Intermediate athlete needs help starting a Cathe program.


Hello everyone and Cathe. I'm an intermediate athlete, hoping to build muscle and lose a couple sizes. I've researched home exercise providers, and really love the Cathe workout community, the DVDs, Cathe's clear instruction, etc. However, I'm overwhelmed! I thought I'd subscribe to the OnDemand (I love live classes), and the workout rotations seemed very helpful, but any tips for starting a well-rounded workout program much appreciated. I'd like to focus on butt and thighs and leg strength more than upper body, which is fairly developed already. Thanks again!


I don't subscribe to OnDemand, but you will likely get more responses if you re-posted this in the Cathe Video & DVD Comments Forum if you haven't already done so.


Since you say you're an intermediate level, you might consider the ICE or LITE series as they are both geared toward intermediate athletes. I enjoy both series; and as you progress, Cathe has add-on's that increase the intensity. As far as weight workouts, IMO, any workout can be modified to your needs by modifying the size weights or the tempo or reps. Cathe has many lower body workouts,. And the ICE & LITE seris both have lower body workouts. Cathe also has free guides to each series with a few rotations to get you started in the guides. I find these helpful as Cathe has soo many workouts it can feel overwhelming when you first get started. HTH

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