Lower Body+LB Bonus+Ext Stretch+Core Review


I was surprised I got my DVDs so quick! My back was stiff & talking to me when I got up so I wasn't going to work out until I saw these in my mailbox! I probably should of done one of the yoga/mobility DVDs but I was really curious about the leg w/o.

At first, I thought a half hour wouldn't be so bad, I'll be done quick & get a little taste of it. It just made me want to do more. The main workout may be short on time but it really is a solid w/o. I was breathing heavy the entire time; I think due to it being heavier weight because the reps are not rushed. They are slow & controlled. Mostly 10-12 reps and each exercise done once (except for warmup is 2 or 3 sets of 3 ex w/12s & 15s db's). I went down in one weight increment for a few since my back was talking. Plus I don't even have a 40 lb db, but I could of worn my 10-lb vest w/a 30. I think even if you wanted a lighter leg day w/light weight, you would still get a solid w/o in. Moves I really enjoyed are the explosive lunges after the elevated lunge, squat crossover lunges, & forward lean glute lunges. The move I'm not sure I'm doing correctly and will need some more time to get used to is the Cossack squat. I mostly feel a deep stretch more than anything-this move confirmed that I need more stretching! I also liked that there is not a lot of equipment needed and no barbell. I loved the format of moving to each exercise, the order & the heavier weight; no dread factor. I tend to get bored w/multiple sets so I'm really excited to do this w/o again!!!

The lower body bonus is a nice short add-on to really get into the glutes & feel the burn. The Extended Stretch was exactly what I really needed to loosen everything up as my entire body has been feeling old & stiff lately. Since I felt so good after that, I decided to tack on the core. WOW, I thought this was a tough core w/o! Right from the start, those banana hold crossover's work it!!! There are a few that I will need to practice & work up to. Not sure if I'm doing them right. Rotating pistol planks I never feel like I'm doing them right because I feel them more in my thighs & wrist. Glute bridge leg drops-I felt awkward at first, but once I got the move down I could feel it. And the side plank angle extensions were tough also. I didn't get as many reps in, but I will next time!

I love that all of these are short for the days we need that yet they don't sacrifice the workout and also that they can be combined in so many ways for the length you want or areas you want to hit. Cathe and crew do an exceptional job with these exercises and their form is impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed working out with these beautiful & strong ladies today. I hope to work up to that weight Cathe is using! I'm in awe of Jai, she gets so low on some of the lower body and core exercises. I can't wait to hit the core one again to practice the moves. I am really excited to do the other workouts also. I have a feeling the upper body is going to be tough if the format is similar and I know my body needs those mobility ones really bad. I'm excited to hear what you all think of them too! A+++ Thank you Cathe for another awesome series!:)

Cathe Friedrich

Wow BlakKat, I can't believe you got them already!!! Double Wow, that you already did one too!!! So super excited that you love the Pump Lower Body DVD! Awesome that you were already able to try three of the bonus workouts too (core, extended stretch and legs)! Thanks for sharing your honest review. Sounds like an nice hot epsom salt bath could be your best friend right now :) Enjoy the rest of your workouts!

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