Just for fun, help me name a horse


young mare that may turn grey or white...I don't like to use people names.....please give me some ideas.
When I was younger I saw a movie and the horse in it was named Whiskey. I always said if I got a horse that is what I would name it. I don't even drink.
Let us know what you name it. I love horses.
I read all the "Billy and Blaze" my school had. I also read any books they had about horses and dogs....gave me passion for reading.
Oooooohh. How fun! I like Misty, Ghost and Xena. But if the personality is spirited and active I guess Whiskey would fit.....or Spirit. Jeez I'm no help at all. Sorry.
Fun thread! Xena has my vote as a person name but...
How about naming this young mare according to her personality;)

Caprice, whimsy, affectionate, prickly, temper mental, Endearing, Cranky-grumpy;)

The list could go on Lol;):)
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If she's like her mom, she'll have a laidback attitude, a headful of sense, willing to please, and easy to train....they normally take after their moms.

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