I thought I was the only one


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My husband is away for the weekend, but is going to laugh when he discovers that I have found a group of people who also love Cathe. For years and years I have been an avid runner. Nothing my husband could say or do could convince me to pursue weight training or core strengthening. That was before Fit TV introduced me to cardio blast and Cathe. I am now addicted with every cardio blast episode DVRed in my receiver. At least once a week and up to three times a week, I do a workout with Cathe (my favorites are Kick, Punch, Crunch, and Boot Camp). And I finally have muscles. I am no longer intimidated or scared to pick up a bar bell or weights. Thank you Cathe for inspiring women to be fit and feminine. And thank you for your high intensity workouts!
your husband has NO IDEA about all of us Cathe-ites out there! He might find he's taking second place... just kidding.

I'm so glad I found Cathe years ago - I love doing step and it seems not be so popular with the exercise world, but it is here - I'm not alone!! :)

This is quite the community here - enjoy!!
I too never picked up a single dumbell before Cathe...her workouts are just amazing!

congrats to you!
I feel the same. Cathe is the first and only person to ever get me to work out and enjoy it. I had a scary realization last night though. She might want to retire one day!!! :(
it is wonderful to come here and chat with people who have the same interests as I do. Cathe has really helped so many people.
me too!

I'm so glad I decided to give Cathe a try last year. Now I can't imagine not using her workouts! I've always been a workout DVD addict and have so many but Cathe's are definitely my favourites and since I started using her workouts, I don't even look at the others anymore. I just wished I hadn't waited so long to give her workouts a try!
Health is wealth

Yes I agree with you that cathe is very informative forum relative to fitness i also like fitness because health is wealth.
Don't you just love Cathe's fabulous workouts? I keep telling my real life friends about her workouts and no one seems to want to try. They are missing out!
Lovinglife, I agree! Cathe's workouts are in a league all of their own. I have four sisters, none of whom would ever consider doing a challenging workout like Cathe's. It's very frustrating because I want them to all be around and healthy as we age together. Maybe someday...I will keep trying.

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