June 2015 TTC/Fit Mommas Check-in

TGIF, Roz!!!

One-handed typing today and lots of workouts to report (and I think the one-handed typing should count too!). :p

Wed = RWH UB Circuit Weights + Abs premix (no blasts). Loved this and the compound work gave it a major cardio factor.

Thurs = Rhythmic Step

Today = Live Cardio Band Blast w/Weights because recommending it to you inspired me to do it again!

Tomorrow needs to be UB. Maybe the more recent Stability Ball UB Cathe Live. We shall see!

XOXO! :)



Hi Lisa!
Thanks for the recommendations! I have done and loved most of them, except the original Imax and Cardio Band Blast -- both have often called my name! ITA that Drill Max just rocks... that one's sounding very good, too. Thanks for the reminder!

Unfortunately, I did something funky to my wrist -- I don't know what, but it's inflamed and painful. I'm thinking it will just pass with rest, so I'm taking a couple days off until I feel better.
I did do squats yesterday:
Squat 3x3 155#
1x8 140#
a) Reverse Lunges 5x8 80#
b) Leg lifts on power tower 5x8

That was fine but I re-irritated my wrist with daily activities so I'm trying to use my other wrist for as much as I can (but you know that having a toddler isn't conducive to functioning with one hand only... sigh.

Today was a (needed) total rest and refueling day. Yummy yummy food, and plenty of it. :)
I think tomorrow will be a hike so I may not get to weights or Cathe until Sunday at the earliest, depending on my wrist, etc.

Amazing workouts! ITA that RWH UB Circuit has some serious cardio going on. Also some serious lower body!

OK, gotta run off to bathtime and bedtime! Oh, I wish it were mine...
Oh no, Roz! So sorry to hear about your wrist! Yes, motherhood definitely doesn't stop, even for injuries, so I'm sending major healing vibes your way. I'm hoping you feel better today! Healing HUGS!!!

Yay for total rest + yummy food. Those are important workouts that should not be neglected! (said with humor but it really is true!) Did you end up taking that hike yesterday? Did your wrist cooperate with you today?

Saturday I pulled out a Cathe DVD that I rarely use...X10. Those workouts are great little add=ons so I'm not sure why I don't do them more often. I think I have a Pavlovian negative association with the DVD because a while back there was a thread that was along the lines of "I've done X77, have you?" No stones thrown at anyone who has done that premix and enjoyed it, but the idea of doing the entire DVD seems so punitive to my body (speaking for myself and myself alone), and I think I've just internalized that "ugh" feeling and tied it to X10. That probably made no sense, but there ya have it! ;)

Anyhow, I did X10 Fat Burning Circuit+ UB premix from MM. Loved the combo despite the squat presses in FBC! ;)

Happy Happy Weekend and rest of Father's Day to you!!!




Hi Lisa,
Great work on X10 + MM UB premix -- sounds like a fun workout!
Sorry I've been out of touch... things are really busy here!
We did hike yesterday, but that's been the extent of my exercise over the last 3 (now 4, today) days... my wrist is still a teensy bit tender so I figure, just give it all the time it needs to heal. I have no idea what it's from, but no matter. No need to exacerbate it with exercise. Tentative plan is to take the rest of the week of lifting (~3 more days) and get some rest and also a little cardio. Perhaps some later today. Then next week, do week 3 of Phase 2 of my BBA program, then skip the deload week (week 4) and proceed to Phase 3, week 1. Since I'm basically de-loading (un-loading!) this week.
Must run... I see a book in peril of being ripped!
Will keep you posted on my workouts if there are any (ha!), and will get on my email soon, I hope! :D


OK, just popping by to say I did HiiT Double Wave Pyramid -- fun, loved it! I was going to do the original Imax on your recommendation, but DD woke up wayyy too early from her nap so I had to choose something without equipment that I could do with her in the living room and wasn't too long, so this one fit the bill!
That's it -- catch ya later! :)
Roz! Good to hear from you, no matter how long or short! You take care of that tender wrist! Your "treatment" plan in terms of workouts sounds incredibly smart and sensible (no surprises there). WTG on DWP! That's my fave of the STS Cardio HiiTs. You can catch Imax 1 another time!!!

Today I did Totally Toned Legs Live. Loved it and the use of the step w/3 risers per side really added a bun burn and heart pumping factor.

Tell your cutie to kiss the boo-boos she gave to her book, LOL!

Hugs as always,

Hi my dear Roz!

How is your wrist doing? It's so frustrating to have a nagging pain and not know where it came from. Hope you are feeling rapidly better.

Today was PRS2, and you know I worked out early because I thought I was grabbing PRS1! :rolleyes: No matter, had a fun workout anyway. After that it was DD1's first day of preschool! It was a glorious morning for all of us!!! :D I have always known that DD1 would be the wild child in her class and that was confirmed when her teacher hollered out the following to the safety monitor who was walking her to my car at parent pick-up: "Better hold on to her tight or she'll get away." Sigh, only 3 hours with the teacher and she already knows my child is the one with never-ending energy and rebelliousness! She's there to learn, though, and these are the types of things I hope school will reinforce (besides reading, writing, arithmetic, etc).

Hugs for a happy Tuesday!!!

Good day, Roz! In my mind it's Thursday but it's really only Wednesday. Yeah, it's been one of those weeks! ;)

At least I had a great workout today! It was one of those workouts that leaves you feeling totally pumped and energized. Ideally all workouts would be like that (like Nia says) but sometimes that's a pipe dream when you're a momma to a new little one! :) Today's fab combo consisted of X10 Low Impact which warmed me up to jump into the heart of UB w/Stability Ball Live (from 2 or 3 weeks ago, I think). I'm really rediscovering X10. I've liked the two I've done recently. UB w/SB Live was quite core focused, as you might imagine from the name. I liked all of it except for the very end where we did 3 sets of a bazillion reverse crunches which Cathe called shoot-ups or something like that. I can't remember what the real name is but she's done them in other workouts, where you lie on your back and push the ball against your toes as resistance and do reverse crunches at a fast speed. Maybe they really are just called reverse crunches? Whatever the name, I really really really disliked those and there was other core work in here that you wouldn't have liked so if you ever do this one upon renewing your Cathe On Demand subscription, I suggest just sticking with the chest/back/arms part of it. Kick my suggestion to the curb if you will...just trying to save you time! So many workouts so why waste your time doing something that isn't enjoyable, ya know?

I had a weird start to my day. I got a text late last night from a kind friend who had dropped off a box of doughnuts on my doorstep last night but I didn't see the text until this morning. When I went to retrieve the treats from the doorstep this morning, I was greeted by a box full of chocolate covered doughnuts + bugs. Bugs everywhere! Blech! I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to look at a chocolate doughnut the same again! o_O

Still praying for your wrist and hoping you're doing well. Summer is just so busy, isn't it? Have a good one!!!



Lisa! Hi! Sorry for my absence!
We had an 'uh oh' moment a couple days ago when we realized we were having house guests, and rapidly went into emergency cleaning mode! Things are still hectic/busy but I want to pop in before too much time goes by...
Great job on all your workouts, and thanks for the suggestions for UB stability ball live! I will definitely heed your warning.
Today was my first lifting day back, and my wrist felt fine -- yay! I actually felt I could have lifted yesterday, but I wanted to give it an extra day to 'pad' my recovery. No injuries, please!!
I did cardio kicks (minus power drills) a couple days ago, since I wanted a no-equipment, steady-state cardio, and thought to do some LB-driven kickbox. It was great, and I definitely thought of you! :D
Lifting today was not super strong, as I am really tired. No PRs here!
Bench press 3x3 100#
1x8 85#
a) Suspended pushups 5x8
b) Inverted rows 5x8
Barbell Curls 5x8 (I did 4x8 at 50# but couldn't handle the last set so I did 20# DB curls x8 each side)

I'll get to deadlifts tomorrow or the next day, whenever I have the time and energy. I may try to squeeze in a final quick HiiT (HiiT and run?) before my On Demand subscription turns into a pumpkin around noon today -- we'll see!

I hope to get to my email today or tomorrow -- I will do my best -- but in the meantime I thank you so much for your wonderful correspondence, my friend! You're the best.
Big hugs,


Ooh ooh! I did the Live band blast w/ weights (or whatever it's called) that you recommended -- awesome!! Thanks for the great recommendation. Definitely a winner. I did the whole thing because I just felt good and it was so fun.
I may rest tomorrow or take a long walk. We'll see. You know how solid these predictions are, though -- ha!
And I can't decide which program to do next -- assuming I maintain my non-pregnant state -- GGS or GSF2. I almost feel like GGS would be a good
'summer' program with generally higher reps (8-12ish)... any thoughts? (No need to reply about this. I'm just being my indecisive self... ;) and I'll change my mind 15 times in the next four weeks, anyways...)
Hi Roz!

Some sneaky house guests you have there, letting you forget they were even coming!!! ;) You just take all the time you need to live your life. Don't ever stress about corresponding with me.

So relieved your wrist feels back to normal. Fun workouts for you! Yay for CK and I'm glad I can usually predict which Live workouts you will like. We both share the same good taste in all things fitness, food, and fun!!! :D Yay for your lifting. PRs are definitely not a daily requirement!

Did Cinderella get her HiiT in before the On Demand godmother's spell faded?

Take it or leave it but I vote for GSF2!!!

Today = KPC w/weighted gloves, skipping the core due to my insanely (good) sore obliques from UB w/Stability Ball Live.

Sending hugs right back to you!


PS Hope you haven't been slammed by any of those horrific storms.


Hi Lisa,
Nope, no storms here. But we had some outstanding clouds a couple days ago! Like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm on my phone again so please excuse the horrific typos which I'm sure will be present throughout this message.
We have our house back this weekend, and I celebrated by having an awesome awesome deadlift workout this morning! I worked back up to a 1.5 X bodyweight deadlift after stripping some weight off to work on form. I'm really glad I took the time to do that.
deadlift 3x3 200, 210, 210
1x8 180!
Glue bridge 5x8. 180!
Ab wheel rollout 5x8 (2 sets of rollouts, then I switched to leg lifts on the power tower for the remaining three sets, just because the roll-out put a lot of pressure on my wrist. No pain, but I saw no reason to push it.)

Great work on KPC (or should I say KP?)! I was actually thinking of doing that as my last Cathe, but I'm really glad I followed your suggestion.

Oh, and I got about an hours walk in during DD's nap. I'm not quite up to LWF2, as there's just so much swinging and it seems unwise, but I wanted to get a little more activity in.

That's all I've got time for today, but I hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend! I'll probably do some walking or metabolic tomorrow, then another upper body on Sunday.
Hugs, bras
( yes, I see what voice to text did in my signature, but it's just too hilarious to change.)

Hooray for having your space to yourself! House guests are fun, but you know...the whole fish thing. ;)

Sweeeet! Those DL numbers are amazing! Progress and consistency and awesomeness. What else is there to say???? Glad your enjoying walking and that you can do so safely outside without storms. Clouds are ok but massive storms are not!!! Also glad your wrist is essentially back to normal. Phew!

We have our own share of guests this weekend. Family members are flying in to see DD2 for the first time! I can't wait to show her off because I'm a proud and boastful momma. :)

Today was a mash-up of my own creation. I wanted to do a TB workout but my arms are too sore (triceps mainly) from the UB w/Stability Ball Live so I focused on lower body, combining LIS LB trisets w/the Low Max combos (no blasts). Bad music aside it was a pretty good workout. Tomorrow will be UB of some sort. I need to get a rotation going but my energy levels are not consistent enough at this point to have something on my calendar that I *must* do each day. I don't know, maybe that's a cop out. :confused:

Should I be calling you "bras" now? As a BFing mom that would definitely be a term of affection coming from me! ;) Yesterday my husband sent me a voice-to-text that said he was "walking the bathroom." What he really meant was that he was "unlocking the bathroom" door because DD1 was being playful and had locked it. But I suppose walking the bathroom could be a good workout? How many Leslie Sansone videos would that be? (Your comment in the other thread had me ROTFLOL for a good several minutes. Love your wit.)

Hugs lady!



Hi Lisa,
Enjoy your wonderful weekend with family! Enjoy parading your little sweetie(s) around!

Haha! Yes, do call me 'bras'. I do know what that means from a nursing mama! Oh, sometimes voice-to-text makes up for its shortcomings by creating some serious hilarity.

Hmmm... I was thinking about your rotation conundrum, and I understand both the desire for some structure and the need to listen to the daily (major) fluctuations that having a newborn (and a toddler!) and nursing and all those wonderful things bring. My thought (and take it or leave it) is that you could choose/create a rotation that has some flexibility. Like, say you want to do two heavy total body workouts per week (or an UB split + 1 leg workout, or 3 total body, or whatever you want). Maybe do them on two non-consecutive days when you're feeling pretty good. And on meh days grab a familiar step or metabolic or other cardio workout. Then on days when you feel like total you-know-what, just grab your sliding discs and resistance band and do a quickie LWF2 circuit!
I don't know if just setting a few 'gotta-dos' each week (for me this would be lifting, as I tend to fit cardio in when I can and when I feel like it) and allowing flexibility for the remaining days would cut it for you in terms of creating structure. We each have our own brand of rotational ADHD! ;) I just know for me (only speaking for myself here), if I set a whole rotation for each day, I feel guilty for diverging from whats written -- which isn't really productive or necessary.

Anyways -- speaking of LWF2, I had a blast today! I did a 30-min minimal equipment workout, 'The Turnaround'. It uses sliding discs and a resistance band (I used the blue/heavy Cathe band). It was fabulous! I can't wait to do more. I may tack something on to the end of tomorrow's UB workout (assuming I'm up to it!). I broke a sweat rocking out to some Billy Joel in the living room during naptime. Fun fun fun!

OK, my dear -- that's all for tonight. I'm going to tidy up the house a little and do some reading. :) We're having a lazy weekend, which is lovely.
Big hugs, and enjoy your company!
Yo, Bras! ;)

Ahhhh, you're weekend sounds so relaxing. So glad you get some downtime. We had a go-go-go day which was super fun but super exhausting, hence the late check-in. DD1 had a particularly rockin' and rollin' time. It was one of those days that we'll tell her about when she's older when we're waxing nostalgic. And to top it all off, little miss DD2 gave me her first kinda sorta smile!!! She's super smiley during REM sleep but this time her eyes were wide open and she cracked a smile for a microsecond. Sure, it was probably gas but I was puddle of mushy love after that. We mommas really earn those moments, don't we?

Thank you for your rotation advice. I also feel guilt with a strict, no wiggle room rotation. I will feel driven to do the dictated workout even if it's not physically sensible for my body that day. As I was reflecting on what I've been doing in the past couple of weeks and as I was reading your pearls of wisdom, it really resonated with me and I think it's almost what I'm intuitively doing at this point. I'm the same as you--cardio comes much more naturally, but there needs to be more of a plan (however loose) when it comes to strength. I'm thinking I'm going to focus on the 2-3 weights/week goal and then do what feels right on other days. I especially like your idea of having a few really tough workouts on a priority list, ready and waiting, when I'm feeling like a warrior. That is something I haven't been doing and, believe it or not, there have been a few days when I've actually had major energy. Workouts that comes to mind right now are the Michelle Dozois DVDs I bought when pregnant and some of the RWH HiiTs. I'm going to write out a list of maybe the top 5 or 6 and then rock those out as the opportunity provides. Thanks again, my wise friend! :cool:

The Turnaround sounds like something to give another Go-round. ;) Nice work! Today I decided to revisit X10, this time going for the Step portion and topping it off with LIS UB Trisets (oh the horrific music!). I've found that this Trisets workouts are actually much shorter if you fast forward through the cues and form pointers, so the entire workout was about 65 minutes. It would have been shorter but I wanted to do both stretches.

Better get off to bed! Lots of family stuff tomorrow so I won't be back until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!




Hi Lisa,
Real quick as I hear DD waking up from her nap...
Definitely keep me posted on your thoughts re: a rotation (flexible or otherwise) for you! I'm curious to see what you settle on.

I did a Nia UB workout today:
OH Press 3x3 75#
1x8 65#
a) Dips 5x8 all reps unassisted! :D
b) Chinups 5x8 (8, 8, 4, 3, 3)

Then I did Getting Cheeky, a GREAT LWF2 barbell workout under 20 mins. Deadlift-focused. A winner!

Gotta run, her displeasure is increasingly evident...


Hi Lisa!
Hope you had a great weekend with family.
It's a beautiful day here! I felt I needed a rest from weights today (even metabolic) after yesterday's Nia UB and LWF2 DL workout, so we went for a nice hour's walk outside. Perfect!
Looking forward to squats tomorrow, assuming I'm up to it!
Hugs, Roz
Dearest Roz, your Monday sounds lovely. Few things in life are sweeter than gorgeous days out in nature. So glad you got to rest from the indoor gym and get your endorphins flowing on a walk, and I imagine your little gal enjoyed her view from the stroller!!!

We've had quite the weekend of contrasts. Saturday was idyllic and then Sunday, er, not so much. DD1 woke up crying frantically, which lasted for several hours and culminated in her getting sick to her stomach. She does have a history of crying herself to the point of vomiting so it's hard to tell sometimes if it's related to a true stomach illness or just physical strain on her tummy. Fortunately as the day continued on it became apparent that she has a cold and her middle-of-the-night trauma was related to cold symptoms. Obviously, I'm not glad she's sick, but a cold is much more manageable than the stomach virus which we all invariably get...most especially worrisome if DD2 were to catch it. We've quarantined DD1 from DD2 as much as possible, so hopefully the cold won't spread beyond DD1. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, due to illness we had a much lower key day yesterday than planned. Our relatives are still here and just rolled with the change of plans (thankfully). DD1 has been feeling better today but we'll probably keep her home from school tomorrow just as an added precaution.

All this chaos got me itching for a hard workout, which was perfect since I decided this week will involve 1 leg day, 1 UB day, and 1 TB day. I started with legs today, doing Cross Train Express Lower Body Live from 5/14/15. Roz, you must do this one when you resume your On Demand subscription. You will love it. Very metabolic. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for cardio this week but I'm thinking Barbell UB live for my UB day and one of the Live TB workouts as well.

All for now! Family is still here (they're leaving tomorrow). Sending you a virtual box of frozen grapes for you precious one to gnaw on for comfort (stay away from the inedibles, little lady! that's an order!). :D

Hi Roz!

Still wrangling the germies around here. The stress motivates me to workout. I felt motivated to reach for GS CT. Range of motion wasn't 100% on the push-ups but they were all done on my toes! Yay! I ued 17.5 dumbbells and 15 dumbbells for the chest work. I also went as heavy as possible for the overhead triceps extensions, hitting failure, so the rest of the triceps work was pretty wimpy in terms of the weight load because my arms couldn't take any more. :eek: Good stuff. Guess this means I'll be reacquainting myself with GS BSB this week, probably Thursday. So much for my rotation as of yesterday, huh? LOL!

Hope you're doing well today! It is hotter than Hades here right now, so I guess it's not so bad that DD1's sickness is keeping us mostly indoors.




Hi Lisa,
Oh yucky, so sorry to hear that DD is still sick. Poor thing! Hope she's feeling better in a jiffy.

Wowowow and ow! Great work on GS CT! I think it's in keeping with your 'rotation'... you'll have AT LEAST one UB workout this week. :) Amazing job on all those pushups and the killer chest work. 17.5s and 15s rock! That workout just does not let up.

FWIW, when you get to it, the Live Barbell workout is super duper fun! Definitely one to try.

Lisa, I am going to have the worst DOMS of the year tomorrow. I did squats today:
Squat 3x3 160, 155, 155
1x8 135
a) Reverse Lunges 5x8 (see below for commentary, LOL)
b) Leg lifts on power tower 5x8

So! Those reverse lunges have been hurting the sole of my right foot -- don't know if it's the fascia, ligaments, or what. But it's not so fun. So I did one set of RLs at 75#, then two (2!) sets of pistol squats (alternating legs), then one set of static lunges with a 2-2 count, and a final set of pistols (but this last set wasn't as pretty as the first two). Can I say, OUCH? The pistols felt good while they were happening, but after my workout I was like... can I walk upstairs??

Oh, before the walking-upstairs incident, I tacked on a LWF2 workout -- I think it's called 'All Rung Out' -- bodyweight ladder. Killer. I did band-assisted pullups and chinups because it just would have taken forever to get through the workout otherwise, and I wanted to keep things moving to get some cardio in. Loved it! Simple but killer!

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow -- maybe I'll go right to bench press, since I won't be able to do leg cardio (I assume) and it's supposed to be raining all day.
Sending lots of healing thoughts to your DD1 and hopes for rest for you all!
Hugs, Roz

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