ICE. What comes next?

Hi Everyone,

I would like to take advantage of Bundle Mania discounts. Looking for soMe guidance. I have and LOVE the ICE series. I completed a few rounds of the level one rotation, working on level two. What should I add to my collection next? I’m intermediate, over 50 with low back and sciatica. Trying to stick to low impact. LIS or LITE? Other? I enjoy weights but don’t have a barbell.


Since you self-identify as intermediate, I recommend the LITE series. It has 2 metabolic weight workouts, upper and lower body weight workouts, 2 fun cardios, 2 extended stretches, and core work. LIS is more difficult IMO & has additional equipment requirements. You might consider adding on a low impact HiIT workout though or a spin dvd if you have an indoor spin bike. Have fun!


I think LIS is harder and has a decent amount of mountain climber/push up segments as part of the cardio segments. So with your back issue, if you have trouble going from the floor to standing again at a quicker pace that is something to consider with the Low Impact Series. I really enjoy the older Intensity Series with Cardio & Weights/Bootcamp etc. I like LITE as well, though it's a bit easier than ICE.

Others to consider are 4 Day Split, CTX Express and the Timesaver DVD. I don't really think you necessarily need a barbell. I did most of Cathe's workouts for years without one and still do even though I now own a barbell.
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I also have low back concerns & resulting sciatica. I enjoyed ICE and would recommend LIS. I also have Strong & Sweaty as well as X-Train and am able to do some plyo but I try ;) to train smart so I tend to avoid jumping several days in a row. I've also learned to appreciate the necessity of stretching daily as well as a weekly full body stretch or YogaRelax session as my recovery day.
Thanks for the great suggestions! I ordered Lite and Stretch max. I may add a more challenging series like intensity or X Train as well to try or to mix in with the intermediate Workouts. Time to think about on demand!


I think you'll really enjoy LITE. Cathe has a LITE/ICE combo rotation too. I'm about one month into the 90-day Xtrain series and am really enjoying it. The kickboxing has a lot of jumping Jacks, but they can be modified if needed. The HiIt dvd is low impact. I think Xtrain would be a great step-up series once you feel good about your progress from the LITE & ICE series. Good call on getting Stretch Max. I'm in my 60's and find that adding an extended stretch after every workout really helps with recovery. We alternate between Cathe's StretchMax, Total Body Stretching, her extended stretches on LITE, Step Boss, and have quite a few other stretching dvds from Jessica Smith, Karen Voight and others. Enjoy your fitness journey !

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