How long did it take to do 1RM's??


I ordered STS last Jan and I got it yesterday and was so excited. I got pregnant last year and have been sooooo busy with my daughter that I totally forgot about doing 1RM before my dvd's got here.

Can you tell me how long it took to do them all?? I'm in serious need of getting back in shape after the baby and I wanted to start off this series right. Thanks!!



Everybody is handling it differently, but I can tell you that it is time-consuming. I have done three or four sessions now, each about 90 minutes to two hours and I'm not finished yet. I'm taking it at a leisurely pace, walking on the treadmill for five minutes between rounds. I've been choosing three body parts to work in a round, resting, and then moving on to more exercises for those parts. It has worked out fairly well. I'm now catching up with the leftovers to finish up. I just have 1- and 2-star exercises remaining.

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