I second on rev'd up rumble. I love that one.
ETA... I am a total doofus on complex moves to the point I can't get any cardiovascular benefits if its too complicated. this one I could do reasonably well the first time I tried. no dread factor for me.
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Hi Djc767,
Cathe's MMA Kickboxing is not too complex and has some really fun combo's.
It has 3 little blasts between the 3 combo's that are higher impact, you can modify them by not jumping.

Brigitte :)
There is some kickboxing moves in Cathe LITE Cardio Party ! It is title Boxing 1, Boxing 2, Boxing 3! It is really basic! But, if you want something basic I recommend it! If you have Cathe OnDemand you make your own workout and put these in it!
Hope these help!
Jen Den

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