Joe Paterno

As for Sandusky, may he spend his remaining days in the slammer! Not sure that I believe in hell, but if there is one, it's reserved for creeps like him!

Great, so the taxpayers can pay thousands of dollars to support him for the rest of his days.
I gotta agree with you on this, especially when it comes to the media. Personally, I think he's guilty, but isn't the media suppose to be a unbiased? Every report I watch, they've basically got him tried and conficted.

Yeah, those were the times where the media was unbiased and real journalist with ethics were informing people and not sensationalize story. With 24 hour cable news and Court TV this has gotten out of hand. That is true in politics, and in alleged crimes the likes of Nancy Grace and Wendy Murphy have become hit(wo)men for the accused. Unfortunately they are widely recognized as "experts".

I totally agree with you about the media and that's one of my problems with people jumping to conclusions about guilt so fast. I do think child molestation happens and it is a horrible crime. These people should be locked up and the key thrown away. However, accusing (or worse) convicting an innocent person is just as bad (not only for the accused but also for the alleged victims)

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