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I'm looking for some suggestions about where to start on rebuilding muscle and strength. I have a pretty good size collection of cathe dvds, but it has been years since I did them. I think one of the last sets I bought was ICE. I just got busy with life and have lost what muscle I built up and I've signed up for an Ironman so I'm getting plenty of cardio on a daily basis, but I know I need to build the muscle back up and not sure which dvd set to start with. TIA


If you own STS, I would start there. STS is a great program for building muscle. Mesocycle 2 is my favorite, you could start there, or do the whole three month program, starting with weights that work for you.
If you don't have STS, and don't want to purchase the program, you could start with any weight workouts, from the programs that you have. Gym Style, Four Day Split, Ripped with Hiit, all have excellent weight work. Use the weight workouts from your collection.
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If you have ICE you could also start with the muscle meltdowns. Since you are training for an Ironman they would be short add-on or layer a couple together for a longer workout.


I agree with desertambrosia, STS is the way to go, especially Mesocycle 2. Whenever I feel that I've lost muscle strength/tone/definition, I do an 8 week round of STS Meso 2 in which I repeat each week twice. Works every time with firmer, rounded, more visible muscles.
I started the STS series and I find it less intense then Cathe’s other muscle workouts. But, I started Week 1 and now I am on Week 2. It seems that the STS is doable, so far. Jen Den

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