I need encouragement from someone who finally "got" IMAX3 after being really unfit.


RE: I need encouragement from someone who finally

Ah, yes interval 5!!! OMG!!! The 1st time I got all the way thru number 5 (clicking my heels all the way). I had to pause the dvd and run outside and tell my hubby!!! My legs were so numb/wobbly that I tripped up the stairs and wound up with a doozy of a bruise on my knee. So much for success, huh?

But as for this workout, its a doozy, but also my favorite (I'm slightly nuts) Having been an inter/adv floor cardio exerciser, I decided to try Cathe and step out of boredom with my current routines that were getting too easy. I bought a step and Basic Step to learn step, which was easy cardio-wise, but I needed to get a feel for step. So I thought IMAX 3 looked fun and bought it. That was NOT a good idea. I almost died. Took me a few time thru doing just the step combos to get the steps down, which was frustrating and took a lot of backing up the dvd and re-watching. The blast were tough, but not un-doable cardio wise, but I did have to take breaks for a bit and not too bad on the choreography.

I still always end up facing the wrong way on #1, I can't get that turn down without tripping to save my life, but it doesn't mess up the workout, I just either go at it facing the wrong way, or just put myself in the right position. 2 seconds out of a killer workout is not going to break the bank.

I did find that doing this workout on a regular basis - I do it maybe 2x a wk - will def strengthen your leg muscles, leg endurance and springiness in your jumps, as well as greatly enhancing your cardio endurance. I would say to learn it in bits and pieces and once you've got it, maybe only do half at a time, its A LOT of high impact if you're not used to it, and you may cause your joints some unneccassary pain or hurt yourself. You need to ease into this one. But hang in there, it'll come and its wonderful when it does!



RE: I need encouragement from someone who finally

Ahhh, what a relief to read all the remarks about tripping and falling and to know I am not alone... not by a longshot. Thank you all.


RE: I need encouragement from someone who finally

Well,,,, I am one of the lucky ones to be going on the roadtrip! When I'm at Cathe's gym, I will most likely be the one stumbling during the step class!! Yikes!!! Gives new meaning to the phrase road"trip".... Seriously, though, it took me a long time to get low max down. I was so scared to do an Imax!!! I finally got Imax 2, and it wasn't all that bad to learn. What a fun workout. Its tough, but from what I have heard, not quite as intense as Imax3. Maybe try that one??
RE: I need encouragement from someone who finally

Watching it at least once through certainly helps, but what I found most useful was going through the workout with a step with no risers (or no step at all) and a remote-in-hand. That way, whenever I got confused with a step pattern, I'd just review the step on one of three slower speeds on my dvd player. After watching it and trying it a few times at a very slow speed, I'd speed it up a bit, then finally go to full tempo, and I'd just slow it down again and re-review if I still had trouble. Sometimes that's the only way to see what those ladies' quick feet are doing! :)

I love IMAX3, but there were definitely a few combos that took some time. And ultimately, if a few still give you problems just do something similar or modify and, trust me, one day it will just click!

Also, though I know this is a bit kooky, I recommend hanging a mirror on the wall just behind your step so that when you're facing the back wall you can still see Cathe and follow her movements. I was lucky enough to have a large picture with a glass front on it that *perfectly* reflects my TV, so even when I can't directly see my television I can still follow along!

Hope this helps.


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