June 2015 TTC/Fit Mommas Check-in

Hi Roz!

JUNE? What??????

Well, at least we're ready for it in terms of our check-in! I hope it's OK that I took the liberty of changing our thread title again. I don't know how long I can claim postpartum status so I figured I may as well call us what we are--fit mommas! I was going to also say "hot" mommas but I didn't want to be too arrogant. ;)

HUGS and CB dreams!!!



Hi Lisa!
No -- June?! Seriously?
I love the new title! I think you can still claim PP for a while if you wish to, but I love the title. ;)

OMG, 6 hours?! High fives to your little champ! She's awesome! :D

RE: the RT, I think at 6 mos they're still travel-able. At least in my experience. We haven't taken a long flight with DD since she was really little, but at that point she was still happy to sleep through the flight! If you can and want to do it, go for it! I'm sure DD1 wouldn't complain about a Disney World Princess Extravaganza! ;)

Oh, I LOVED using my Moby when DD was really little, before she had good neck strength (when I preferred the Ergo). It's perfect for the little-littles. Let me know how you like it!

OK, before my princess wakes up, here's my today:
Warm-up from Hi/Lo Kickboxing Live

UB Deload #1:
Bench Press (switched from floor press): 2x5 65#
a) Suspended Pushups 4x10
b) Inverted Rows 4x10
Barbell Curls 4x10 35#

Then I continued with the Live w/o to the ~27 min mark where Cathe takes a break and I needed to get on with my day.
I forget -- did you try this one? I LOVE it!

Hope you're well, and here's hoping both your princesses start sleeping through the night!

ETA: Most importantly, AMAZING work on your ~6 mile treadmill walk! Go you, mama! :D
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Hey, mama!
Quickie check-in for me...
Soooo tired today, but decided to do some cardio at naptime. Made up a workout blender w/o:
From Intensity: warm-up, step, and step blasts segments, then cardio w/ gloves from RK... then my own stretch. So fun! Put some much needed pep in my step.
Gotta hop in the shower before milady awakes, but big hugs to you and hope you're feeling in tip top shape!
Any thoughts on your first workout back?
Hey there, Roz!

Looks like someone is taking major advantage of her Cathe Live subscription! ;) Nice nice nice workout combos yesterday and today. No, I haven't done the Hi/Lo KB yet...I think that Live workout came out just before I busted my ankle. At least that's my recollection. Can't wait to do it, though! Bet it was a good way to wiggle and shake your arms out after those presses, pushups, rows, and curls! Have you ever done Intensity in its entirety? It's all sorts of awesomeness!

My first workout back? I just can't decide. I anticipate it will be on Thursday and I think I'm just going to go with where my mood takes me. I do feel like I should still settle on some sort of rotation for the longer term...

Glad you like the new thread title! You'll appreciate this: the writer/editor in me was debating whether to include an apostrophe with fit mommas in the title, but in the end I determined that it wasn't necessary since I wasn't implying ownership or possession over the thread...just making the general observation that we are beautifully fit mommas. OCD on the editing, anyone? ;) (And the irony is that I whip out my posts so quickly that I have no doubt that each one is littered with ridiculously horrific errors! LOL!)

Sorry you were so tired today. I'm right there with you, in case the solidarity makes you feel any better!!! Is your cutie having rough patches at night lately? Or just general motherhood and stress keeping you up at night? Hope we all get more restful zzz's tonight!

Loving the Moby, and ITA that it's perfect for the little-littles who will tolerate it (DD1 would not). We do also have an Ergo so I think we're all set. I'm thinking the Ergo will be very helpful at Disney is I end up partying in Daytona with Cathe. :) I'm actually much more worried about flying with DD1 than DD2. We've flown with DD2 on three different getaways and let's just say that each flight has been "memorable." (Thank goodness for nearby passengers who were also understanding parents and grandparents.)




Hi Lisa,
I love the new thread title, but not as much as I love your inner editorial turmoil. It's generally safe to assume I (who have agonized about the correct past tense of the verb 'to superset') will love anything grammar-related.

Oh no, I hear post-nap peeps, so real quick, deadlift deload:
DL 2x5 120#
a) Glute bridge 4x10 85#
b) Ab wheel rollout 4x8

Then later the first 33 mins of Athletic Step. LOVE THIS ONE! Also a goodie for getting-back-in-the-swing-of-things, FWIW. Not too intense or super-choreographed.

Oh, and I bought the GGS manual! Haven't had time to read it over but will keep you posted.

Gotta run!

P.S. Thoughts on 'ICE'?
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I love the new thread title, but not as much as I love your inner editorial turmoil. It's generally safe to assume I (who have agonized about the correct past tense of the verb 'to superset') will love anything grammar-related.

LOVE this and love you, girl! ;)

I've got a little lady showing poor manners in my lap, letting me know a diaper change is needed soon so I'm in a rush, too! Terrific deadlift deload and I echo your love of AS. AS and SM are two favorite step add-ons for me since the combos on both only total around 30 mins.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the GGS manual.

I was just telling my DH last night that Cathe posted on FB about a new series, and telling him how excited I was to pre-order. Be prepared to lift your jaw off the floor...or simply take the opportunity to shove some CB into it ;)...but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the idea of ICE. I'm happy for those who have desired an intermediate series from Cathe, but I come to Cathe for the intensity. On the other hand, I could see that ICE would be a series I probably could have used during pregnancy (were it not for my stupid ankle at the end!). Needless to say I won't be pre-ordering right away, which is something I always always always do. I guess I need more information and examples of how the workouts can be ramped up for advanced exercisers or simmered down for newbies/intermediates/light workout days. Maybe she's going to follow the KCM model where this is quite an easy thing to accomplish? Also this will probably be easier to achieve in the weight workout segments/DVDs.

Conclusion: I'm sitting on the ICE fence until further info becomes available! What about you? Thoughts?



ETA: Did you see the June 4 Cathe Live class description? This workout should be called the Roz and Lisa Special!!!!!! Ummm, thinking I know what my first workout back will be!
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Hi Lisa,
I am so psyched to try the '80s cardio once the audio gets fixed -- definitely right up our alley! I have some time to dig out my legwarmers in preparation... ;)

Wow, it's been a busy couple days! I will email you soon with a full update, but suffice it to say that I'm feeling rather run down and am glad this is a deload week. I'm actually going to try to nap/rest for a little bit while DD naps, so this will be on the brief side...

I did my final two deloads!

OH Press 2x5 50#
a) Assisted dips 3x8
b) Assisted chinups 3x8

Squat 2x5 105# (really worked on getting low here, which was nice)
a) Reverse lunges 4x8 45#
b) Leg raises 4x10

Yeah, I initially had the same reaction to ICE. But I wonder, is it 'intermediate' in the sense that KPC or AS are intermediate? Like, not scrape-me-off-the-floor intense? Because that's OK with me. Actually, I find myself gravitating to some of Cathe's more moderate selections (at least sometimes) these days since they're add-ons to my ('main') lifting program. I don't always have the chutzpah for a zillion pop squats after a leg day. But, if ICE is actually less advanced than anything Cathe's done before then... I join you in my lukewarm feelings towards ICE.
If you don't preorder, you can always upgrade your Live subscription to On Demand for a month once ICE comes out and give them a try before you buy. (But then you might get lured in by the Online Workout Blender and never escape! ;))

I'm still reading through the GGS program (there's a ton of great info in there), so I'll give you a more complete review once I know more, but I tentatively like it a lot.

Hugs to you and your gals! Have a great family weekend. :)
Hi Roz!

I hear you on squeezing in a nap! I took a nap on the couch with baby girl yesterday. We'd all had a rough night and she needed extra cuddling, so I took one of those sitting up/slightly reclining in a la-z-boy with baby on chest + waking up every 3 mins to make sure baby is still safely on chest! ;) Not very relaxing but fortunately last night was an award winning sleep! DD2 slept for TWO stretches @ 5 hours/each. Yayayayaya! So, here's hoping you got your nap today!!!

High fives on your final 2 deloads! How did those reverse lunges feel for you? Any "easier"? Glad the GGS program seems alluring so far... Gotta have a plan for what's next, right? (Says the woman with the most severe rotation ADD of all time!) ;)

Did you find your leg warmers? I need to find mine! I'm cleared to workout and am ready to hit the most recent Live workout tomorrow! Today I wanted weights + a hint of metabolic so I did the UB + tabata core from KCM's Muscle Up/Lift2B Fit and the bonus cardio from LIS Step Challenge. I felt great and honestly I don't think my UB has skipped a beat because of all the UB weight work I did throughout pregnancy. My core even felt awesome, and my body felt lighter during the cardio since I no longer have nature's weighted vest centered in my uterus! ;) Feeling good, and am going to be mindful on easing into it. Don't worry--no X77 premixes here, at least not anytime soon! :)

Yeah, the real question on ICE is how Cathe is defining "intermediate." I don't think a workout is easy just because it's not a crazy HiiT routine. Steady state can be quite difficult, and I don't always agree with assessments on what is intermediate or not...like KM actually feels intense to me because I wear weighted gloves and really go for it during the drills. Someone else also recently said they consider AT from LIS to be intermediate, and I'm like what????? That one gets me huffing and puffing every time. So, yeah, maybe I just need to spend more money on the On Demand services. I'll tell my DH that "Roz said so!!!!" :D:p

Major big HUGS to you!!! TGIF!!! Rest up and take care of yourself, OK?



Great work on your first workout back! How does it feel to work out again? How does the core work feel?
I bet cardio is easier without that weighted vest! ;)

Quick update on my workouts:
Sunday was a family hike.

Bench Press 3x3100
Bench Press 1x885
a) Suspended Push-ups 5x8
b) Suspended Inverted Row 5x8
Barbell Curl 5x850 (2), 47.5, 45 (2)

During naptime on Monday I did a workout blender w/o: w/u from RWH PH1, the three tabata add-ons from CF + TTM, CF bonus core, and S&G stretch. 33 mins and a winner I'll use again! :D

Deadlift 3x3175, 185, 195
Deadlift 1x8155
a) Glute Bridge 5x8155
b) Ab Wheel Rollout 5x8

Deadlifts feeling much better after taking some time to 'rehab' them.

Tomorrow I may do some steady state and Weds will be UB (and perhaps another HiiT).

Still enjoying the GGS materials, especially their cardio recommendations (quantity/type based on goals) -- really makes sense to me. You'll be interested to know that they recommend emphasizing steady state cardio for muscle building, as it aids recovery and general well-being. But you knew that already! ;)
Hi Roz!

Summa summa summa-time is a busy time, no? Crazy few days for us both, methinks. Glad you got in some amazing workouts. I'm thinking your hike was on Sat and Sunday was your press/push-up/row/barbell curl day, and then today was your DL/glute bridge/ab workout? Unless today is Tuesday and I've lost my mind in a more serious way than I had previously imagined! ;) (Not trying to correct you, just trying to get an accurate picture of your awe inspiring workout schedule!) Love your WB combo today. CF and TTM are ones I don't desire to reach for often, but putting bits and pieces of them together like that sounds perfect. High fives!!!

Interesting that GGS de-emphasizes HiiT...or maybe I'm misinterpreting? Oh yeah, I sure do love my SS cardio but nowadays I've been feeling like I'm breaking the "rules" when I do more than 1 day a week of SS. Just more proof of how listening to your body is #1 and letting your own body and your own results be your guide. Preaching to the Roz choir here, obviously... ;)

How's your cutie girl? Getting in lots of peyground time? I just envision this little adorable bundle of joy running around--expecting you to keep up, of course!--and wanting to go higher + higher on those swings. Such fun memories that we mommas will cherish forever!

Oh yeah, loving being back to my workouts. Speaking of SS cardio, I highly recommend last Thursday's Live 80's style cardio class! It was a BLAST! The moves were familiar but it felt fresh and Cathe didn't linger over any particular combo too long. Can't wait for you to give it a go!!!

Today = CLB from XTrain. I chose this one because I remember feeling like Cathe gives ample breaks and that the Cathe weight suggestions always felt about 10lbs too light. I remembered correctly so this was a great way to get back into contrast training for the legs. Felt great and I powered through the entire thing, no modifications. It got me contemplating an XTrain rotation. Tomorrow I'm planning for UB. We shall see what I reach for!

In terms of core work, it actually also felt really great. IDK if you've tried the tabata core from KCM's Lift2BFit but it's stellar and with the exception of frog crunches, I believe you would find all of the moves comfortable for your tailbone/back issue. Anyway, my core feels relatively strong despite the fact that it's still looking a bit saggy. Plus I still have my outie belly button. What's up with that???? :rolleyes:

Monday HUGS, my dear. Have a wonderful rest of your day. XOXO



Hi Lisa!
Great job on CLB! You're hitting the ground running! :)
Though I do agree with you re: rests and weight selection. I did CLB after LIHI Legs (not on the same day -- ha!) and it definitely felt less intense in comparison. Can't wait to hear what you think about the RWH series when you do try them out! I think you're going to love both RWH lower body w/os.

Keep me posted on your thoughts re: XTrain rotation. Sounds good to me! :D

Oh, and thanks for reminding me about '80s cardio -- I did it yesterday and LOVED it! Woohoo! And yes, you're right -- my mommy brain took over my workout recall. Hike was Saturday, UB + HiiT Sunday, and Monday was DLs. Tomorrow is squats, then Fri-Sun we'll be away visiting family. Busy, busy, busy!

I haven't tried the KCM tabata core, but now that you recommend it, I will! Thanks!

Today I did upper body weights + X10 Fat Burning Circuit (warm up, workout, and stretch). I need to reach for those X10s more -- they're great! I don't see X77 on my immediate horizon, but we'll see. ;) I'm loving short workouts. This week's HiiT's have both been several hours after UB weights, which I like. (Though I need to go take my second shower of the day... hmp...).
OK! So, weights!
Standing OH Press 3x3 75, 75, 70
1x8 65
a) Dips 5x8 8/8/7/5/4 (reps given are unassisted before completing set with band assist)
b) Chin-ups 8/6/3/2/2 (ditto)

I made big progress on my dips and chins -- psyched about that!
I'm enjoying the second phase of Simple Strength 2. Basically the main lift changes from 2x5 + 1x10 to 3x3 + 1x8. Accessory work goes from 4x10 to 5x8. I think phase 3 is 5x2 + 1x5 with 6x6 for accessory work. Loving the progression.

GGS doesn't de-emphasize HiiT... they suggest HiiT and SS every week for every goal. They just tweak suggestions based on goals. I was just surprised to hear SS helps recovery for muscle building (while HiiT is so intense it interferes with recovery). Though it's not illogical.

OK, must run! Hope you're enjoying life, sleeping well, and having fun with your workouts!
Hi Roz!

I'm capturing one of those rare moments where I'm able to type with both hands!!! Uh-oh, I hear some squeaks and grunts so I gotta be speedy. Good thing I'm a fast typer! ;)

Oh indeed, I cannot wait to try RWH. I've no doubt that the leg workouts there are going to be amongst Cathe's most intense. Her recent completion of RWH is probably one of the reasons she's opted to go "lighter" with her next series. After all, Cathe's all about balance and smart training. As I read the descriptions and SNM's responses regarding ICE, I have to admit I'm getting sucked in closer and closer to pre-ordering. I'm wondering if video clips will be available before the pre-sale ends? IIRC the pre-sales last forever, but I've never hesitated to order long enough to wait for a video teaser so this is new for me!!! I'm most intrigued by the total UB workout since Cathe hasn't really done any DVDs like that since PUB (although several of her Live workouts give me the total UB buzz I desire...see below). ;) I'm also interested in the metabolic workout. I do wish there was a step workout, though. PRS 3 would be lovely!!!

Way to go on your dips and chin-ups progress! It seems like you are making progress in virtually every area during these Nia rotations. X10 is a super duper add-on! Oh, see, now you got me thinking that the shorter ICE workouts might be a nice add-on to tough weight work... There I go getting sucked into the vortex of vidiot shopping again! :p

Anyway, back to you...nice job on your workouts and I'm sending you stress free packing thoughts. Will you be going to the same location you recently visited a couple months ago, and will you be making time for a show? (Trying to be vague but understandable here!!!)

My workout yesterday was RK. Did I tell you my DH bought me some of those Everlast 12oz gloves? I wanted them in pink, of course! ;) They are fun and cute to wear! DD1 loves them and wants to steal them! My one complaint is that they do make your hands sweaty--and this is coming from someone whose hands do not generally sweat. They do add an immeasurable fun factor to the workout and are great for heavy bag routines, even when one doesn't have a heavy bag (which I don't). I also liked using them to do the few squat thrusts Cathe does during the RK heavy bag segment. I can imagine these things would be awesome to wear during a workout with burpees...not for the whole thing, but slap them on when the burpees are coming...because they really do brace your wrists.

My workout today was Live Strong UB + Core. The addiction continues!!! It felt great. As you can see I definitely didn't follow through with my XTrain rotation, but maybe I still will. I'm just having too much fun doing the things I've missed.

Someone's voracious appetite is getting the best of her! I'd better go pick up my chow puppy (as she's too young to be a chow hound, HA!) before things get out of hand!!!




Hi Lisa,
Great work on RK (one of my all-time fave Cathes!) and Strong UB + Core. I was wondering how long it would be until you broke out the latter again -- but you didn't keep me wondering long! ;)
ITA that the new total UB workout is exciting. Also, I was surprised and a little disappointed on the lack of step -- seemed to me like a good fit for the series? Anyways, similar thoughts.
Oh, you're totally making me want to get those gloves -- an oft contemplated purchase here! :)

Squats today:
Squat 3x3 160# (PR!)
1x8 135#
a) Reverse lunges 5x8 75# (I am doing them close to two 90* angles now, as Nia's long-stride lunges really irritated the sole of my right foot -- this is a good change!)
b) Leg lifts on the power tower 5x8

Felt great and strong today! Yahoo!
Two rest days while we're away, and I'm happy for them. We're visiting other relatives, just some hanging out and a hope a nice walk or two along the water! :)

Gotta run -- I may not be able to check in over the weekend -- I won't have anything to report, but will see if I can pop in to say hi. ;)
Hugs to you and your gals,

ETA: I posted some new thoughts on the GGS program in the Nia thread, in case you're interested.
Hi Roz!

Your weekend is starting early because of your trip! I hope you have a terrific time. Walks along the water sound exquisite!!! Enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Glad you ended your week on a mega high note with some major major weights, including a PR and major progress on those dreaded reverse lunges. ;) Hopefully no DOMS will be interfering with your relaxation this weekend...

Thanks for the really detailed GGS info. Sounds like another terrific program and I like the idea of total body weight work. The stretching and foam rolling could be helpful too. Sheesh, so much I want to buy!!!

Today I reached for Step Works from the Cardio Hits DVD. Wanted a lighter SS workout since I felt more tired this morning. DD2 is sleeping quite well but still very segmented...sometimes 3 hours at a time, sometimes 5 or 6...but unfortunately usually on the shorter side. DD1 is still all over the place with her sleeping. Last night she fell right to sleep at bedtime while the previous 5 nights she had stayed up until 11pm or midnight. That's usually what happens...several late nights and then one solid one, repeat repeat repeat. Ah well, we'll get through it. I'm sure I'll be sleeping like a log by the time she's 18. ;)

Sorry, kind of a dull post today. You take care and I'll see you when you get back from your trip. NO need to have screen time when you've got all that face time with beautiful bodies of water + family.

On a personal note, I thank you for your recent communication and am trying to cobble together time to adequately respond to you my friend. Hopefully when I grow another pair of hands this weekend (DH's hands, to be exact!) I'll be able to get back.

HUGS! Safe travels! Yummy eats! Fun walks!

Hi Roz, how's your weekend? Home yet? Hope you had a wonderful time!

Our home computer literally blew up and we have to send it back for repair tomorrow so I'm using a borrowed computer and unfortunately will be forcefully unplugged from the Internet this week (probably a good thing but I'm not happy about it!). I'd use my cell phone but we've already discussed my issues with voice-to-text, LOL! I'll try my best to borrow technology throughout the week. This will also explain my email absence, which is becoming embarassingly long. Please don't view that as a reflection of my desire to stay in touch.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a major brag about my workouts the past few days! ;) Friday I accomplished Live High Reps (from 11/13/14, I think?). You'd like this, if you haven't done it, although I'd recommending upping the weights for your fitness level, especially during the lunges. Saturday I rocked out Greatest Hits Live Vol 1, which is so fun and I believe you did this one recently for the first time? Totally feel motivated to pull out Imax 2 in its entirety. Wish Cathe would produce another Imax 2-type workout. The fun factor is just off the charts.

Hugs and hopes for you to have a smoother technology week than I will! :p Give your toddler doll a big squeeze from me and my two DDs!


Hi Lisa,
Wow, great work on HRL and Greatest Hits! Thanks for the rec on HRL as well as the note on weight selection (esp lunges, because you know how much I LOVE lunges! ;)). I will have to give it a go! Or maybe I can keep the weights light and use it as a metabolic-type workout? Thoughts?

We got back later yesterday, but I still got some bench pressing in!
Bench Press 3x3 105x3, 100, 100
Bench Press 1x8 85
a) Suspended Pushups 5x8
b) Inverted Rows 5x8 (I basically did this superset with no rest)
Barbell Curls 5x8 50# for all sets! woo! :D

I'm still figuring out how to use leg drive on bench press... it's a weird lift! But having fun. :)
I was going to DL today, but sleep was awful (we're teething) so may wait a day and do some cardio today or just rest, based on how I'm feeling).
I'm feeling very good about tinkering with my diet and generally more comfortable/happy with my body.

Sorry to hear about your pyro-technology issues. :rolleyes: No pressure whatsoever to check in this week! I'll see ya when I see ya. :) Enjoy your time away from the computer. I enjoyed mine this weekend -- it's a good break! I have a tendency to just sign on on my phone for a quick check to see if there's anything interesting going on when I have a free 30 seconds but no real time to accomplish anything, but it's good for me to interfere with that habit occasionally. Oh, and I would never take email silence from a mother of two with a newborn personally, ha!

OK, on with my day. If I work out today, I'll likely report it tomorrow.


Hi Lisa!
Quick check-in here.
Yesterday I did CSS for the first time, and loved it! I don't know why, I didn't expect to love it so much -- maybe it's gotten a bad rap? Anyways, I was exhausted, and it was the perfect workout for my mood/energy levels.

Today was deadlifts:
DLs 3x3 195#
1x8 165#
a) Glute bridge 5x8 165#
b) Ab Wheel Rollout 5x8

I don't superset the last two exercises on this workout (never do), as it's too annoying to get out from under the bar (we don't have an Olympic bar, so it sits close to the ground) between sets of bridges.

I bought Jen Sinkler's Lift Weights Faster 2 today (on sale through Friday at noon, I think?) -- it's a huge library of metabolic conditioning workouts (bodyweight, barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell) with a ton of instructional videos. Then I added on the Get Stronger Faster 2 program (strength training) that she did with her husband. If you want to do a non-DVD program, you might like LWF2... seems like it might be up your alley. :) Not trying to enable here, I just think it would be discourteous to say that right after the sale ends. ;)
If you want the link, Justine linked to the sale on the Nia thread. I won't post it here as I don't wanna overly enable. ;)

OK, gotta run! Might try out a LWF w/o later today if I get it together. We'll see. Will report back tomorrow.

Niiiice work on the presses Sunday and CSS yesterday! I really like CSS too. It feels like mini-Afterburn to me (just because it's shorter and the sequencing of exercises is somewhat easier). If you really want a ka-pow! workout, I recommend following the format of one of the premixes on CSS which has you do CSS in its entirety followed by the ~20 min Step Circuit Bonus from LIS. Phew, that's a goodie combo that gets me every time! High fives on today's DLs as well. Yeah, it would be tricky to get out from underneath a bar loaded at 165#!

I just emailed you wondering which of the two packages to get from Jen's website. Now I know. I'm gonna copycat you! ;) Thanks! I'll also be curious to see what you do in terms of combining cardio or other varities of workouts with Jen's program, assuming you feel the desire to do so.

I think High Reps Live could be more metabolic in nature if you followed Cathe's weights and omitted the breaks. There are certainly some supersets in there that got my HR up!

Yesterday = Legs & Glutes. I follow Cathe's weights on that one because I view it more as a toning workout. I really really like that workout, probably because it's very Meso 1 in nature. Today = High Intensity Step Cardio Live (June 2014). I went into today's workout thinking I hadn't done it before but I actually remember doing it once before, probably in September or something. I think you've done it too because I remember you making reference to the cardio cool down at the end where Cathe uses basic step moves with 5lb dumbbells. I recommend you revisit this one. The heart of the workout is athletic blasts, no choreography, and it is only about 25 or 30 mins. Would make a good add-on!

Have a wonderful evening! Give your DD a big hug and a frozen fruit popsicle from me, poor little thing. Teething is the pits!




Hi Lisa!
Great work on L&G and the Live step workout! Yes, now that you mention it, I do recall doing that one and enjoying it!
Did you get GSF 2, too? I skipped the LWF 1 add-on, as 300 metabolic conditioning workouts is just overwhelming...
I hope you love it! I'm already really enjoying reading the materials. I may do GSF2 + LWF2 after Nia... we'll see. ;)

Today was upper body:
OH Press 3x3 75#
OH Press 1x8 65#
a) Dips 5x8 8, 8, 8, 8, 5 (reps given are unassisted before finishing 8 reps with band -- same for chins)
b) Chin-ups 5x8 8, 8, 4, 2, 2

Then I did CCC Live, and LOVED IT! There are 5 circuits then she puts all the core work together. I did the warm up and first 3 circuits, then skipped ahead to all the core moves together. I was just done. I'm not at a place where I want to push myself past ~30 mins of cardio/conditioning if it doesn't feel extra awesome and I just want to keep jamming. :)

I have one more week of Cathe Live before my membership renews, so I think I'll pause/cancel it in a week since I've just got so much stuff to work through, and honestly it's a bit tough to fit DVD workouts into my day. So my question for you is: are there any Cathes I mustmustmust do in the next week? I'm sure I'll be back again, but just want to be sure I cram in a few goodies. ;) Cardio/metabolic preferred, as they're easier to fit in. But I'm open to anything.

OK, must run. Talk soon!
Hugs, Roz
Hi Roz,

Spent all day downtown so just have a minute before bath and bedtime, but I must give you my 2 cents for the Cathes I would do if I knew all my workout DVDs were going to explode in a ball of fire or be unavailable for some other much more reasonable purpose (like a temporary pause in a Cathe Live membership!). ;)

Circuits/Metabolic-ish workouts that I love:
High Step Circuit
Boot Camp (original)
Drill Max (like LIC, which I know you've done, but high impact and not as heavy on the choreography)
Athletic Training (not everyone loves this one but I do)

10-10-10 from Cross Train Xpress (just the cardio)
Imax 2
Interval Max...aka, the Original Imax... (keep Imaxes shorter by doing half the intervals)

Leaner Legs from Cross Train Xpress (major cardio factor)

Cathe Live that I don't think you've done yet:
Cardio Band Blast with Weights (7/24/14)

I don't know if that helps at all, but there ya have it! I'm sure I'll be kicking myself for others that I've forgotten, of course of course!

BIG HUGS and hope to be back for a normal check-in tomorrow!

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