ICE Chiseled Upper Body Workout Time


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ICE Chiseled Upper Body workout time is about 43 mins.

*If you would like to learn more about Cathe's ICE workouts, or to take advantage of our pre-sale, just click on the following link:
Great! Oh I so hope all of these new DVDs will be chaptered per exercise like in RWH, they will be
Great when they are added to the blender after excited....
Yeah, I am really hoping I can approach these with splitting upper body into three days. I have been trying to graduate from advanced novice lifter to more intermediate (my own classification! lol) with some spinal issues and that is how my body seems to prefer it. I also like to do shoulders with core. The Icy core add ons will be excellent here. That is what I really, really enjoy about Xtrain!
Just hoping the splitting will produce long enough workouts for these muscles if you know what I mean.

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