Is my weight gain normal?


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Hi everyone!

So nice to have found this forum!!! :)

I'm 12 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy. I've already put on about 7 pounds (112 lbs.) Since it's my 2nd pregnancy, I thought I would be able to control my weight gain, but I already have a little pooch, and I had to buy bigger jeans. I'm so bummed out. It took me so long to loose all the weight from the first one, and I only want to put on 25 Lbs total with this one, but with what I've gained so far, it seems impossible.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Congratulations everyone!!!
Re: Is my weight gain normal

Hi Cindy,

Congratulations on your second. It is quite normal to have a "pooch" faster with your second than with your first. It's almost like your body recognizes that you are pregnant and says "been there, done that, and here we go again." Almost all of my clients who are pregnant with their second baby have to buy bigger pants or skirts or are into maternity clothes sooner than with the first. Do not worry. Your weight gain is for where you are in your pregnancy. As long as you are eating well and exercising, your body is going to gain the weight necessary to grow a healthy baby. Remember, each pregnancy is different - even with the same mom! Good luck and hang in there.


don't worry!

Hey Cindy:
My third baby just celebrated his first birthday. During this last pregnancy I felt the same way, worried when those extra pounds came on faster than my first pregnancy. The good news is most of the weight came off easily right away. I exercised moderately during the pregnancy and took off the last two weeks prior to delivery to rest up for the big day. I am still breastfeeding so I have a few more very frustrating pounds to lose. But take heart. Your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to. Please don't let this precious time pass you by without enjoying every minute of it. A few extra pounds is trivial compared to the miracle that is being worked in your body right now! You already have the tools to loose the weight after delivery. So please don't let the pace of the necessary gain worry you now.

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