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I don’t vomit! I go to the other end. Isn’t that gross! So, I make sure I go to the bathroom before I do a workout. I remember I was going Cathe BodyBlast Series: Kick, Punch and Crunch. And after 15 minutes, more then kick came out of me. I ran to my bathroom. You get the picture. So all of those Cathletes at there, before you do, remember to go!

Sorry for this gross comments. Jen Den
Funny, I have the same problem, have to make sure I go before I work out. :)
There are a couple of tricky moves (reverse mambo, for example), but most of it is very doable. One recommendation for learning new step moves is to add a little bit (like one combo) onto another workout. That way you don't have to feel pressured to get it all at once. Since you'll get your heart rate up doing something else, you can take your time and rewind if you have to without feeling the pressure that you "have to" get a perfect workout in.
I remember the reverse mambo! I did the reverse mambo was I got up in the step instead of turning and going to the other side like Cathe does, like a little u turn, what I did was I was on top of the step and step and went to the other side of the step. So I was on the same side of the step, but I stepped over the step and did the little u turn and did the mambo and came over the step and came back over the step to do the next step move. When I found out the mambo step was on one side and not to cross over, I was happy because I didn’t have to use so much energy. I hope that makes sense.

It is interesting when you first learn and realize you make it more complicated then it is!
Jen Den

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