could); 1 X 5 @ 155
Deadlift 5 x 10: 3 sets @ 135, 2 sets @ 125
Ab Wheel Rollout 5 x 10 (these make pikes on a stability ball look like a walk in the park! :eek: I used an adjustable dumbbell with the screws loosened slightly because I don't have an ab wheel, and it seemed to work just fine)

I did my own warm-up and stretching. I'll probably do a bodyweight or barbell metabolic circuit later today or tomorrow. Not sure. I'm just been stretching a lot since my workout. I feel great but I'm pretty sure to have some DOMS tomorrow!

Umm, I did add in some yoga during floor playtime yesterday, perhaps 40 mins scattered throughout the day, which felt great. Child's pose is still stinging this morning -- those lats! :eek:

I'm sorry we won't be doing TJs runs together anytime soon, but I don't blame you for avoiding the cold of upstate NY! The Pacific NW is sounding pretty nice right now with this renewal of winter we've got going on... Though Malta is just a stone's throw from Saratoga Springs, which has a vibrant arts scene. Just sayin'... ;)

Hope you (and your family) are sleeping well and that the third trimester is being kind to you!

ETA: Haha! There will be no additional metabolic conditioning workout today. I'm just stretching this back o' mine! It doesn't pain-hurt, but it has been well worked.
Tomorrow I may do some light cardio that doesn't involve bending over or many squats, like Hard Strikes timsaver cardio only...
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Hey there, Roz!

Glad you were able to manage your DL workout! I like Nia's idea of a mixed grip. That makes so much sense and seems like it would help compensate for either forearm weakness (my issue) or forearm DOMS (your issue of the day ;) ). Your flexible yoga seems to be working for you, too! Child's pose is one of the best. I also really like the cat and the cow, as well as pigeon. No worries on not fitting in your bonus metabolic conditioning today. There's always tomorrow, and you can't go wrong with Hard Strikes! :) SO clever on using the dumbbell for an ab roller. I've never thought of that, duh me! :p

Trust me, you enabler, I can think of lots of positives about living in Malta. :D I truly love many things that area has to offer, but SNOW and LONG, COLD winters are the ultimate killjoy. I am just too weak, LOL! But I'm sure we'll manage our TJ's run someday, somehow (fingers crossed)! :)

Awful sleep last night. How is your sleep these days? Are you feeling better/no longer fighting off the yuckies?

Filled my workout time with Step Jam, using a 6 inch step and modifying a few of the spins and turns. I still haven't seen what today's Live workout consisted of. I'll have to check that out now...

Hoping your reading this whilst relaxing in child's pose with your real-life baby doll near your side! :)



Hi Lisa,
Sorry to hear you had a lousy night's sleep. :( But great job knocking out Step Jam despite your fatigue! Way to go, mama!
Meh, my sleep has been kinda spotty, but I can't even blame DD these last days. I just seem to wake hourly after 1 or 2 am... I don't know what's to blame! :rolleyes:

This morning I was all set to do Hard Strikes, but when I opened my XTrain case, I thought, oh! I'll do Supercuts! It was perfect. I know I said yesterday I wanted to avoid squatting and bending (which SC doesn't, obviously), but this morning it actually sounded like a nice thing to restore some of that movement to the low back. Good call, me -- had an awesome workout! I subbed other exercises for the ankle grabber/pushup series because my low back is too tired to support the negative on the sit-up. I did some standing weighted core moves during that time and finished with a circuit of 2 renegade rows into 2 plank snatches (repeat, repeat, etc.), which was fun! Will do that again. It felt good to break up the DOMS.

I think I'll take another day off lifting tomorrow so that I can fully recover for my second week of BBA. I'm thinking yoga -- I might be ready for up dogs tomorrow (low back still too sore for much of that today). Or maybe total rest/stretching. I'll keep you posted!

Oh, also, if you like pigeon pose, have you tried lizard? I do that one pretty much every day. Love it. I roll out onto the outside edge of my foot to open the hip. Feels so good. You can keep your elbows up on blocks or whatever for extra support.

Hope you're snoozing soundly! Have a great day, workout, weekend, etc.!
Big hugs -- less than 8 weeks to go! :D
Awesome workout today, Roz! I love it when "accidents" like that happen! Sounds like you were meant to do SC today. I think that workout has a super fun factor, as long as I'm not in one of my moods where I dread squat presses. :) Your add-on core work sounds killer! Go you! I have a feeling that fate will lead you to another perfect-for-you workout tomorrow...whether that be yoga, rest, cardio, stretching. Whatever!

Oooh, thanks for telling me about lizard pose. I've never done that one before. It looks a lot like runner's lunge, just deeper. I am thinking a block will be necessary for me as I get adjusted to it.

Today I wanted an UB focus. I did Strong UB Live (again!!!) plus a short treadmill power walk. I just cannot get over how much I love + love to hate the biceps section on that workout. :)

Any fun plans for the weekend? Are you guys on tap for more snow? I saw on the news that the storms keep rolling through the Northeast. Hello!!! It's Spring today! Time for sunshine and picnics and swimming. We have no plans for the weekend other than lawn maintenance and maybe a splurge at the smoothie/juice counter at Whole Foods. ;)

Oh yes, also must update on the Speculoos Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies. I was disappointed because I was expecting them to be much heavier on the Cookie Butter side, but really the Cookie Butter seemed to be an afterthought with these. The outer cookie shell was a delectable Danish butter cookie but I wanted the emphasis to be on Cookie Butter, not the Danish cookie. If I am craving a Danish cookie, I'll just eat one of those by itself! Persnickety, I know. Now, I still must try those cheesecake bites....

Kinda hard to believe I'm less than 8 weeks away. I am still a little worried about an unexpected early arrival. Just momma paranoia. I don't think I'll feel at ease until I'm around 36 or 37 weeks. I'd like her to bake longer than that but that's at least technically considered full term.




Hi Lisa,
Good morning! Checking in now as I've got a busy day of friend visits (yay!) ahead and not sure when I'll have time later...

Great work on Strong UB + treadmill! You just keep on going, mama! :D

Yeah, we've got snow here again. Blah. I don't think it will amount to much in the long run, but it's just a sort of barometric bummer.
Did you get the memo that it's smoothie week or something? ;) I had an awesome one yesterday at our local cafe. It had fresh-pressed turmeric juice, chunks of crystallized ginger, banana, dates, goji berries, black pepper, cayenne, homemade almond milk -- so good! Warming and irreverently spring-y all at once. I rarely splurge on smoothies (I just make 'em at home in the Vita), but yesterday I had the itch!
But -- gah! -- is it really spring, officially? Let's not talk about that. I'll just get bitter. ;)

I understand your anxiety over an early arrival. Pregnancy is just rife with anxiety fodder, isn't it? Plus hormones, sleep deprivation, etc., just stoke the fire. And with what you went through with DD 1... I would be in the same boat. But you're taking such great care of yourself and listening to your body with intelligence and sensitivity. You're already an amazing mother to this sweet little girl, and she hasn't even been born yet! :D She sounds like a lucky gal to me.

Yep, a rest day for me is just the ticket! I could definitely push on and lift today, but I'm really trying to give myself all the rest I need. Nia Shanks emphasizes that you should just go at your pace through the programs and don't stress if life or your body or whatever just make it take longer to get to everything. I'm really feeling my lower abs today (all those roll-outs! plus SC I'm sure didn't help...), still feeling all through my back, inner elbow/forearms, glutes. No longer any serious DOMS, but no reason to plow ahead.
I did 15 minutes of stretching this morning with a hip-opening focus (just my own stretches, no Udaya) and a few bodyweight glute bridges just for fun. That's enough for me to feel good on my rest day!

Oh yeah, I hope you like lizard! My favorite hip opening progression, which I do pretty much every day is:
1) Lizard -- if right leg is forward, my right foot is flat on ground and I'm hugging inner right thigh in towards shoulder
2) Lizard -- rolling out onto outside of right foot and letting right knee open/fall towards ground -- this is my favorite! -- I definitely have to breathe into this one. I often get that little 'pop' release in the connective tissue that feels so good. This variation might be a little iffy with all the pregnancy relaxin, though, so I would try it really gradually if you do try it.
3) Pigeon -- I sort of heel-toe my right foot leftwards then lower myself into pigeon.

Sorry to hear about the cookie letdown. I'm so sorry -- I really need to sample more TJs items so you won't need to experience such disappointment! ;) Let's see... they open in 1 hour 45 minutes...
But, yeah, honestly, I don't love a lot of packaged cookies -- they're too sweet for me. Even a lot of people's homemade cookies, I'm like, uh, do you want to add some flavor to your sugar?
Now, anything frozen, that's another story! Even overly sweet frozen cookies -- ha! But seriously, I'll take ice cream over a cookie any day. Even in the dead of winter (which is now, right?).
Hmmm... maybe I'll need to go for an ice cream today, just to coax the warm weather out, eh? Sometimes, in early spring, I (subconsciously) wear a layer less than I perhaps should, because somehow I feel like, by wearing less sweaters and coats, the weather gods will get the idea and it will get warmer more quickly. :p

OK, my dear Energizer -- have a great weekend, enjoy the lawn maintenance (whether doing or spectating) and your smoothie/juice, and have fun chasing that young woman of yours around the yard!
Big hugs to you, your DD, and you little incubating one!
Awww, Roz! Thanks for the encouraging words about pregnancy and my mommy status. I really appreciate your support, your empathy, your knowledge, your understanding, and so on and so forth. I could go on! ;) I'm so glad we're in this together!

Hope you have enjoyed your day with friends today! What did you do? We had a super busy day, hence my late check-in. I was spectating with the yard work which, quite frankly, would have been the case...pregnant or not! :p I just don't do outside work, ha! My DH got a lot done, and I managed to add in a quick Costco trip. I tell ya what, I'm pretty good about avoiding impulse buys at Costco with the exception of cute little girl outfits. They just suck me right in, and now I have two little DDs to shop for so we are in big time trouble! :)

That's what I love about Nia Shanks--just straight up, common sense. Her attitude of having fitness work for you and fitting it into your life, as opposed to dominating your life, is so empowering. Clearly it's working for her. I watched the video you posted of her metabolic routine in the other thread (push-ups to pull-ups) with absolute awe. So powerful. So strong. Love it! Hope you feel invigorated to get started tomorrow with week #2.

Yep, I'm the same way with smoothies and cookies vs. ice cream. I mostly make smoothies and juices at home. I have no excuse not to since I have a VitaMix and a BlendTec (yes, I have a blender problem). :) Every now and again I will get myself something special at Whole Foods. Didn't happen today but will tomorrow for sure. And if I were ever in a position to be knowingly eating my last meal, it would pretty much consist of ice cream (the soft serve variety, please). Cookies can be fine but I choose to waste my empty calories on ice cream...and cookie butter...which is why frozen cookie butter products are godsends. :)

Good gracious, every day I keep getting carried away with our chatter that I almost forget to post my workouts! Today I did a Firm workout that I purchased for pregnancy called The Firm Calorie Explosion. It was a newer Firm (aka "Pink Firm" since they come in pink DVD cases, I suppose) but it got terrific reviews on totalfitnessdvds so I tried it out. I adored this workout! It was metabolic and perfect for pregnancy since there was a modifier in the background, but I think I will really like this workout as a legit advanced workout when I'm not pregnant (following the advanced version, obviously). Fun fun fun! And I'm ready for my rest tomorrow...

What eases barometric bummers? Tums? Warm showers? Pedicures? I hope you find the cure. Stay warm with mommy/DD snuggles, eat cold frozen cheesecake, and repeat until cured. :)

Be back Monday! Hugs!


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