Is it too late to start 6 month rotation?


My original intention was to start the 3 month rotation along with many of you when Cathe started. However, I started that Monday, on Tuesday I found out I needed surgery and by Friday I was in the hospital. Obviously I had to wait to start over, which is why I am so behind everyone. I am now into my last week of Meso 1. My concern is that I do not feel like I am ready to proceed to Meso 2. I know the doing the 6 month rotation you are supposed to do each week back-to-back before moving on to the next. Since I have completed the whole Meso 1 does anyone believe it would be okay to repeat Meso 1 now and then once I move on to Meso 2 and 3 then I could do it correctly by doing the weeks back-to-back? I'm confused on what I should do. I know we are supposed to adjust the weight as we feel is best for our bodies, I just don't know if I will get enough out of this program without at least a little more strength before moving on. I'm just confused whether to stay on course, do the whole program then some months down the line do it again or start over. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated. Thanks, Gwen
No, it's not too late. There is no time-release mechanism on STS that will make it expire on a certain date. It's there for you to use as you see fit for as long as you need and want it. You're clearly much more comfortable with starting over and doing a 6-month rotation, so that is what you should do. And having done Meso 1 now one time through, you'll know what to expect and can really give it your all. Good luck!
I think you should repeat Meso 1. You just had surgery and your body probably needs the extra care before moving on to heavier work. And like Nancy said, there's no particular time frame for STS. It doesn't matter that you're not with Cathe. I'm not either -- but there's an added bonus to lagging behind! You will have the full benefit of previewing the Cathe TV clips, complete with form pointers, BEFORE you do the workouts! ;) Honestly, there's no point in rushing through the program if you don't feel ready for the next phase. Listen to your body and take the time YOU need. STS is all about working at your own level.

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