How to Get Cathe Workouts on MFP


Hi! After I became friends with some members from here, on Myfitnesspal, I noticed that some people are able to list their workouts by name. For example, it says, "So and so burned ____ calories by doing Afterburn." How do I do that? When I use MFP, I don't see the option to put my own exercises in. I'd love to list my Cathe workouts on MFP. If you know how to do this, please let me know. Thanks!
Add Exercise
Search our exercise database by name:
add:Cathe's Afterburn = click Search (this will bring you to another page:

if you don't have it in your database on MFP, scroll down until you see:

Can't find what you're looking for? Add an exercise to the database:D = click on it!

Create A New Exercise
Exercise Description write: Cathe's Afterburn
Exercise type: always keep it cardiovascular (even when you do a weight workout!!!!!

How long?:
let's say 45 in: Minutes
Calories Burned:
(Add how much you burned!)

Start time: I never use this one!

Click add! That's it!

Hope this helps!
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I post Cathe workouts to MFP this way and it is easy. I use the complete compendium calories. Are they pretty accurate?
Does your calories burned generally line up with the compendium calories burned? I'm thinking of getting a HRM, don't have one right now, any suggestions?

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