LIITE DVDs Are On Their Way East! - LITE Project Update 1-2-19


Staff member

The Replicator just informed us that the LITE DVDs have been loaded on FedEx Freight trucks in California and have begun their cross-country journey to us. If bad weather doesn't cause any delays we should start shipping on or before our estimated shipping date of Jan 10th. We will have more information on Monday, but for now, we at least wanted to let everyone know the trucks are on their way. Lastly, if you haven't preordered LITE don't forget that Jan 10th is the last date to do so. After Jan 10th normal retail prices will apply.

*You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or learn more at Act Now! All Pre-Sale Prices END Jan 10th and will not be extended!


To all computer techs - is there a way to make a small icon of the Lite DVD logo to paste onto my workout schedule? I seem to have been able to do this for past series but cannot recall how I did it so I can do it for Lite. Thanks in advance.

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