Just Got XTrain!

Thank you that's what I was thinking I would try. Mine is not cathe. Too bad, you all are awesome to help me out!
In the past the orders are shipped by the order number. If you ordered late in the game you have a higher order number and your order may not have processed yesterday. They are still shipping today. hth's.

Thanks Jann, you're right I checked my order number and it is 104076. I ordered in August. Well, I know it will be soon enough. I'll be thrilled if I receive it by Monday. I'm excited to get started.
Got mine today in MI. Thinking about starting the 90 undulating rotation on Monday. Hoping this helps with weight loss along with toning. Also will anyone be adding any other workouts. I am thinking about yoga 2-3 evenings.
Hi girls;)

I just got mine in today's mail:eek::cool::):D I live in Oregon, I did pre-order the same day it was up to do so. I just opened it and need time to look through the guide and check it all out. It looks great so far.

Hugs to everyone and hang in there if you have not received Xtrain as of yet I'm sure it will make its way to you soon.


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