<--i can't be still, i can't be tied...


<--says hello
<--has been having some crazy days at work where it takes effort to make time to go to the bathroom
<--likes being busy because th4e days go by quickly but DOES NOT like doing other people' work! :mad:
<--will not go into that or will get ANGRY :mad:
<--did manage to do MM yesterday and is heading out the door for a walk right now
<--misses youse and hopes all is well
<--- waves good morning to Lorie and all who follow
<--- hopes Lories finds time to make it to the toilet today - otherwise it could get messy!!!:eek:
<--- is back, back, back!
<--- had a fabulous two weeks in France, totally relaxing. Ate loads of croissants, drank lovely red wine, swam in our pool and enjoyed being with friends
<--- can't believe the summer holidays are over - DD went back to school today
<--- has done two days of exercise since getting back and has major DOMS from KPC!!!:(
<--- is off to catch up with what's been happening around here :eek:
<--waves to Ms Doeveryoneelse'sjob Lorie
<--hopes things calm down for her soon
<--waves to Ms Ronne and is so jealous of her holiday!!
<--says it's HUMPDAY!!
<--woo hoo
<---wants to spend two weeks in France:(:(:(
<---will have to find a French friend to visit
<---wonders if Ronne wants to share her French friends
<---is sad for a good friend today, who found out her greyhound has bone cancer
<---knows you all will understand what she is going through
<---took today off and will be doing Errand Max in a bit
to all.
<--realizes that this is the 1st humpday of the month which means <--must take her DM to Krogers.
<--always fears senior citizen day at Krogers.
<--prays Lorie's bladder will not be stressed today.
<--welcomes Ronne back and tries not to be jealous that she's been in France.;)
<--sends out a big
to Catherine.
<--sends a big
to Robin's friend.
<--- waves good morning to all
<--- hasn't been around much lately
<--- hopes Lorie has a better day and only does her own work!
<--- is totally jealous of Ronne's hols
<--- wants to spend Robin's day off with her
<--- sends big hugs to the poor puppy:(
<--- sees that Catherine is excited about hump day ;)
<--- sends Rhondalyn lots of patience for her Kroger's trip
<--waves hi to all
<--has another busy day on tap
<--is also jealous of Ronne's holiday, but happy she had a good time!
<--hopes Shelley gets a nice holiday soon
<--is sad for Robin's friend, too
<--hopes Errand Max goes well for her
<--understands Rhondalyn's fear. <--takes aging parents grocery store every other weekend
<--says hi to Catherine and Lorie. <--hopes hump day goes well for them!

<--hugs and kisses Lorie right back
<--is very glad to "see" Ronne!
<--tells Rhondalyn that <-- went to her first Krogers last week and loved it
<--is envious of all of youse with those giant supermarkets
<--has itty bitty city markets :(
<--loves the way Rhondalyn is using those smilie thingies
<--called in late today and is still drinking coffee at 10:30 am
<--has been feeling like something the cat dragged in for a day or so
<--clinks mugs with all the OALs
<---waves to OAL land
<---tells her to hang in there
<---is jealous of Ronne's French getaway and the croissants
<---is sorry to hear about Robin's friend's greyhound
<---tells Rhondalyn that <---grandma used to go to her Kroger's every single day
<---says she knew everyone who worked in the store
<---is now in the mood for Kluski noodles and Cincinnati style chili
<---wonder what busy Anne has going on today
<---hopes Nancy finds her energy soon
<---waves to Shelley and Catherine
<---says the kiddos are now at school:D:D
<---hopes everyone has a great day

<--- would happily share French friends with Robin but <--- went with UK friends
<--- hopes Errand Max is a success
<--- is glad to see Shelley here!
<--- hopes Rhondalyn's shopping trip was OK
<--- has never heard of Krogers!
<--- waves to Nancy, Anne, Beth and Catherine
<-- waves a really late hi
<-- is excited about errand Max!!
<-- is also excited to see Ms. NancemylifehaschangedsinceIwentintoaKroegersPants
<-- has never been inside a Kroegers, <-- don't think
<-- reports Gracie says hi
<-- needs to cut that girl's claws!
<-- has a rule that <-- only cut their claws after one of them draws blood
<-- thinks she poked a hole in <--'s pants today so that will likely count
<-- ran 8 miles yesterday and <-- am looking for a good workout for today
<-- thought High Step Challenge but <-- want to only do UB!
<-- wants to go to France
<-- high 5s Ms.BeegwahoothekidsaregonePants
<-- shakes <--'s head at Lorie's sit-ee-ation; sheesh
<-- had more to say but <-- forgot
<-- has been grumpy and depressed all week
<-- went to therarpy today
<-- now knows *why* <-- has been grumpy and depressed all week
<-- blames DM
<-- always blames DM :p
<-- is off to peruse potential premixes
<--sends Ame a big hug and hopes her blues go away!!
<--doesn't remember much else from above
<--is pooped out after doing Strike Zone, weighted chinups and coremax :eek:
<--should sleep good tonight:cool:
<--tomorrow is a rest day yippeeee!!

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