Just for fun! What is your favorite Cathe Series (or favorites)

aqua girl

Maybe there is or has been a thread like this, but I thought it would be fun to see what series is your
favorite, if anyone wants to join in ! :)
I must say, taking 1st place with me is ICE, so much variety...but also sharing 1st place with Ice is Ripped
with Hit! I have been re-discovering it while blending workouts and the variety is great as well and I love
the separate short cooldowns, etc. (works well in the blender.) Taking 2nd place and I mean a close 2nd
below 1st and again, I can't decide on just one is Strong & Sweaty, X-train and STS for me. I love all the
ball work in TBGS, and especially the ball stretch at the end of that one. (I wish Cathe would do another
ball warmup in another dvd workout (I think the only ball warmup is the one in Butts & Guts)
I love all the workouts but admit my favorites are based on how well they work in the blender. (The more
chapters, the more variety) Anybody want to share your favorites?


My fave series is absolutely a tie between Xtrain & ICE!! Love the extras, the fun factor and how beautifully they are put together.
High Reps dvd is a forever fave as well and I will always like the results from this one! :)


OOHHH, that's a loaded question. I would say it's a tie between Low Impact Series, XTrain and ICE. Of course it depends on my mood too. But as far as "series", these are my favorites. Tough work, a lot of variety and a bazillion premixes.
My fav is STS - so tough but such great results! Tied for first is XTrain. It is a complete program (includes kickin' cardio - phew!) and is also results based and gives the intensity I need (post menopause - yikes!).

But I enjoy ALL of Cathe's programs/series and love the variety I can get from rotating through various workouts.


Such a tough question, because I love the variety Cathe offers in all of her series! For challenging strength and cardio, my top choices are Ripped with Hiit and Xtrain, closely followed now by Strong and Sweaty. If I want to take it down a notch (and I mean barely a notch!), I love the Low Intensity Series and ICE. I've never done STS. Sounds like I'm missing out!


I think my all time favorite is After Burn. I love it so much. I find myself reaching for it more than most others; however, it somewhat depends on my mood. I have favorites for different moods and for what type of workout I am feeling that day. As a series as a whole, Xtrain is my favorite. I purchased a spin bike recently and now I am reaching for Xtrain Ride and Pedal Power the most. The music is great in both of those. Music is such a motivator for me... I wish I liked step aerobics because I watch clips and LOVE THE MUSIC on some of her older workouts...Step, Jump and Pump for example...I CAN.NOT. make myself like those type workouts but don't they look so fun!!!!


If I was going away to a deserted island that had an air conditioned gym and I could only take one series..... hmmmm

I am gonna go with Xtrain for variety. It's got cardio, weights, burn sets, 100 rep challenges for high reps, lower body, tabata, hiit and... fab music.

I also love ICE - for the sheer flexibility, and options. It's fantastic.
I also love Strong & Sweaty - it's tough but not as tough as RWH - that's tough (but great)
I love PUB but I can make that up on my own

For cardio - I would take hardstrikes but that's on xtrain so I'm lucky. I have it in my suitcase (for the desert island)


My #1 series is STS because I get the best strength results. For cardio during the STS series I do all my favorite cardios, which are mainly step.

Then...depending on the day I would say S&S and Xtrain and RwH and Hard Core would come in a close second as favorite series. (I think I named practically all of the series!)

As for favorite workout....tough question and it depends on the day. Step would be PRS, Imax 3, Rhythmic Step, Step Blast, Cardio Fusion, Greatest hits. HiiT would be X77. I love Drill Max and Cardio Slam and Afterburn and Supercuts and Cardio Core Circuit and Tabatacise. But I also love TTM and CF. Ok....I just can't choose. I honestly have so much FUN doing Cathe's workouts.
For the music, it's Imax 2. For a series XTrain, and for a workout it's Afterburn.
Same here, except your whole "I love Afterburn" obsession, lol! All those mountain climbers and whatnot. ;)

I find myself doing more live most of the time. I've been trying to revisit these but keep going back to Cathe live
Oh, I know! All I want to do is Cathe Live so there is no time for anything else!
I must go with X Train first, ICE second, and LIS third. I like RWH for a challenge and to test myself, but I am not fit enough to really love it. I am sorry to say I haven't spent enough time with Strong and Sweaty to make a judgment. But the music for X Train is the best, and I love that Al and Greg are in the videos too.


My all time favorite is ICE. Best results came from Xtrain, STS and LIS. I just started Strong and Sexy so too soon to rank. Honestly, the only series I didn't like was RWH. It was too hard. :(

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