How often do you change your shoes?


I have two pairs of shoes for exercising: 1) for running and 2) for all other workouts (step, kickboxing, hi/lo, weight, circuit, etc.).

I have heard that for running, you should get new shoes after 500 miles (or something close to that).

If I am doing an average of 6 non-running workouts a week, how soon would I need to buy new shoes.

My current pair is almost a year old and they still feel fine; but, then again, I am not sure when to tell by feeling that they need to be replaced.



Usually my ankles tell me when it's time to change. If I feel the tell tale aches in my ankes or shins i know it's time to retire the sneaks. Not always easy because I get pretty attached :)


I change mine every 6-7 months. They still look brand new but I can tell a difference in the spring. My mother loves it because she usually gets my hand me downs!



I wonder how you can tell when to change out the "Free" style sneakers by Nike, they are already flat, and since I only wear mine indoors, I don't think they will ever look very worn. I would think this style could last longer.


I replace my running shoes every 500 miles. For me, that translates to about every 5 months.

My shoes don't ever look worn out. You shouldn't go by what you can see. It's important to know that the shoes break down after a certain amount of mileage and usage, and don't offer the support and cushioning that they should. A visual inspection isn't always going to tell you that!


Since I split my time evenly between Cathe and running, I usually buy one pair of cross trainers for my birthday and a pair of running shoes for Christmas. If I was only using one pair I would replace them about every 6 months. Its the cushioning/structure that wears out, not so much the exterior of the shoe, unless I'm running off road;)



I do the same thing as you do and have a pair of shoes for running and a pair for everything else. A few months ago I had a hard time getting motivated to work out. I just figured it was the winter blahs. Then I realized that I really didn't want to workout b/c I had nagging hip pain. I also realized that I lost that spring in my step, especially during workouts and also seemed to shy away from high impact DVD's....which is not something I generally do. I took a shot in the dark and put on a new pair of sneeks and was amazed at the difference. It was just crazy to me that a new pair of sneekers could renew my motivation to workout and took care of my hip pain.:)

So, I say if you need the extra umph to workout, maybe consider putting on a new pair of sneekers and see if maybe that is the issue.


Thanks for all the replies!

I have a hard time knowing when to buy new shoes but part of it is I really like my workout shoes and become attached to them.

I did bite the bullet and buy the new Ryka Assist XT2 that Cathe and Crew wear in the new workouts. I ordered them from since they had free shipping. I bought 2 sizes as I wasn't sure which one would be better. I tried them both on last night and have to say I really am not sure which size to go with.

The smaller pair seem almost a little tight and the 1/2 size larger pair seem almost to big. I think I need a 6.25 size shoe! :eek:

Thanks again!

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